Saionara Atomizer Review: The Heaviest Hitter


by Jeffrey Buckley

Updated: July 23, 2021

Saionara Atomizer desktop

Review Score: 85/100

Price Range:
55.6 x 22mm
Stainless Steel
Airflow Options:
Top and Bottom
Metal or Glass
Works with:
  • Wax icon


  • Massive vapor production
  • Fifteen varieties of coil options
  • Extremely well-made with quality materials


  • Not compatible with dry herbs
  • Cleaning can be difficult

The Saionara atomizer is a three-piece unit made for vaping concentrates. The Saionara, or Sai, has an all-stainless steel build that works much like an RDA. It has a pull-off cap that exposes the coil inside where users can load their material. The Sai also features a universal, 510-thread.

The 510-connection allows the vaper to attach it to any variable wattage 510-mod. There are fifteen coil options for the Saionara that range in material and construction. The vaper can choose from Kanthal or titanium wire coils or ceramic donuts.

A Closer Look at the Saionara

The Saionara is an all-stainless steel device that features a removable top cap/mouthpiece, the coil and the coil base. The unit stands 3.5” tall and 1.25” in diameter. There are many different versions of the Sai that use either top or bottom airflow control as well as the many coil options. Users can choose from one of these two options when ordering the device.

There is a standard package that includes a Kanthal wire coil with black ceramic rods and comes in four different color options like titanium, gold, black, and stainless steel. The base unit also comes with your choice of a free titanium or ceramic bucket.

The great thing about the atomizers is that vapers can customize the base device with different coil options, different airflow configurations and different mouthpieces.

Saionara Atomizer desktop

The versatility does not end there. Users must, of course, also attach the Saionara to a compatible, 510-variable wattage mod, which is also something that lends the device more customization. Then there are the attachments like glass bubbler pieces or carb caps that Humboldt Vape Tech also makes and sells.

The Sai works a lot like an RDA but for concentrates vaping. The top half, which includes the top cap and mouthpiece, is removable and allows to load their material directly onto the coil rather than heating up a rig and then adding a dab.

There are several pieces that are also inside the top half like the splash guard. The next piece is the coil itself, which is threaded and removable so users can switch it.

The coils come in every type of configuration imaginable from a simple ceramic donut coil to a triple titanium coil with quartz or ceramic rods.

What’s Included

There is a base Saionara starter package that Humboldt Vape Tech offers on its website, but, again, the beauty of the device is that users can mix and match the unit to conform to their wants and needs.

Saionara kitThe base package includes the following and the vaper can choose from four color options: black, gold, stainless steel, titanium.

  • One Sai atomizer
  • One Kanthal coil with black Ceramic
  • One Top Airflow cap
  • One Titanium or Ceramic bucket coils

Build Quality and Design

The standard Saionara atomizer has few differences in design or build quality. The outer parts like the top cap and coil base are pretty much uniform except for the airflow options. The cap is kept in place by two, thick o-rings along the outside of the base. The standard kit includes a top flow air control ring that consists of two slots on either side that are fully adjustable.

This configuration is not the best for massive flow air, which is something that e-liquid RDAs do best. The bottom airflow option offers a better design especially for cloud-making. The bottom airflow Sai also has the two slots, but the coil base has five air holes along each side – ten in total – that directs air flow toward the coil, like it would in a typical RDA.

The cap is also lengthy allowing for a more massive build-up of vapor inside the unit. The Sai also features several protections like a splash guard under the mouthpiece that prevents heated material from touching a user’s lips.

Vaping the Sai

The Sai offers users many different vaping styles and vapor quality. The reason the company offers so many coil options is because with typical pen-style, concentrates vaporizers users only have the option of ceramic or quartz coils (there are exceptions that use titanium or another material altogether).


Using the standard Kanthal wire coil with ceramic rods in the kit, users can expect a heady blast of vapor. The coils heat-up almost instantly and vaporize any material in the chamber rapidly. The airflow was decent, and provided enough fuel to create large clouds. The mouthpiece had good flow air, but taking slow, steady draws gave off a better experience.

