OFRF nexMesh Review — High-Performance Sub-Ohm Tank With Innovative Coil Design

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OFRF nexMesh Sub-Ohm Tank

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  • E-Juice Capacity:
    4 mL
  • Construction:
    Stainless Steel
  • Weight:
    70 g
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The OFRF nexMesh is a high-performance sub-ohm tank that features a unique conical mesh coil intended to speed up wicking times and provide denser, more consistent vapor production and enhanced flavor.

The tank comes from a brand that is already known for its high-quality mesh and delivers the same impressive build quality and robustness. It comes in 6 colors and features sturdy stainless steel, triple air vents for adjustable airflow and dual-layered organic cotton. Also featured in the nexMesh is a slide-top design for refilling with a silicone rubber membrane to protect from spillage.

All these factors make it quite a strong contender in the sub-ohm tank market and well-suited for the more experienced vaper that enjoys chain vaping, a rich flavor and smooth vapor production.

OFRF nexMesh General Information

OFRF is a new player in the sub-ohm tank market. Their first offering, called the OFRF nexMesh brings to the table some new and innovative features along with the sturdy quality that the mesh brand is already known for.

OFRF NexMesh sub-ohm tank x3

  • This stainless steel tank has a base diameter of 25mm.
  • It comes in 6 colors and features a first-in-class conical mesh coil that is tapered at the top to condense the airflow and provide thick, smooth vapor production and enhanced flavor.
  • It also has enhanced wicking characteristics by way of a special, thicker mesh and dual-layered cotton. This allows the nexMesh sub-ohm tank to have reduced wicking time and generate consistent flavor even over multiple large direct-to-lung hits.
  • Included in the nexMesh package is a 4ml PCTG flat tank that is shock-proof and an additional 5.5ml ‘bubble’ glass tank made from borosilicate glass (pyrex).
  • The nexMesh is the first tank to offer 3 adjustable airflow vents that allow for increased and consistent airflow and also offers a thread-less, pull-out design for coil swaps.
  • It also features a slide-top design for refilling the tank with a silicone rubber membrane to protect against spillage.
  • The box contains the OFRF nexMesh sub-ohm tank, one 0.2ohm A1 mesh coil (which is proprietary to OFRF and comes pre-installed in the tank) usable in the 75-85W range and another 0.15ohm SS316L Mesh Coil intended for use in Temperature Control mode (between 350-450 degrees Fahrenheit). Both these coils are made from dual-layered organic cotton.

What Comes in the Kit?

The OFRF nexMesh tank comes in a quirky, white box (reminding you of a browser or search engine). It has the following contents:

OFRF NexMesh sub-ohm tank kit

  • OFRF nexMesh sub-ohm tank
  • 0.2ohm Kanthal A1 Conical Mesh Coil (Pre-installed) – rated for 75-85W
  • 0.15ohm SS316L Conical Mesh Coil – rated for 55-75W
  • Bubble Glass
  • 810 Acrylic Resin Drip Tip
  • User Manual
  • O-Rings
  • OFRF brand Stickers
  • Explainer Card for the Coils

Internal Build Quality and Design

The nexMesh tank is manufactured by OFRF (pronounced “OFF”). They are mainly well- known for making high-quality mesh coils. This high build quality reflects in the construction of the nexMesh tank as well.

OFRF NexMesh sub-ohm tank build

The body of the tank is made from stainless steel which gives it a sturdy and durable build. The product comes in 6 interesting colors: Black, Stainless Steel, Gunmetal, Sapphire Blue, Gold and Spectrum.

All the edges of the tank are beveled. The base of the tank also has a cross-stitched design giving it an industrial look and feel.

The aesthetic of this tank is a bit understated when compared to its competition.

Airflow of the OFRF nexMesh

Has 3 airflow slots rather than the usual 2 found in most tanks.

These airflow slots are adjustable and have a control ring at the top of the tank. The ring itself is quite sturdy and is not prone to opening up easily. It, however, lacks a bit of grip which might make it tricky to open at first, or if the hands are slippery.

The tri-adjustable air vents mean that the nexMesh tank’s airflow is smooth and the tank is not loud or raspy while taking large hits at maximum airflow.

However, flavor production is not really affected by the airflow control meaning that the flavor is consistent across different airflow states.

Coils for OFRF nexMesh

The real innovation in the nexMesh comes from its unique conical coil design. The tank comes with two coils:

  1. a pre-fitted 0.2-ohm Kanthal A1 coil
  2. and an 0.15ohm SS316L coil.

The coils are 7mm in diameter at the bottom and taper down to 5mm at the Top.

OFRF NexMesh sub-ohm tank coil

This allows for the air to condense a little in this funnel and ensures an even amount hitting the surface area of the mesh producing more consistent vapor.

The mesh itself is slightly thicker to allow for more liquid to be retained in the chamber while taking hits.

Moreover, the cotton in these coils is dual-layered, which means it wicks properly and users will be able to take longer hits more comfortably thanks to efficient wicking. The double layer of cotton also reduces the chance of inconsistent wicking and dry hits.

How to change the coils?

Swapping the coils on the nexMesh is quite easy. Unlike other tanks where the coil is screwed into the airflow ring, this tank only requires you to unscrew the tank base connection and pull the coil out.

