Drop Dead RDA Review: Perfect Atomizer For Daily Use


by Jeffrey Buckley

Updated: December 28, 2021

Drop Dead RDA Review

Review Score: 91/100

Price Range:
$29.99 - $40.99
Drip Tip Adapter:
Black, Full Matte Black, Gunmetal, Stainless Steel, Purple, Blue Rainbow, Gold, Bloody Mess
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Variability of airflow
  • About 40 drops of liquid can fit in the well thanks to the top airflow, since the liquid can be poured almost before blowing


  • When chain vaping, the top can get hot
  • Looking at how the air flow is adjusted is a bit hard

The Drop Dead RDA by Heathen, TVC, and HellVape has an easy coil placement design, thanks to its 4 large post holes. It has a deep juice well, and its deck, together with its internally notched barrel, makes rebuildable removal.

The tank has both a raised BF squonk 510 connector and a standard positive. It has a high-end look with its 2-piece 810 drip tip with a metal base that blends with the top cap.

Because the Drop Dead RDA is a hybrid of TVC’s Drop and Heathen’s Dead Rabbit, it combines the features of both of them – like the Dead Rabbits’ top-to-side angled airflow and the Drop’s honeycomb design.

Most of the exterior design is taken from the Dead Rabbit (like the knurling on top), while its deck is close to the Drop’s original design.

Drop Dead RDA Quick Review

The Drop Dead RDA is a rebuildable masterpiece built with high-level design elements, and it’s the product of an awesome partnership between Vapin’ Heathen and The Vapor Chronicles. This rebuildable vape tank is well-machined – the knurling and the logo engraving are precisely etched, and all of the tank’s pieces are machine-cut cleanly.

Another huge plus regarding the device is a design and build quality is the paint quality – one isn’t going to have problems with the paint flaking or chipping. The tank also features an innovative barrel-locking mechanism – allowing for a full air flowing adjustment.

Drop Dead RDA

Building on it is a breeze as there are 4 posts with slanted tops – allowing one to simply drop in their leads and trim them from the bottom after. Since the posts’ terminals are quite large, one can fit multiple leads into just one terminal. Three (or more) coils can be easily done on its atomizer base, and there is also plenty of room to fit one’s wicks in neatly.

Since the position of the airflow could be adjusted, it gives one the ability to get very smooth draws. One can also center the airflow regardless of how closed off the air holes are, which is a feature that cannot be seen in other rebuildable tanks.

With the airflow holes’ size and shape, the RDA makes little to no noise when vaping. The tank can be used as a DTL or MTL device since dialing down the airflow is possible.

As for the flavor, the Drop Dead does a pretty incredible job. Its squonking performance is also great, thanks to the squonking pin that sticks up a little in the deck’s center. Squonking is leak-free, too, with its deep juice well.

This means that a little bit of the e-liquid remains in the atomizer base after squonking, which allows the wicks to be saturated when needed.

Internal building quality and design

Drop Dead RDA Starter Kit

  • The build quality is excellent and could be considered as a step up from Hellvape’s Dead Rabbit.
  • Everything about it seems to fit together a bit more effortlessly.
  • The tank also looks classier and slimmer – giving it a more elegant appearance than both of its forerunners.

Drop Dead RDA Colors

Thanks to a single dual coil design and dual builds can be placed on it easily. It uses the Drop’s design, which has elevated posts that let you drop the coils in, cut its legs, and adjust them easily.

  • Getting the air onto the coils is a breeze, with the RDA’s barrel having 14 holes angled downwards on each of its sides. This also helps in giving one a smooth airflow without making it whistle or making any other noise.
  • Airflow also hits the coil directly with the cutouts’ help on the barrel, and the deck having corresponding notches to hold it in one place.
  • The posts you press the coil legs onto when tightening the post screws are on the thin side, though still, the ohms out considerably higher than others.

How to wick

The tank uses capillary action to feed the juice up its wick to its high-positioned coil, just like the original Drop or Dead Rabbit, for that matter. To easily soak up the liquid, it is good practice to make sure that you comb your wicks out and that you have plenty resting on the atomizer base.

How to set a new coil

Drop Dead RDA Coil

  1. Since the terminals on the coils posts are quite large, multiple fitting leads into one terminal is a piece of cake.
  2. In fact, 3 or more coils can be fitted on its atomizer base easily.
  3. Positioning it towards the center of the atomizer base is the best way to do it.

