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Atmos Greedy M2

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The Atmos Greedy M2 is an atomizer for vaping herbs and waxes in an all-stainless steel chamber. The Greedy M2 is an update to the original Greedy that also featured an all-stainless steel build while it used a dual-quartz heating element inside. The new Greedy has a few improvements.

The device is compatible with several different atomizer types from the original dual-quartz to titanium and ceramic heating elements for different materials. The Greedy can alternate between vaping herbs and waxes with the original atomizer, as well as with the various attachments that are compatible with it.

A Closer Look at the Greedy

The Atmos Greedy M2 (model 2) is an update to the original Greedy, which was also a herb and wax atomizer outfitted with 510-threads. Like other atomizers in its class, the Greedy has a removable outer housing that fits over the internal heating element. The heating element also comes outfitted with an adjustable airflow control ring that has four air holes on either side.

The Greedy separates into five pieces in total, six, if you count the dry herb filter inside. Users can fully disassemble the device to clean it or to change the atomizer inside. It uses a 510, all-metal drip tip up top, while the device also features a removable top cap. The Greedy is a top-fill device so users can place their material directly onto their coils or onto the special herb filter.


The Greedy has an all-stainless steel housing, which comes off so users can access the heating chamber inside. There is also a splash-filter directly under the mouthpiece to keep hot wax from getting up into the air chimney. The design is well-thought-out and has some hidden features that other devices do not have, like the splash-guard feature.

The atomizer has 510-threading on its base that makes it compatible with any other 510-threaded mod. The Greedy M2 is also compatible with the coils that came with the original Greedy. It is also compatible with other e-nail attachments, especially from the Atmos brand, specifically the Studio Rig that came with a titanium chamber and a glass piece for concentrates vaping.

What’s in the Box

The Atmos Greedy M2 comes as a standalone device, but there are a few variations out there, where users can buy a compatible mod with the tank. There are a few options, but the lowest-wattage device – maxing out at 50W – should be the ideal mod to use with the Greedy. For anyone who gets the Greedy alone, here’s what comes in the kit:


  • 1 x Greedy M2 Heating Attachment
  • 1 x Smart 60W Battery
  • 1 x Dual/ Quartz Rod Atomizer
  • 1 x Micro- USB Charger
  • 1 x User Manual

The Look and Feel

The Greedy is a weighty customer. It has an all stainless steel build so it is quite heavy but durable. The exterior design is also spartan and does not feature any notable designs or logos, except for the Atmos logo and the device’s brand name “Greedy” along the base. The device’s raw metal skin gives it the image of a reliable device and it is true to an extent. The coils have a resistance of 0.5ohms, which is in line with the capabilities of most 510-threaded mods.


The Greedy is very easy-to-use. The pieces are all easily removable and can come off without much effort. Depending on the coil installed (let’s say with the pre-installed dual-quartz atomizer), users need only remove the stainless steel housing to access the material chamber. If vaping waxes, users need to keep (or remove) the splash-guard that keeps hot wax from entering the chimney.


If vaping herbs, users need to replace the splash-guard and install the dry herb filter, which is necessary for the device to vape herb material. Once the correct piece is installed, users need to replace the housing to the coil base, then screw the entire device onto a 510-threaded device. If using another atomizer instead of the dual-quartz one, users need to follow a few other steps.

They have to unscrew the coil from the base and then replace it with the desired coil (there is no extra coil in the kit, so users have to buy it separately). Again, depending on the material being vaped, users have to either install the dry herb filter (for herbs) or the splash-guard (for waxes) as they are both essential to keeping the Greedy in good condition and improving vapor quality.

The Heating Element

The Greedy is compatible with several different atomizer types. The pre-installed heating element features two quartz rods, but the device is also supported with titanium and ceramic nails, as well as coil/rod atomizers for both wax and herbs. Other compatible coil materials for the Greedy include:


  • Twisted coil (Kanthal/quartz)
  • Single coil (Stainless steel/quartz)
  • Single Clapton coil (Kanthal/ceramic)
  • Dual Titanium (Titanium/quartz)

Atmos does not seem to have a flat, disc-shaped heating element available for the Greedy, but that may change. Different coil designs yield different vapor experiences so with the variety available from Atmos, users can pick and choose which coil suits them best for their desired vaping experience.

How the Greedy Performs

As there are many different coils to use with the Greedy, the overall performance depends on which one you use. The heavy-duty titanium and stainless steel coils are meant for extreme vapor making, as they heat up fast and can handle higher than normal wattages or temperatures. The recommended wattage and temperature range for the pre-installed dual-quartz coil is between 5-10W or 300F-400F.

That range may differ for other coil types, but users should consult their user’s manuals for definite instructions. The pre-installed dual-quartz atomizer is a good, mid-range heating element as it can heat-up evenly, while it gives off good flavor quality.

The best thing about the Greedy is that, while users can change their atomizers, they do not have to change it to vape other materials. They can simply remove or install the piece corresponding to the material, in this case, the splash-guard or the herb filter. With these two pieces, users have more versatility and do not have to waste time changing out their atomizers all the time.

The Competition

Sai Atomizer

The Sai or Saionara from Humboldt Vape Tech is a heavy-duty, portable atomizer attachment that has over a dozen compatible heating elements to choose from. The base device features an all-stainless steel build, while the interior features a removable coil piece that users can swap out for other coil types from Kanthal to Titanium to Stainless Steel to Ceramic.


The Sai is only for concentrates though, as it does not have the dual-use capability of the Greedy. The Sai has 510-threading on its base and is suitable for use with any 510-threaded mod.

HoneyStick Oz-Ohm Atomizer

The HoneyStick Oz-Ohm atomizer is a dry-herb and concentrates atomizer made from stainless steel and a glass dome. The top section features an elongated drip tip that is press-fitted into the device’s glass dome.

HoneyStick Mamba ohm dry vape tank

The internal heating chamber is interchangeable and users can attach several coil types, including a flat-dish, ceramic coil, or a dual-quartz atomizer. The Oz-ohm atomizer also features universal 510-threading so users can attach it to their preferred 510-vaping device.

Closing Thoughts: Atmos Greedy Review: Be a Little Greedy

The Atmos Greedy M2 is a heavy-duty herb and concentrates atomizer that is easy-to-use as well as easy-to-clean. All the pieces that make up the atomizer are removable and are easily cleaned with a little soap or water. Users can also take an isopropyl solution to the device’s inner housing to remove residue or build-up. They should not submerge the coils into soap or water, but carefully remove any residue with a cotton swab or heat the coil to make the build-up easier.

The Greedy has good airflow and lets users select their ideal setting. The device has a long drip tip, so when the atomizer gets hot users do not need to put their lips close to the metal of the rest of the device. The vapor quality is above average, but the low-wattage and temperature range do not guarantee huge clouds. The Greedy is a good entry for new users who may want to graduate to something a little more advanced in the future. For now, the Greedy can switch comfortably between waxes and herbs with little user effort.

Atmos Greedy M2 Specifications

Atmos Greedy M2
Temp Settings 300-400F
Resistance 0.5ohms
Heat Up Time 2-5 Seconds
Included Coils 1 Dual-Quartz
510 Thread Yes

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Easy-to-use
  • Good vapor quality
  • Good build quality
  • Many coil options
  • Versatile configuration
  • Good airflow design
  • Supports waxes and dry herbs
  • Low wattage and temperature range

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