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Vandy Vape Icon RDA

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  • Diameter
    24 mm
  • Deep Juice Well
    7 mm
  • Construction
    Stainless Steel
  • Works with:
  • Starting price:

The Vandy Vape Icon RDA is a drip tip atomizer made in cooperation with Mike Vapes. The build deck uses a split dual post configuration that makes it compatible with several coil builds, including vertical ones, thanks to the slightly elevated center post holes.

Airflow and flavor are excellent thanks to hedge airflow holes. Users can also use this with squonk mods thanks to the squonk pin included in the package.

Vandy Vape Icon RDA Review

The Icon RDA made by Vandy Vape is an impressive atomizer that does everything well. A lot of remarkable features were built into this vape that makes it a high performer. One look at the specifications of this atomizer and the user can tell it was created by people who are vaping experts.

Many people are going to like the fact that a 510 drip tip adapter was built into this atomizer, giving the user the ability to use his or her own drip tips. Additionally, there are three drip tips of various sizes included in the kit.

Beneath the drip tip is a huge juice well that gives off more puffs on average than its competitors. Finally, the device has a squonk pin, making it compatible with squonk mods.

The build deck is another thing potential buyers should be excited about. It gives the user the ability to use several types of coil builds that he or she otherwise would not be able to make. Additionally, it is very easy to use. Beneath the build deck is a gold plated and insulated 510 connection. The insulation around the connection makes the Vandy Vape Icon RDA safer to use on mechanical hybrid mods.


The Vandy Vape Icon RDA produces excellent flavor and clouds. The flavor always comes off the coils tasting just as the juice bottle advertises. The clouds are just as good as the vapor, being huge and puffy white. The reason why the cloud and flavor production is so high is because of the airflow system for single and dual coil configurations, which consists of four square slots on each side of the sleeve and an adjustable airflow control ring. The advantage of the slots on both sides of the sleeve is that the airflow hits the coil on every side.

It is hard to find something better than this atomizer. With its 510 drip tip compatibility, amazing build deck, and incredible airflow and flavor, this device will be a hit with nearly everyone who uses it.

Opening Up the Box

Opening the package is a truly exciting moment because there are three 510 drip tips inside. The user can choose between 14, 16, and 17.5 mm drip tips. All of them are made from Delrin and are goon style.

  • Also included in the box is a hex key, squonk mod pin, and a spare parts pack.
  • The manual is also inside, and it contains a lot of valuable information about how to use the device safely.

The Vandy Vape Icon RDA Build Deck Review

Simple and practical are the two words that best summarize the build deck. The deck is gold plated, and it has two posts and four terminals measuring 3 x 1.8 mm. The size of the terminals enables the user to fit flat leads onto the deck. Also supported by this build deck are vertical coil builds thanks to the inclusion of elevated center post holes.

The RDA has a very deep and spacious juice well measuring 7 mm that can fit over 30 drops of liquid or around 1.5 ml.


For comparison, the juice wells of other atomizers can hold between 10 and 25 drops of liquid. Also, it is not just that it can keep a lot of juice; it can do so without leaks or spit back.

The inclusion of the post holes in the center of the build deck is the best feature of this part of the atomizer. It gives the user more options for coil configurations than he or she would get from other devices. Also, the cavernous juice well is an excellent touch, too. All of these specifications make the Icon excellent on any vape.

Building and Wicking

Building and wicking are easy because of how well designed the build deck is. This aspect of the device is its main selling point.

The way coils are put in it is by sliding the coils into the terminals and then tightening and adjusting them. Once the coils are in the terminals, it is time to slip in the cotton.

The amount of cotton should be slightly larger than usual since the juice well is so spacious. Otherwise, the liquid will slosh around inside and leak.

Vandy Vape Icon RDA vs Pulse 22

The Pulse 22 is an atomizer designed to be used with squonk mods and regular mods. The main difference between these units lies in their respective build decks. The Pulse 22 has a postless build deck that supports single coil builds only.


The Icon, however, does have posts, and it can support double and single coil builds, as well as vertical coil setups. The Pulse 22 is an excellent device that functions well on any vape at a high level, but it is not as versatile as the Icon.

Vandy Vape Icon RDA vs Dead Rabbit RDA

There are two primary differences between these devices. One, the Dead Rabbit utilizes a four-post build deck that can support every kind of coil configuration imaginable.

Dead_Rabbit RDA

Secondly, the Dead Rabbit holds a lot more juice than the Icon. What will drive a lot of people away from the Dead Rabbit, though, is the high price. It costs over $20, while the Icon is selling for under $10. Price-wise, the Icon RDA is the better choice.

Final Thoughts on the Vandy Vape Icon RDA

This is a high performing atomizer that is not selling for a high price like the Dead Rabbit RDA. The affordable price makes this unit a perfect fit for people who do not want to spend hordes of cash, but still want to get something that is versatile and all-around excellent.

The features that make it stick out are the simple to use build deck, the 510 adapter pin, and the ability to make it squonk compatible. A vaper can do a lot with this piece of vaping technology.

We know that our readers are highly knowledgeable vapers judging from the quality of the comments. That is why we want anyone who has used the Vandy Vape Icon RDA to post a comment. Share your thoughts about it by telling us what you like and do not like. We would love to read your responses.

Vandy Vape Icon RDA Specifications

Vandy Vape Icon RDA
Diameter 24 mm
Deep Juice Well 7 mm
Construction Superior 303 Stainless Steel
24K Gold-Plated Build Deck Yes
Drip Tip Adapter 510
Color Options Stainless, Black, Red, Blue, Green, and Purple
Drip Tip Wide Delrin 17.5 mm
Drip Tip Wide Delrin 16 mm
Drip Tip Delrin 14 mm

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Simple to use
  • Affordable price
  • Good juice capacity
  • Supports multiple coil configurations
  • Excellent airflow and cloud and flavor production
  • It tends to get hot if chain vaped

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