The Kong RDA Master Kit: Flavor Sweeter Than a Honeycomb


by James Bickford

Updated: February 5, 2022

Kong RDA Master Kit Review

Review Score: 88/100

Price Range:
$49.99 - $56.98
Drip Tip:
28 mm
Electric Red, Iced Out, Matte Black, Electric Blue
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Good flavor and cloud production
  • Smooth and slightly restrictive airflow
  • Solid build quality and design


  • The unique refilling system makes the coils take slightly longer to prime than usual
  • High price but worth it

The Kong RDA Master Kit is a unique, squonk-compatible device that will provide a memorable vaping experience for anyone who tries it. It has a top-notch build quality that makes it easier to use and more reliable, as well as various other features that make it fun and easy to use. This vape is an excellent option for those who are willing to overlook the high price.

Kong RDA Master Kit Review: What Is It Like to Vape?

When vaping the Kong RDA, it is hard to find anything to criticize. It has a lot of things going for it. The first thing anyone will notice is the airflow and the flavor.

The airflow is very smooth thanks to the honeycomb airflow design, and the stream of vapor is very rich with the taste of whatever liquid has been put on the coils. It is also a beautiful tank with a nice 810 drip tip.

Vapor Production

This is a restrictive tank (more on that later), but it still produces a lot of vapor, as most RDAs do. After taking a drag, it takes several breaths to exhale all that vapor.

What Is Inside the Package?

The tank comes with all the essentials needed to vape. Plus, it comes with two 810 drip tips, a bag of spare parts, a squonk pin, and a bag of spare parts.

Kong RDA Master Kit

The 810 drip tips are the neatest thing about the package. One is clear, and the other is black. Some complementary coils would have been good, but there were none.

Build Quality and Design

The build quality is outstanding. It is 28mm in diameter and fits perfectly on most mods. The exterior design is good, too. It comes in stainless steel, brass, and matte black. The matte black is the best because it matches almost every kind of mod.

There are notches inside that prevent the airflow control ring from spinning in circles and flying off the tank, and the drip tip is nice, too.

Build Deck Design

This is a very well-made build deck. There are four flathead screws that keep the coils in place. At the bottom, there is ample space for liquid. The hole in the center is so that the juice is evenly distributed throughout the juice well. From there, it seeps into the cotton wicking.

Kong RDA Master Open

One thing about the coils is that they are not visible once the drip tip is on. The only thing visible is that hole in the center.

Do not worry about that. Just drip the liquid down the hole. It will go into the juice well and into the coils from there. It takes a little longer for the liquid to saturate the cotton this way, but it works.


This device uses honeycomb airflow slots, and the airflow is very smooth and semi-restrictive. Some people might not like that the airflow is that restrictive, and that is understandable.

Typically, most RDA/RTAs have very loose airflow. The makers of this RDA might consider making an optional airflow control ring with slightly larger airflow holes for looser drags.

How to Use the Kong RDA QP Master Kit

Some people are intimidated by RDAs because they have to build their own coils and install them onto the deck, but once the coil is made, it is not that hard. The build deck holds two coils, and there are four holes, two for each coil, secured by flathead screws.

  1. Loosen those screws, put the leads in, and tighten them.
  2. After that, burn the coil to burn away hot spots and residual machine oils.
  3. Give them a few minutes to cool down, and then put the wicking inside.
  4. Make sure the ends of the cotton are not tucked underneath the coils.

Yes, that is how it is usually done, but in this case, it is better to have the ends positioned outward to absorb the liquid better.

After that, drip liquid onto the coils and wick and into the juice well. Give the liquid a few minutes to absorb all the liquid, and then start vaping.

How to Squonk

To squonk, swap out the gold-plated 510 pin for the squonk pin and make sure to use it with a mod designed for squonking.

The good thing about squonking is that the coils and cotton get primed faster than is the case with filling it through the drip tip.

How to Refill the Tank

When refilling, it is essential to wait a minute or two before vaping again. Since the juice is being dropped into that center hole instead of directly onto the coils, more time is needed for the wicking and coils to absorb the new liquid.

Also, vaping immediately after refilling will result in a lot of spit back. Either that or use it with a squonk mod. That way, the juice is coming up from the bottom.

Competing Tanks

Kong RDA Master Kit vs. Nightmare 28 mm RDA

The Nightmare 28 mm is a good RDA, too. One advantage is that it has a wider drip-tip that makes it easier to re-prime the coils. But, one issue is that it can be very challenging to take apart.

Nightmare RDA

The different pieces fit together very tightly. If the o-rings are not greased with juice beforehand, those parts will feel like they are glued together. The Kong is a bit looser, and the details are easier to take off.

Kong RDA Master Kit vs. Temple RDA

These devices are pretty similar, having deep juice wells, honeycomb airflow, and a similar coil set up. Both are also squonk compatible.


However, the main difference is the price; the Temple RDA is significantly less expensive. Someone looking for an RDA with honeycomb airflow that is slightly restrictive, but does not want to pay a lot of money, can consider the Temple RDA as a good alternative.

Kong RDA Specifications

Diameter: 28 mm
Side Mounted QP Deck:
Supports Double Coil Builds:
Honeycomb Airflow Design: Adjustable
Hollow Post:
Drip Tip: Black and Clear 810
Colors: Electric Red, Iced Out, Matte Black, Electric Blue, Gunmetal, Brushed Stainless Steel


The Positives

  • Good flavor and cloud production
  • Smooth and slightly restrictive airflow
  • Easy to install the coils
  • Solid build quality and design
  • Squonk compatible design

The Negatives

  • The unique refilling system makes the coils take slightly longer to prime than usual
  • High price but worth it

Final Thoughts on the Kong RDA 28 mm Master Kit

There are a lot of things to like about this RDA. First, anyone who has been looking for a restrictive RDA has had their prayers answered. The draw is restrictive but not too restrictive, and it is saturated with flavor. Also, the vapor production is good, and the build deck is fantastic.

There are some cons that are not really cons, but just personal preferences. First, the airflow is a little tighter than on most RDAs. If they have not already done so, perhaps they could make another model with slightly larger airflow holes. On an RDA like that, you could get that same restrictive airflow just by closing those honeycombs halfway.

Another thing is the positioning of the coils. It makes it to where the juice has to be dropped down that hole, and it takes a long time for the coils and cotton to soak that juice up. However, once those cotton wicks get saturated, the flavor is impressive. Also, squonking eliminates that problem.

Other than that, there is nothing left to criticize, and again, those were just personal preferences. This is a perfect tank that has excellent airflow, flavor, and build quality and is worth the high price. The amount they are asking for may be high, but the price is reasonable considering the quality.

If you have any thoughts you want to share about this RDA, please leave a comment below. In addition, comments from our readers are always appreciated.

Published: September 20, 2021Updated: February 5, 2022

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