Taking hard draws works against the performance. Inhaling hard will clog up the airways of the splash guard, so it’s best to draw out the vapor with soft inhales. Despite the unit’s heavy duty appearance, users should be aware of the wattage range of all Humboldt Vape Tech coils, as going above the limit could burn out coils and cause damage.

Usability of the Saionara

The company recommends a wattage range of 15-25W for the Kanthal coil. HVT also recommends that the titanium bucket – if that is the option you choose – should be vaped in temperature control on your box mod. The wattage and temperature range for the titanium bucket is 18-23W or 320-380F.

Saionara x3

If you choose the ceramic bucket, you should also keep the wattage between 15-20W so that the disc does not burn out and crack. Loading the atomizer is another feature that many vapers love. It has a wide-open mouth – although there are smaller, 4mm varieties, while the standard one is 13mm wide – so the vapers can easily drop in a BB-sized portion of their material, even with their fingers.

Notably, the atomizer does not even come with a dab loading tool, which is a standard accessory with other concentrates pens. The reason being that it is so easy to load material that a dab tool is not necessary, especially since the stainless steel tool could damage the coils if they come in contact.

The Competition

Honey Stick OZ Tank

The Honey Stick OZ is a dual-use atomizer that attaches to compatible 510-mods. The OZ features an all-ceramic heating bowl covered by a transparent glass dome and a silicone mouthpiece up top.

Honey Stick Oz Ohm Ground Material Tank

The OZ comes with a separate ceramic wick for use with concentrates. The component has 510-threading and has sub-ohm capabilities so it can work with any sub-ohm mod.

Mig Vapor Sub-Herb Vape Tank

The Mig Vapor Sub-Herb atomizer is also a dual-use device that works with both dry herbs and concentrates. The Sub-Herb atomizer has a similar design to the OZ as it uses an all-ceramic heating plate, and a glass dome top cap with a removable mouthpiece.

MigVapor-Sub-Herb-Dry-Herb-Vape-Tank image

The Sub-Herb has a 22mm diameter (0.86”) and can hold up to 4ml of liquid or solid concentrates. The device has a spring-loaded, gold-plated 510-connection at the bottom and has an optimal wattage range of between 17-24W.

Saionara Atomizer Specifications

Optimal Wattage Range: 15-30 W
Constructions: Stainless Steel
Airflow Options: Top and Bottom
Mouthpiece: Metal or Glass

Pros and Cons


  • Massive vapor production
  • Fifteen varieties of coil options
  • Extremely well-made with quality materials
  • Easy-to-use
  • Easy-to-load
  • Gives users more control over their vape
  • Can be used with different accessories (water pipes, glass pieces)


  • Not compatible with dry herbs
  • Cleaning can be difficult
  • Airflow could be better-designed

Conclusion: Saionara Atomizer Review: Say Saionara to Your Old Concentrates Pen

The Saionara is one of the two atomizers – the other being the Sequoia, which is not that different, but not the same either – that helped make Humboldt Vape Tech a trusted name in dabbing. The coil options are more than any other company offers. Users can choose several types for either greater cloud production, more potent effects, or for a mellow, flavorful vape.

The unit may seem intimidating for first-time users, but it is not so complicated that a beginner would not be able to use it. A compatible, 510-mod is necessary to have to use either atomizer, but if you have experience using a sub-ohm mod then the component should not present any usage problems. Depending on what type of coil you have, cleaning and maintenance can be a hassle.

HVT recommends cleaning the bowl and donut coil after use to maintain the quality of the vapor. The other, more heavy-duty builds like the triple titanium or Kanthal need a good cleaning after four of five sessions. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind dab that provides unrivaled vapor quality, then look into anything that Humboldt Vape Tech has to offer, starting with the Sai.

Published: May 4, 2020Updated: July 23, 2021

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