The coil has a small stainless steel disc at the bottom for this purpose.

OFRF NexMesh sub-ohm tank coils

  • Simply push the replacement coil in and screw the base back in.
  • It is advisable to not change coils when the tank is completely full as the top O-ring might also come off the coil head. It is a trade-off to ensure better sealing at the top.

How to fill the OFRF nexMesh tank?

The nexMesh tank has an easy to use top-cap design to fill. The Top cap can simply be slid across at the arrow indicated to open the fill port. This port also has a silicone rubber membrane to help avoid spillage even if the tank is inverted during filling.

The design accommodates most bottles, however, some with stumpy nozzles will require removal of the drip tip.


The OFRF sub-ohm vape tank performs above average. The Kanthal coil has a thicker conical mesh and the slightly higher impedance at 0.2ohm giving it a slightly meatier throat hit among the two.

OFRF NexMesh sub-ohm tank

  • The recommended wattage is between 75-85W and most vapers recommend a sweet spot of about 80W for best results.
  • The SS316L coil is more suitable for the use in temperature control mode with a recommended range of 350 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

It offers a smoother vapor production and more flavor with reduced risk of dry hits.

Both coils, however, require extremely little break-in time and vapers enjoyed a distinct increase in flavor going from full tank to half the first time.

Flavor Production

When it comes to flavor production, the nexMesh has a few tricks up its sleeve. The thicker, tapered conical mesh and dual-layered cotton help to retain the flavor even after multiple hits.

A lower wicking time means the cotton retains more of the liquid and a tapered chimney inside the coil allows the vapor to condense properly before leaving the vape tank producing thicker and more consistent vapor across both the coils.

A side-effect of this, however, is that the coil tends to ‘guzzle’ or consume more liquid than other coils.

2) The two coils that come with the tank produce slightly different results although not by much. The Kanthal coil helps to produce a stronger throat hit and SS316L coil in it’s TC mode allows for long flavorful DTL hits with next to none dry hits.

The Competition

OFRF nexMESH vs. Uwell Valyrian 2

Compared to the nexMesh, Uwell Valryrian 2 is quite similar in most aspects but offers a slightly different feature set. The Valyrian comes with a pyrex glass enclosure versus the PCTG enclosure on the nexMesh.

Uwell Valyrian 2

Both tanks feature similar maximum capacities (5.5ml vs 6ml on the Valyrian). Where the Valyrian offers a flip-top design for filling, the nexMesh comes with a more reliable and less cumbersome sliding top mechanism.

The Valyrian offers a 29mm diameter whereas the OFRF product is slightly sleeker at 25mm diameter.

OFRF nexMESH vs. Freemax Mesh Pro

The Freemax Mesh Pro is a successor to their Fireluke series of tanks. This tank features a dual mesh coil whereas the nexMesh features a newly designed conical mesh coil. Both tanks have the slide-to-fill top design, which makes for convenient filling of vape juice and is less cumbersome than a flip-top design.

Freemax Mesh Pro

Both the tanks also feature similar capacities in most aspects, however, the nexMesh edges out the Mesh pro in the tank capacity: The nexMesh boasts of a 5.5ml, while the Mesh Pro has a 5ml max capacity).

The Mesh Pro has dual air vents compared to the nexMesh’s triple air vents — another aspect where the nexMesh has enhanced features.

However, the Mesh pro offers a wider range of finishes with over 20 different textures, styles, and colors, compared to the OFRF tank that only offers 6 different colors.


The OFRF nexMesh appears to be geared towards the advanced vape enthusiast. For experienced vapers with higher-end mods, the conical mesh coil will introduce a much desirable difference in the vaping experience.

Moreover, chain vapers can take advantage of the dual-layered cotton and thicker mesh, making for longer and more enjoyable hits.

In conclusion, the nexMesh is an exceptional first attempt of a tank coming from a brand that is traditionally known for manufacturing coils.

Featuring the convenient leak-proof slide top refill design, innovative conical mesh coils, and triple airflow vents, this tank has received majorly positive reviews by the vaping community.

The innovative conical design of the coils allows for faster ramp-up times and efficient wicking. The stainless steel construction and PCTG glass make for a robust and sturdy tank that can easily withstand everyday use.

Have you tried out the nexMesh? What are your views about conical coils? Let us know your experience in the comments box below.

OFRF nexMesh Sub-Ohm Tank Specifications

OFRF nexMesh Sub-Ohm Tank
Dimensions 26mm x 41mm
Diameter 25 mm
Capacity 4 mL
Bubble Glass Capacity 5.5 mL
Thread 510
Construction Stainless Steel

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Sturdy, stainless steel anodized design
  • Innovative conical mesh coils for more efficient wicking and faster ramp-up times
  • Slide-to-fill top with silicone leak proof membrane
  • PCTG glass for higher endurance
  • Triple Air vents for increased airflow
  • Only available with single mesh coils for now.
  • Increased airflow means the tank ends up consuming more liquid than usual

Where to buy OFRF nexMesh Sub-Ohm Tank?

OFRF NexMesh sub-ohm tank main

Buy the OFRF nexMesh Sub-Ohm Tank directly from EightVape website


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