Freemax Mesh Pro: A Very Detailed Review of the Sub-ohm Tank


by Thanush Poulsen

Updated: September 8, 2021

Freemax Mesh Pro desktop

Review Score: 92/100

Price Range:
Tank Capacity:
5mL / 6mL
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • 6ml E-Juice capacity
  • Durable construction
  • Sliding top-filling mechanism


  • Wide drip tip

Starting Price: $ 26.95

The Freemax Mesh Pro raises the standard of sub-ohm tanks and is a proper successor to the seminal sub-ohm tank, the Fireluke Mesh. Spanning 25mm diameters, the mainly stainless steel this sub-ohm tank comes in varying e-juice capacities of 6ml, 5ml, or 4ml, accompanied by 18mm wide-bore 810 drip tip. It makes use of its original Mesh Pro coil system to offer four gargantuan and outstanding replacement mesh coils: a single 0.15-ohm (40-70W), a stainless steel single 0.12 (with 400°F – 550°F temp range), a double 0.2-ohm (60-90W), a triple 0.15-ohm (80-110W).


The double slotted airflow bottom only seals the stellar performance of this Freemax sub-ohm tank. Overall, the way its triple mesh coil was designed for optimal flavor, its durable construction, optional tank capacities, and comparatively smoother draws make it such a high-class sub-ohm tank worthy of standing on its pedestal. Filling the Freemax Mesh Pro tank is easy and can be done with a simple pushing action.

Freemax Mesh Pro review: Triple Mesh Coils Mean Thrice the Fun

The Freemax Mesh Pro takes the flavor of vaper’s e-juice and attempts to deliver it in its purest ever form with each vape. It is especially true if the vaper has the 0.15-ohm triple mesh coil in place. Coil replacement can be done in seconds by unscrewing the one is in place. From their general design, eye-catching size, and materials, it is clear that the mesh coils are the real stars of this sub-ohm tank.

Freemax Mesh Pro desktop

As far as flavor-delivery goes, the triple mesh coil is without a rival at high wattage settings of 110W. It proves false the notion that upping wattage will result in dry hits. Even so, vaper should be prepared for the e-juice to dry up as well with these settings quickly. The 0.15-ohm triple mesh at high wattage levels is the ideal coil and wattage setting for this Freemax Mesh masterpiece.

The replacement single and dual mesh coils are not high in their own right, though. It is just that the triple mesh coil is only leagues above the others available, and even when compared with the coils used by other good sub-ohm tanks. If these coils will be ranked, the triple mesh comes out on tap, with the single mesh trailing quite a distance behind, and the double in the last place.

The push-to-slide top fill feature is another convenient feature that makes the refilling of liquids faster for its different tanks. Not particularly new in sub-ohm tanks, but it is still terrific, considering how quickly this tank can drain the liquid in its optimal settings. The entire way the Freemax Mesh Pro tank was designed prioritized only one thing: the coils to deliver hits will make lasting impressions.

Solid Build and Design


This sub-ohm tank has quite an enormous profile, at least, as far as sub-ohm tank size is concerned. It purports to be 25mm in diameter, but it can increase to 32mm if vaper is using the Freemax goldfish-bowl-like tank it comes with. Striking colors are available in its resin and metal varieties. Overall, the stainless steel and aesthetics of this sub-ohm tank are high, but not too distinctive.

A Dive into its Matchless Coils

Since it has rained enough praise on the triple mesh coil, it is right to look at the replacement 0.15-ohm single mesh, 0.2-ohm dual, and 0.15-ohm triple mesh coils. The single-coil is the second-best option in the Mesh Pro package because it can deliver flavorful hits even at somewhat low wattage and with the airflow open halfway. The flavor becomes more intense as the vaper takes more hits. At around the 25th draw, the difference is just noticeable.