How long do coils last

Though the coils generally last for one to four weeks, their longevity could be extended when taken good care of and maintained and broken in properly. An indicator for when the coil is to be changed is when the vapor that is produced by the coil has a burnt taste when used.

How to use the Drop Dead RDA

With its simple design, clipping one’s coils while they are in the posts is very easy. One has to use the top of the cap to adjust and customize the airflow (the cap’s main body has 14 holes on either side). Locking the cap and the body is done by twisting the body to the right.

Drop Dead RDA

How to squonk

The Drop Dead By Heathen, TVC, and HellVape has an included raised BF squonk 510 connector and is overall an exceptional rebuildable tank for squonking as its coil’s positioning and the airflow is high.

Since the squonk connector is raised, making sure that you have enough wick on its base to soak up the juice is always wise. Its more increased horizontal airflow also makes it far more leak-proof.

What ohm to run

The 24mm RDA ohms out at 0.09 ohms.


Profile RDA or Drop Dead RDA

A collaboration between Wotofo and vaper MrJustRight1, the Profile RDA has an adjustable airflow in the form of blades cut into it – letting you set the airflow to your preference.

VD Profile RDA Wotofo

  • Profile RDAs outer barrel is made of stainless steel and has 3 airflow holes located on opposite sides, but the Drop Dead RDA has 304 stainless steel construction.
  • On both sides of the spring-loaded ceramic block in the center are two vertical clamps that can be opened and closed using the screws at the sides.
  • To prevent dry hits, The Profile RDA added spring-loaded ceramic support at the center of the deck.
  • Moreover, there is a hollow 510 connector in the center of the ceramic block so that the e-liquid of your choice is squonked straight onto the cotton’s base, on the other hand Drops 510 drip tip adapter allows for additional drip tip styles.
  • The both devices give users both big clouds and smooth hits without compromising in flavor.
  • What sets Profile apart from other tanks are its mesh coil and its unique spring-loaded ceramic deck.

Rebirth or Drop Dead RDA

Rebirth RDA Colors

The Rebirth RDA is a collaboration between Hellvape and vape reviewer and designer Mike Vapes.

  • The Rebirth has a 24mm dual post deck with adjustable bottom air holes with a honeycomb locking design which allows you to open or close it to your preferred setting, unlike the Drop RDA has 14 airflow holes and top airflow.
  • It comes in a wide range of colors and can be used as a single, dual, or triple coil build, comparatively Drop RDA has only single and dual coils.
  • There is a gold-plated squonk pin included, too, and its top cap is very well domed.
  • With its 6mm deep juice well and a beautifully designed atomizer deck, it can hold as much e-liquid as most RTAs, and tanks and there is enough room to work with.
  • In addition, The Rebirth RDA produces extremely good flavor as well as very good clouds.
  • It can also handle higher temperatures better than Drop RDA, as neither the top nor the barrel becomes too hot even with the airflow holes closed, which is a good point.

Drop Dead RDA Specifications

Construction: 304 Stainless Steel
Diameter: 24mm
Gold-plated positive posts:
Side-secured via slotted flathead screws:
Four post build deck design:
Connector: 510
Drip Tip Adapter: 510
Colors: Black, Full Matte Black, Gunmetal, Stainless Steel, Purple, Blue Rainbow, Gold, Bloody Mess


The Positives

  • Variability of airflow
  • About 40 drops of liquid can fit in the well thanks to the top airflow, since the liquid can be poured almost before blowing

The Negatives

  • When chain vaping, the top can get hot
  • The juice well is a bit shallow
  • Looking at how the air flow is adjusted is a bit hard
  • Getting one’s coil placement can be a little annoying at first – one side of the coil sometimes tend to be further up or down than the other after screwing down the first lead

Drop Dead RDA Review: Closing Thoughts

All in all, the experience that one will have with the Drop Dead would be a nice one as it is a well-made device that has really good machining. The Drop Dead is also very easy to hold with the knurling. It is easy to build on and wick, too, as it has 4 elevated posts that make it possible to just drop one’s preferred coil in and adjust and cut its legs easily.

The deck’s positive part is also gold-plated, which improves conductivity. All of the Drop Dead’s O-rings work well and do a great job holding the barrel, drip tip, and top cap in place nicely and snugly.

To sum it all up, the Drop Dead RDA brings together the Drops and the Dead Rabbit’s best features together with a unique airflow that helps provide amazing flavor and smooth and great hits at such a reasonable price.

Published: December 28, 2021

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