Vandy Vape Kylin RTA Review: A Single or Dual Coil RTA With Lots of Airflows

Vandy Vape kylin RTA


Vandy Vape Kylin RTA

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The Vandy Vape Kylin RTA is a sturdy tank atomizer with a postless deck and two e-liquid capacities. Vapers can switch out the pre-installed 2ml glass, to increase the limit to 6ml. The tank has knurled top cap that enables speedy top-filling of the glass section.

The RTA has a diameter of 24mm (or 0.9 inches) with a gold-plated 510 hybrid connection underneath. The tank has top and bottom airflow, with a bottom adjustable airflow ring. The interior of the container also features a juice flow adjuster. Inside, there is a 24-carat, gold-plated postless deck that supports single and dual coil builds.

Vandy Vape Kylin RTA Review: A Look Inside

The Kylin RTA comes in a simple, cardboard box with a small, plastic viewing window. There is plenty of Vandy Vape branding around the package, and this is what comes inside the box:

  • One Kylin RTA
  • One 16mm (0.62 inches) pre-installed Delrin drip tip
  • One 14mm (0.55 inches) spare Delrin drip tip
  • One 17.5mm (0.68 inches)
  • One 6ml tank
  • One chimney extender
  • One 510 adapter
  • One bag of spare parts (Allen key, hex screws)
  • One user manual

The Build Quality

The full height of the short version of the Kylin RTA is 36mm (1.4 inches). The broader, 6ml version measures in at 48mm (1.8 inches). The tank extends with the installation of an extender tube that vapers screw into the top cap of the deck. The top lid has knurled edges to make it easier to remove.

vandy vape kylin rta structure

There are versions of the Kylin that feature silicone fill ports under the top cap. Other versions have a wide-open, top-fill design. The Vandy Vape RTA does come with three different styles of drip tip. There is the wide-bore, pre-installed 16mm (0.62 inches) drip tip, and there is the larger 17.5mm (0.68 inches).

For users who want a 510 drip tip, the Vandy Vape kit comes with an easy-to-install 510 adapter. The Pyrex glass section stays secure in place thanks to the silicone o-ring, lining the bottom section. The bottom part allows both e-liquid and airflow control. These parts are stainless steel, like the top cap, and the build-deck inside.

The chimney is gold-plated, along with the rest of the atomizer section. To access the lead ports, users need to unscrew the top cap, wiggle off the glass, and then unscrew the base from the chimney.

vandy vape kylin rta connection

The deck itself has a U-shape. There are no posts, and vapers need to drop in their builds into either of the two lead slots and then tighten the leads with the side screws. A lot of RBAs and RTAs are choosing this type of design because it works well with pre-wrapped coils.

Users who do not want to wrap their own, can lower their ready-made coils into the leads and wick them that way. On the bottom of the Kylin, there is a gold-plated, hybrid 510 connection. A PEEK insulator encircles the connection and protrudes out to give added protection.

Main Features of the Vandy Vape Kylin RTA

The Vandy Vape Kylin RTA has simple, straightforward functionality. It has many interchangeable parts (three drip tips!) as well as two e-liquid capacities. Building on the gold-plated deck is easy. With a few twists and turns, vapers can access it, by removing the top pieces of the configuration.

The deck itself has excellent machining, and it offers a very intuitive design. Only looking at the shiny, golden deck reveals how easy it is to install the coils. The juice/wick ports are full and have ample room to accommodate wicks. These ports are also adjustable from the outside with a ring right above the airflow control.

Since the deck can take both single and dual-coil builds, no problems installing either. The versatility of the entire unit also means it supports many different vaping styles. The installation of a single coil and reduced airflow gives off a more mouth-to-lung experience.

The many drip tips that come with the tank are also helpful in changing up the vape style. The 510 adapter and the other mouthpieces also add a distinct, aesthetic touch to the RTA’s appearance.

vandy vape kylin rta adapter 510 1

With a single coil installed, vapers need only adjust their coils from the side, or screw in the hex leads without tightening them too much. Leaving the screws open a little makes it easy to make adjustments to the coils.