As for the dual coil, not a lot of positive things can be said if will be compared to either the triple or single replacement coils. Vape draws done at 70W and with the airflow open just fell flat flavor-wise. Triple Mesh 0.15-ohm Coil is rated for 80-110W (which is not included in the kit).

How to change the mesh coils

Unscrew the base of the sub-ohm glass tank, and the coil should come detached along with the bottom. The latter can also be unscrewed from that base by twisting it a few times. Afterward, screw the preferred mesh coil onto the base. Lastly, reattach it along with the bottom to the glass tank.

How to prime Freemax Mesh Pro coils?

When priming this sub-ohm tank’s coils, the vaper only needs to make sure that the cotton is saturated with liquid. Otherwise, it will cause parched hits.


Pour juice into the center of the coil until it has absorbed enough nicotine juice and on each opening on the sides. Vapers have different preferences when priming their coils. That is why it is encouraged to introduce try out different twists to priming this Freemax vape tank after trying out this method.

How long do Freemax Mesh coils last?

On average, the vaper can expect each of the coils to last for 2 to 3 weeks with regular use. If sweeter juices are used and high wattage is always set, expect it to die faster than that, though. Again, vaping habits come into play. But for mesh coils, these Freemax Mesh Pro products fall short in lifespan.

Explosive Performance

Draws are smooth with the right airflow setting, and vapor is not too cloudy. For those who want to save on liquids, go for the single-coil. It will take a toll on the vape flavor. Otherwise, vape all-out with the triple mesh.

How to fill the Freemax Mesh Pro tank

Since it has a user-friendly push-to-slide top, this Freemax sub-ohm tank can be filled. Locate the red indicator circle where that pushing motion should be applied; it is best to use one’s thumb for this. It will slide smoothly to reveal the rectangular opening of the tank. Aim the nozzle of the e-juice there to fill it up to its maximum capacity. Push the top again on the side opposite where it was opened to close it.

Pitting It Against Worthy Opponents

Mesh Pro vs. Falcon

Freemax sub-ohm tank has no equal in the super-packed flavor it can provide with its triple mesh coil. The Falcon might beat it with its 7ml juice capacity and longer lasting coils<. horizontech falcon tank img

But since flavor and nicotine strength is the gold standard of most vapers, Freemax product is better. Design-wise it can be considered a tie. The same goes for ease-of-use.

Mesh Pro vs. Fireluke

The appeal of the Freemax Fireluke Mesh tank hinges on its ability to deliver strong vape flavor at lower wattage settings. It cannot achieve the utter purity of flavor that the Mesh Pro can provide. The same can be said for pretty much all kinds of low-wattage sub-ohm tanks out there.

The aesthetics of the Fireluke may capture the fancy of more vapers, though. The liquid capacity of the Freemax Fireluke Mesh Pro is subpar at 3ml, and so is its lack of versatility in coil options.

Freemax Mesh Pro Specifications

Tank Capacity: 5mL / 6 mL
Diameter: 25mm
Connection: 510
Coils Resistance: 0.15 ohm / 0.2 ohm
Material: Stainless Steel



  • 6ml E-Juice capacity
  • Durable construction
  • Sliding top-filling mechanism
  • Spare parts pack in the kit


  • Wide drip tip
  • Works only with E-Juices

Final Statement on the Freemax Mesh Pro

Freemax product packs a punch but can die rather quickly in terms of juice and coil action. It requires higher than average wattage on its triple mesh to keep delivering what most vapers would not mind getting all the time. That said, it is recommended for vapers who will not mind burning through their premium e-liquid collection to make the most out of them. However, since it offers different coil options that consume liquid at a slower pace, it is a winner in adaptability as far as Freemax products go.

Are you a flavor-addict vaper as well? Will you be willing to use a sub-ohm tank like this to satisfy that insatiable hunger for flavor in your vape hits? If yes, know that the Mesh Pro will give it to you, as could be attested from this vape review.

Published: October 18, 2019Updated: September 8, 2021

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