Sigelei Moonshot 24 RTA Review

Sigelei Moonshot 24 RTA87100

The Sigelei Moonshot 24 RTA (rebuildable tank atomizer) is the follow-up to the Moonshot, a smash hit product by Sigelei. Combining dual 5mm diameter inner air holes, a larger 15mm by 1.5mm dual adjustable airflow, and a 50% increase in tank capacity puts the Moonshot 24 RTA at the top of the RTA game. It boasts a gold plated non-redirected positive pin and quad 3mm diameter wick ports, resulting in great performance. To get the lowest price on the Sigelei Moonshot 24 RTA, grab yours directly from the manufacturer.

Sigelei Moonshot 24 RTA Review

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Pros and Cons of the Sigelei Moonshot 24 RTA

The pros outweigh the cons on this device, however, every device comes with its cons, even the best tanks like the Moonshot 24 RTA:


  • Easy to fill
  • Easy to wick
  • Huge amount of airflow
  • Pristine machining
  • Great flavor

  • It can be difficult to coil, which consumes a lot of time
  • Short drip tip

Brand New Features

The Moonshot 24 boasts the following features:

  • 24mm diameter – built for box mods
  • 3ml tank capacity – while retaining the 32mm overall height
  • Dual adjustable air slots – 15mm by 1.5mm each, 5mm inner bottom airflow and active cooling due to the wide surface area that cools the entire sub-deck and deck of the RTA
  • Two-post deck:
    • 3mm per single terminal design
    • Direct contact with the 24k gold plated center pin 510 connection – non-redirected for superior conductivity and minimum voltage loss
    • Quad 3mm diameter wick ports for optimal precision liquid flow
    • A small chambered system providing maximum flavor
    • PEEK insulator
    • 16mm diameter
  • Threaded top fill system with dual wide area fill ports
  • 9mm diameter competition bore Delrin drip top
  • 32mm height from base to drip tip’s base
  • Stainless steel and glass construction.

What to Expect in the Box

  • Singelei Moonshot 24 RTA
  • Additional hex keys, O-rings, and screws

  • Additional glass tank section
  • All packaged in a stylish tin

Look and Feel

Upon the first glance at the Moonshot 24 RTA, you can see that the unit is very well made and that all the parts fit perfectly together. The AFC ring presents the perfect amount of resistance and is easily adjustable, yet it stays exactly where it is after adjusting. The threading is smooth, and the outside is very attractive. Because of its transparent design, the tank looks amazing with any style and color of the mod.

Filling Your Moonshot 24 RTA

The device is very easy to fill, as it has two big top fill holes. With the 2ml capacity – which isn’t the biggest – it doesn’t need juice flow control, which is great if you plan on filling the device often.

The Huge Airflow

The Moonshot 24 RTA provides a huge airflow and won’t disappoint when the user who prefers a direct to lung device. The large airflow control ring slots feed 5mm air holes beneath each of the coils. The chimney stem’s large diameter helps with the airflow so that it won’t choke it off. It’s amazing how you can customize your overall vaping experience by simply adjusting the airflow.

It’s All About the Flavor

Because the 3.5mm diameter coils offer plenty of wick to fill the 3mm wick slots, it adequately covers the juice holes in the chimney. On top of that, the customizable airflow ensures the Sigelei Moonshot 24 RTA certainly doesn’t disappoint when it comes to flavor.

Sigelei Moonshot 24 RTA General Performance

Sigelei Moonshot 24 RTA

Once built and wicked, the Moonshot provides unbelievable clouds. The wide-bore competition drip tip can cause a bit of ‘’spitback’’ now and then, but it is easy to correct by simply adjusting the airflow and wattage. When paired with a high-power mod, the tank can get a bit warm, but the airflow and advanced technology allow for quick cooling.

The vapor is smooth, and the flavor comes very close to what you might get when using an RDA device. Some users might complain about the tank size, but on the bright side, it is easy to refill, and it produces better flavor than a larger tank would have done.

Comparing Devices

The Moonshot 24 RTA has a unique aesthetic to it and boasts a compact design. It does have a similar build process to some other, more expensive RTAs in the same class – the deck removes from the base and is secured by the vapor chamber center barrel.

It sounds easier than it is, so expect to take some time when building the device. When you’re done, you will have one of the most powerful RTA systems on the market, which is easier to maintain and more customizable than most of its competitors.

Cleaning the Device

The best recommendation is to take the device 100% apart and cleaning it with hot water and dish soap. Alternately you can use rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs.

Paper clips are excellent to poke through the air slots to make sure that any residue is removed. Remember to rinse properly after cleaning, so there’s no soapy smell. Leave the parts to dry before reassembling.

Before the First Use

The Moonshot 24 RTA is an advanced user item. Always follow the instructions carefully and assemble using proper precautions and handling. Make sure that your Moonshot 24 is compatible with your set-up, which doesn’t include a hybrid or hybrid style device. Never use a short or flat 510 connection on such a device.

The Bottom Line

The Sigelei Moonshot 24 RTA is a great product, boasting great new features in the upgraded design. It is, however, recommended for advanced vapers, as it can be a difficult task to assemble and if you are unsure of what you are doing, the results can turn out to be hazardous.

Advanced users will love the thick, flavorful clouds. The new improved design and added features just sweeten the deal. The best thing is that it’s extremely affordable, and you can get it at the lowest price from the manufacturer.

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