G Slim Liquid Tank Review

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Review Score: 95/100 - 95
Price: $9.95
Color: Black
Works with: G Slim Vaporizer
G Slim Liquid tank from Grenco Science is an excellent, high-performance e-liquid tank, which is only compatible with G Slim vaporizers. It is simple-to-use and fits perfectly with any product from the G Slim line. Using the e-liquid tank with most G Slim vaporizers with their fantastic, no hassle features. No need to struggle with resistance levels or coils compatibility.

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The Tank has been manufactured using advanced engineering; ensuring it performs excellently with thinner viscosity fluid when used with G Slim vaporizer. The decent tank has a capacity of 0.6ml, and 510 threading fits directly into any G Slim battery. With this product, you can get enough puff to last you several vaping sessions with a fantastic experience. Grenco Science is well-known for its ability to produce an incredible product that beginners can find easy to use and enjoy quality vaping with appropriate throat hit. It has about 6 – 8 weeks of durability. Available in green or black with a screw-in mouthpiece.

What’s in the Box

  • x1 G Slim Liquid Tank

G Slim Liquid Tank: Design

The remarkable product by Grenco Science is a stylish, compact, easy to use and lightweight tank design to be used explicitly with G Slim Vaporizer. It comes in a satiny, elegant and flawless design, compatible with e-liquids. Its elegance fits correctly given you one beautiful and eye-catching vaporizer.

G Slim Liquid Tank: Performance


It is sleek in design and very simple in its operation; offering users everything to get started with the e-liquid vaping. When installed into the G Slim Liquid Vaporizer, it performs excellently with the vaporizer, no oddity experienced. It is a hassle-free e-juice tank, and ready for on-the-go vaping in 5 seconds. Also, designed to hold 0.6ml of e-juice, with no complaints of leakage. Its capacity is enough to last numerous enjoyable vaping sessions. Its ability to work well with its vaporizer has made it a popular option.

G Slim Liquid Tank: Easy to Use

Incredible build engineering features a 510 threading, which makes it simple and straightforward to attach to other devices like the G Slim Liquid Vaporizer. It is a top-tier pick for beginners and users seeking to have a tank easy to fit and ready for on-the-go vaping.

Other Similar Liquid Tanks

Vivi Nova Tank

This product is also another remarkable tank with incredible features. It is meant to be used with any e-juice and comes with an easily replaceable atomizer head. The device comes with advanced build engineering, which makes it deliver high-quality plumes of vapor and features a large capacity to hold more juice, 3.5ml. It features a 510 threading making it easily compatible with other attachments like vaporizer batteries and so on.

Delta9 E-Liquid Tank

The Delta9 E-liquid Tank is a fantastic juice tank with fast liquid fill within seconds. It is build engineering is flawless and made from thick, durable polycarbonate material, which makes the product difficult to get cracked. It also features an e-liquid meter at the side to help users monitor the amount of juice left. This feature ensures you never run out of juice suddenly and has a large juice capacity to last longer vaping sessions.

Is the G Slim Liquid Tank the best choice?

The tank is designed to work with G Pen Slim Vaporizer. It has a unique and delicate design with fantastic build quality for higher durability. It is compact and holds enough juice to last anyone several sessions. It features 510 threading that allows users to comfortably fit the product with the G Slim vaporizers battery without challenges. Grenco Science incorporated advanced engineering for thinner viscosity fluid. Users are guaranteed of nothing less than an outstanding hard-hitting vaping experience.

Review Score: 95/100 - 95
  • Affordable and high-performing
  • Nice and sleek design
  • Advanced engineering for thinner viscosity fluid
  • 0.6 ml juice capacity
  • 510 threading
  • Meant for G Slim vaporizers only


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