The coils, once installed, are well-positioned. They sit underneath and above airflow vents, so there is plenty of air pushing through them. Despite all the openings for airflow and the juice-flow control, the Kylin is not that much of a leaker.

Vapers should make sure to close off the juice-flow control when refilling the tank. The bottom airflow has three adjustable positions that click in place. Anything that changes on one side also turns on the other side.


With so much air hitting the coils all the time, clouds were to be expected. The single coil, as much as the dual-coil open leads of the RTA do not hold back in producing big, plentiful clouds. The 2ml version of the tank holds enough e-liquid to satiate a moderate vaper through a whole day.

vandy vape kylin rta coils

When the tank is empty, vapers can attach the extender to the outer shell of the deck, and install the 6ml tube. The Vandy Vape RTA, as a 6ml, still retains the same functionality as the 2ml version. The juice flow control is even more critical in the taller 6ml version.

There is so much liquid in the 6ml tube that keeping it all out of the coils is essential. The juice flow control does not interfere that much with the lower bottom airflow control ring. The two of them are separate, so changing one does not change the other.

The airflow vents played a big part in making a cloudier, more than a tastier vape. The taste was still there. The juice gave off a good combination of hearty clouds with pronounced flavors. Leaking was not a problem throughout the vape.

Even with a full, 6ml tube atop a mod, and even by adjusting the airflow, there was no leaking. Holding the juice in check was essential not to flood the wicks. Keeping them wide open helped in conserving juice though.

The Kylin RTA vs. the Kylin V2 RTA vs. Kylin Mini RTA

Kylin V2 RTA

The Vandy Vape Kylin V2 has a slimmer diameter, at only 24mm (0.94 inches) than the original. The V2 has many more airflow openings than the original as it contains internal, and external airflow vents, as well as juice-flow control.

kylin V2 RTA

The gold-plated build-deck of the original remains on the V2, but the new juice capacities for the V2 are 3ml and 5ml, respectively.

Kylin Mini

The Mini version of the Vandy Vape Kylin with a diameter of 24.4mm (0.96 inches) supports only single-coil builds. It uses a different kind of deck that has a honeycomb design to allow for superior wick saturation, as well as unmatched airflow.

kylin mini RTA

The gold-plated deck features two posts. There are still the internal and external airflow vents, with the outside ring being adjustable. The drip tip is all-resin and has 810 threading.

The Last Review of the Vandy Vape Kylin RTA

How has your experience been with all versions of the Vandy Vape Kylin? Did you have any leaking problems or was everything kept in place? Is the postless or dual-post deck easier or harder to build on? Tell us what you think about the Kylin in the section below.

The Vandy Vape Kylin RTA has gone through many changes and updates since the original came out. A lot of things remain the same though. The original, as well as the second type, had postless, drop-in style decks that were both gold-plated. The Mini only supported single coils, but that is par for the course with a smaller RTA.

The airflow on all three versions is exceptional. The coils are perfectly placed, to be blasted by air from all directions, sending clouds pouring out of either of the wide-bore mouthpieces. Despite the top cap being the only part that keeps the delicate glass section in place, there was no leaking.

The bottom, silicone o-rings kept the glass section secure, with only a minimal amount of effort to slide it off. Overall, the unit was very well-designed. Juice-Flow control only made it more effective and easier to use. There’s little not to like about the Vandy Vape Kylin RTA.

Vandy Vape Kylin RTA Specifications

Vandy Vape Kylin RTA
Material: Stainless Steel
Drip Tip Compatible: 510
Diameter: 24mm
Dimensions: 1-7/8″ x 15/16″
Colors: Black, Stainless Steel, Gold, Rainbow

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Simple to install single or dual-build coils
  • Excellent, durable build quality
  • Expander glass gives the unit more e-liquid capacity
  • All pieces well-made from quality materials
  • The e-liquid capacity could be less

Where to buy Vandy Vape Kylin RTA?

vandy vape kylin rta

Buy Vandy Vape Kylin RTA directly from the Vaporfi website.


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