Geek Vape Avocado RDTA Review


by Thanush Poulsen

Updated: October 19, 2022

Geek Vape Avocado desktop

Review Score: 91/100

Price Range:
22mm diameter and 43mm height
Stainless Steel, Black, Copper, Gold, and Blue
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Intense flavors and vapor production
  • Easy to build on
  • Offers single and dual coil modes


  • Prone to leaking if you leave it on its side
  • Hard to refill the tank when in dual coil mode

Back when Geek Vape was a small fledgling company, it was far from the huge successful conglomerate that it is now. Back then, there weren’t that many innovations went into the vaping industry, so how the Geek Vape Avocado RDTA was born? There were a lot of RDAs that were great but performed pretty much the same.

Then, there were sub-ohm tanks and RTAs that were average at best. Then Geek Vape decided to shake up the vaping world a bit. The folks at Geek Vape thought that it would be nice to combine a couple ideas. They put the vapor and flavor production of RDAs with the sensibilities and the ability to store juice of sub-ohm tanks and RTAs.

Blazing the Trail with the Avocado

An RDTA (Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizers) is a dripper atomizer. It comes with holes on the bottom of the build deck that sits on top of a tank. When you tilt your temperature control mod, the juice inside the tank will feed the cotton wicks that are peeking through several holes in the base of the build deck. Geek Vape was the first company to have ever come up with this concept when they released the Avocado RDTA. Since then, it has since become a staple in the vaping marketplace.

However, the Avocado is not just a mish-mash of two different kinds of atomizers. In fact, a lot of thought actually went into its design. These design considerations made the Avocado both a cloud chasing and flavor chasing device.

What’s in the Box?

Geek Vape Avocado desktop

  • The Geek Vape Avocado RDTA with a ceramic block, 510 adapter, and 510 SS drip tip pre-installed
  • An extra Delrin wide bore drip tip
  • An extra smoked glass tank
  • An extra ceramic block for single coil builds

The Look and Feel of the Avocado RDTA


At the time of its release, the Geek Vape Avocado RDTA truly stood out from the other atomizers. However, it was not ugly, far from it actually. True to Geek Vapes’ focus on design, the Avocado looks sleek and pretty, but it is also very functional. In addition, although the Avocado is just a 24 mm atomizer, it can chuck huge vapor clouds when the airflow holes are wide open.

Build Quality

They built the Avocado primarily out of aluminum with a pyrex glass tank section. The machining on the build deck, with the negative post milled directly into the deck section itself. As a result, it looks and feels solid. The O-rings that hold the top cap in place are strong enough that it can actually support the weight of the atomizer and the mod that you are using. The position of the side airflow holes aligns perfectly with your coils. On the other hand, you might need to adjust your coils a bit sometimes when using thicker gauge wires.


The great thing about the Avocado is even though it is side airflow only, you can adjust it in many different ways. If you want really open airflow for direct to lung hits you can open up the two Cyclops holes completely. Otherwise, close them a bit for some slight restrictiveness. On the other hand, if you want more of a small tight, mouth-to-lung draw, you can spin the base section of the top cap. This way, only a couple of small holes are in line with the coils. The mouth-to-lung draw on the Geek Vape Avocado is a bit too loose though. Therefore, it might not suit the taste of strict MTL vapers.

The Deck Section of the Avocado RDTA

We should have a quick refresher on the Velocity style build deck. This is before we dive down into the deck section of the Avocado. If you’re not familiar with the original Velocity RDA, it was kind of a legend in the vaping world. Not that many people actually knew what company made it. In fact, only a handful of vapers were actually able to get the original Velocity RDAs. What made the Velocity RDA infamous was that it was the first to utilize the two-post design with two holes on each post. Before that, atomizers usually had two or three posts that had one hole each. This meant that the coils had to share one hole. The Velocity revolutionized the vaping world because it provided enough space for you to build large diameter coils. This also meant it can produce a lot of vapor.

Going back to the Geek Vape Avocado, it also uses the same two-post build deck design that the OG Velocity RDA used. Therefore, building on it and wicking it is a breeze. There is another great thing about the Avocado compared to the RTAs back then. This was since the build deck sat on top of the tank, it can be as big as the deck on an RDA. In previous RTAs, there’s not much room to build on because they had to be small so they can fit inside the tank. With the Avocado, you can use crazy coils like six wraps of fused Claptons. This way, it will fit right inside the build deck.

My Vaping Experience with the Avocado RDTA

Installing coils

Because the Geek Vape Avocado uses a two-post, Velocity-style build deck, installing coils is such a breeze. This is especially if you’re going for a single-coil build. It took me some mere minutes to install new coils, wick them properly, and fill up the tank with juice. It is so easy to build on the Avocado RTA that I highly recommend it for beginners at coil building. One slight problem I do have with the Avocado is that there isn’t a dedicated juice fill port. This won’t be a problem if you would be using the atomizer in single coil mode. This is because you will have to pull out the ceramic block to access the wick ports. However, if you are running a dual coil setup, you have to pull out one of the cotton wicks to refill the tank. This can get quite messy.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Building on the Geek Vape Avocado is quite simple, but taking it apart for cleaning will take you awhile. Unlike other tank atomizers, you have to unscrew the 510 pin from the base. It’s because this is what locks the entire tank together. When unscrewing the 510 pin, be careful not to lose the small nut that is inside the build deck that serves as a lock for the 510 pin. The Avocado does not come with a spare for this. Once the 510 pin is out, you can then unscrew the base from the build deck. After that, you pop out the glass tube in preparation for cleaning. I am not holding Geek Vape at fault for making the entire taking apart process quite fiddly. This is because the Avocado was their first attempt at an RDTA.

Vaping Experience

It is true that the Geek Vape Avocado RDTA was among the first of its kind. The vape I get out of it is still better than most of the newer atomizers that came out recently. This is both in terms of flavor and vapor production. There are from two things. First, it is because they positioned the coils close to the drip tip. Second, it is because the top cap has a conical shape to it, the flavors are getting even more concentrated. I also liked the fact that it has plenty of airflow options so I can change things up whenever I want.

Geekvape Avocado 24 tanks

Geek Vape Avocado RDTA Specifications

Dimensions: 22mm diameter and 43mm height
Colors: Stainless Steel, Black, Copper, Gold, and Blue
Tank: 5ml
Termimal Holes: 2m
Modes: Single or dual coil
Airflow options: Direct lung or mouth-to-lung hits
510 Connection: Yes
Works with: E-juices

Pros and Cons of the Geek Vape Avocado RDTA


  • Intense flavors and vapor production
  • Easy to build on
  • Offers single and dual coil modes
  • Wide open airflow and can change from direct lung to mouth-to-lung


  • Wide open airflow and can change from direct lung to mouth-to-lung
  • Hard to refill the tank when in dual coil mode
  • A bit fidgety to disassemble

Final Thoughts on the Avocado RDTA Review

On one hand, the original Avocado is more than a year old now, which is ancient in terms of vape hardware. On the other hand, it is still, in my opinion, one of the best RDTAs that you can buy. For me, the pros of the Avocado far outweigh its cons. This is more than what I can say for some of the newer RDTAs out in the market these days. Would I recommend the Geek Vape Avocado RDTA? Of course, I would recommend this fine RDTA for beginners and experienced vapers alike.

Are you interested in buying your own Geek Vape Avocado RDTA? Then, I highly suggest that you give it a try. We have provided a couple of links where you can get the best deals for them.

Published: May 19, 2017Updated: October 19, 2022

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