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CSMNT RDA Cosmonaut by District f5ve

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The CSMNT from District f5ve and Mystery Mod is a 510 threaded rebuildable drip vape tank atomizer that is 24mm. The body is available in stainless steel and matte black, and it uses a postless build deck and flat head screws.

The build deck is easier to build on than other products, and once the wires and wicking are in place, it produces the excellent flavor and massive clouds. The deck and copper pin are plated in 24K gold, and the lead inserts of the coils must be 4 mm.

Mystery Mod and District f5ve CSMNT RDA Review

The CSMNT RDA is a trendy device that will work well with nearly any vape. Airflow is excellent and precise thanks to the two adjustable cyclops style airflow slots. The bottom has a 24 karat gold plated adjustable copper pin.

Since the RDA is 510 threaded, it can fit on most mods. The top cap is flat, and there is the spacing between it and the barrel, which makes it easier to take off. The drip tips stay on firm thanks to the o-ring that keeps them in place.


The build deck is postless and gold plated, and there is a cube-shaped platform in the center on which the coils are placed. Four flat head screws hold the wires in place. The cotton is inserted into the coils, and the ends hang over the block and dip into the bottom. Underneath, there is a very thick and sturdy o-ring that keeps the barrel tightly in place, prevents leaking, and maintains consistent airflow.

810 Delrin and ULTEM drip tips are included in the kit. They are short chuff style drip tips, which some people may not like. Replacing them with something longer can be done, thankfully. The drip tips in the kit do a fantastic job of deflecting the heat away from the tongue and lips, so there should be no problems using them.

The CSMNT is an all-around good RDA that can be depended on to function marvelously well. The build quality is superb, flavor and cloud production is off the charts, and using the build deck is much easier than it is with other postless RDAs. The Customer will not regret putting this powerful, well-built machine on his or her mod.


The kit has a single CSMNT RDA. Also included is an 810 ULTEM drip tip, an 810 Delrin drip tip, and a pack of spare parts.

Internal Building Quality and Design

The CSMNT RDA differs in several ways from other postless RDAs. Appearance-wise, it is good looking, being available in stainless steel and matte black. It also fits nice and looks great on every vape on which it has been tried.


Besides its looks, the Cosmonaut holds together very well on the go, meaning it can be put in a pocket or pack and be expected not to break. Expect the wires to sit securely at all times thanks to its very tight screws and smooth threads.

The only area of concern is that the RDA occasionally leaks. This problem can be avoided by adjusting the airflow holes so that the air moves between the coils.

CSMNT RDA Performance

The CSMNT RDA performs marvelously on every mod, especially when it comes to airflow and heat dissipation. The airflow is perfect, especially if it is wide open, but it can be closed.

For the best drags, alight the airflow holes with the coils. If this is done, each hit will be warm and flavorful. As for heat dissipation, the reason the hits from the RDA are not super hot is because of the airflow and the Ultem drip tip.

Making CSMNT RDA builds is quite simple. The leads of the coils are inserted into the deck, and then the screws are tightened. This process takes a matter of seconds and no longer. The only quirk is that the airflow control ring needs to be on before cutting the wicking. If this is not done, the cotton will press against the bottom, and the hits will be off.

How to Use the CSMNT RDA on Your Vape

Using the Cosmonaut is easy. The hardest thing to do is trim the leads, but once the user figures out the right length the process gets easier.

If the coils are placed too high, the liquid will not reach the cotton, and there will be a lot of dry hits and hot liquid spitting back. It is also possible that the wires will cause the dry cotton to ignite.

To ensure that the liquid fully saturates the cotton, place the coils as close to the build deck as possible and make sure the ends of the cotton are long enough to reach the juice well.

Does the Beastly Slam Cap Come with the CSMNT RDA?

The Beastly Slam Cop is a 24mm top cap and drip tip constructed from Ultem, stainless steel, and 24K gold. Additionally, it allows the user to adjust the airflow. It stands out from the drip tips in the kit because it dissipates heat much more effectively. Unfortunately, it does not come with the kit, and it costs around $25 depending on the vendor. An extra $25 is a lot to pay considering the high price of the Cosmonaut.


The best thing to do is to try the Cosmonaut with the regular dip tips. If the drip tips included with the kit are not satisfying, then buy the Beastly Slam Cap.

The Original CSMNT RDA vs the CSMNT RDA Clone

Getting fooled by the clone is easy because they look so similar. But, a smart shopper who knows what to look for can avoid getting tricked. The most obvious sign of a fake is a golden colored body. The original is made out of stainless steel or is matte black.

Another sure sign of a fake is large lettering on the flat part of the metal adjacent to the drip tip. The lettering on the original is much smaller. Fakes also have flat edges at the opposite ends of the airflow holes, while authentic Cosmonauts have slanted edges. Finally, the price difference is vastly different. The original is much more expensive.

Other than these obvious signs, both products look the same. The build decks are exact copies of one another, as are the threading and screws.

Competing Products

CSMNT RDA vs Dead Rabbit

These are both very good atomizers, but the Cosmonaut is much better because it has a better and easier to use build deck, and it has superior flavor and airflow.

Dead_Rabbit RDA

The device never spits back e-juice if the wires and wicking are correctly done, but the juice in the Dead Rabbit spits back, even if the coils and wicking are put on correctly. The Dead Rabbit does have its advantages, though. Firstly, it is less expensive, and secondly, it holds more juice.

Apocalypse vs CSMNT

The Cosmonaut is an all-around better atomizer than the Apocalypse because it has better flavor and produces better clouds.


But, the Apocalypse is much cooler when it is on the lips, which is quite an accomplishment considering how easy the Cosmonaut is on the lips. Another difference between the two is the price. The Cosmonaut regularly sells for between $60 and $70, while the Apocalypse goes for between $40 and $50.

Final Thoughts about the District f5ve CSMNT RDA

The CSMNT RDA from District f5ve and Mystery Mod is an excellent device for someone who has never used an atomizer with a rebuildable deck. Inserting the wires and wicking is easy, allowing the user to spend less time building and more time vaping.

This device is also good for experienced users as well since the vaping experience is phenomenal. Also, it can work with almost any mod thanks to its 510 connection. The only drawback is that this RDA is pretty expensive, so be prepared to fork over a hefty amount of cash.

Whether you agree or disagree with our assessment, feel free to leave a comment. We love reading what our users have to say about the products we review.

CSMNT RDA Specifications

Threading 510 (compatible with most mods)
Size 24mm
Finish Stainless Steel or Matte Black
4 mm lead inserts Yes
24K Gold plated deck Yes
24K Gold plated copper pin Yes

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Easy to build on
  • No problems with leaking if coils inserted correctly
  • Excellent flavor and cloud production
  • Works with a variety of mods
  • Excellent build quality
  • Expensive

Where to buy the CSMNT RDA?


Buy the CSMNT RDA directly from the Fasttech website.


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