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Vaporesso Revenger Mini Review

Vaporesso Revenger Mini Review: Vape the Halls

I have to give it up again to Anastasia at the office for filling me in on the special Christmas Edition of the Vaporesso Revenger Mini. I was all set to write the same, old boring review, and then I got an email telling me that since its launch was coinciding with the holiday season, the folks at Vaporesso decided to deck out their new Revenger model with Christmas trimmings. A starter kit like the Vaporesso Revenger Mini is a great present to give during the holidays.

Vaporesso Revenger Mini Review

The Revenger series has been a boon for Vaporesso, which helped cement their reputation as one of the most innovative, and technologically advanced vape companies out there. So, it only makes sense that they would build upon or extend the life of the brand with a new iteration that mixes some of the old with something new.

One thing that stayed the same is the presence of the famed Omni chipset inside the Revenger Mini. The Omni enables the mod to perform all that same vaping magic that it’s older brother, the original Revenger, could; with features like CCW and CCT as well as having three variable voltage modes, hard, normal, and soft.

And something that has changed is obviously, the “Mini” in the title. The Mini is about 15mm shorter and has a more slimmed down figure. Power-wise, the Mini has been pared down to a maximum output of 85W and features a built-in battery rather than two removable 18650 batteries.

Box Contents

Here’s what you’ll find in your Vaporesso Revenger Mini kit after you’ve unwrapped it on Christmas morning:

  • One Revenger Mini mod
  • One NRG SE tank
  • One GT4 Core pre-installed
  • One spare GT CCell
  • One extra glass tube
  • One USB charging cable
  • One instruction booklet

First Impressions

I didn’t have the good fortune to review the original Vaporesso Revenger, but, of course, its reputation soon became indomitable in the vaping world. And having reviewed some other Vaporesso products, they have now claimed the top spot (followed closely by Wismec) as my favorite vape company.

However, I was a little aghast at the sight of (gasp!) LED lights on the Revenger Mini mod’s back panel. I must have just glanced at this feature when I was looking over the spec sheet, or I just denied the fact that it was there. But the LED lights were something I had to contend with.

I think I spent a great deal of my last two reviews, particularly of the Fuchai Glo and the Pioneer4You iPV Velas railing against the plague of LED lights affecting box mods lately. And here we have a mod from my favorite vape company that has LED lights! What is a boy to do!?

But, luckily, this being a Vaporesso mod, the LED light design has been done with some class and attention to detail, rather than just being smacked onto the mod to obfusticate an otherwise poor-performing, and sub-par mod. And this being a special Christmas edition, the LED lights on the back panel light up as a purty, purty Christmas tree, puhhrty.

(Proofreaders, I’m misspelling “pretty” as “purty” on purpose, please do not correct it. Thank you. But you may delete this sentence. Thank you) – You got it, bro (proofreaders).

The other side of the Vaporesso Revenger Mini features a smaller 0.96-inch screen that does not have touch buttons on its display. All of the functions on the Revenger Mini are controlled through the four-button operational interface, which is yet another innovation on Vaporesso’s part since they include a separate mode selector button instead of always having to use the fire button.

The mode selector button is flanked by the two wattage buttons, and sits above the USB charging port. The firing button sits all by its lonesome on the side of the mod, but it is also beautifully finished and integrates itself perfectly into the overall look of the mod.

The Revenger Mini, in general, is just great-looking. I like the Christmas edition, (I love all things Christmas, really) but when I took a gander at the other models and color options, they looked even more impressive. It has a slicked-back, glossy shine to it, thanks to its aluminum alloy build.

The Christmas edition has a red outline that frames a green back and front panel. The NRG SE tank also follows the same kind of color scheme with its stainless steel construction blended with red and green accents.

Using the Vaporesso Revenger Mini

I always say this when I review a Vaporesso product, but it’s worth repeating. One of the great things about Vaporesso is how technically advanced they make their mods, but still make their interfaces and menus so easy to navigate.

The navigation is made so much easier than other devices thanks to the inclusion of an independent mode selector button. This button not only makes the menus more intuitively easy to follow but also frees up the firing button from working double-duty.

You click the firing button fives times to turn on/off the device. The main menu will read out your basic vaping info, like wattage, power mode, voltage, puff counter, and vaping timer. You hold the mode selector button to get into the separate mode menu, which lists all the available output modes on the Vaporesso Revenger Mini.

Here you’ll find the output modes we’ve all come to know and love, like temperature control (for nickel, titanium, and stainless steel), variable wattage mode (that can also be set to high, normal, and soft) CCW (custom curve wattage). This menu is displayed in a numbered, up/down list that thanks to the wattage and mode selector button are a dream to use.

Vaping Experience

The Vaporesso Revenger Mini kit comes with the NRG SE tank that I’ve already had the pleasure of using with its other mini-type mod the Vaporesso Swag. So it wasn’t so new to me. And the Revenger Mini being a Vaporesso product, I was expecting it to produce a considerable amount of flavorful vapor.

I just screwed the tank onto the mod and got straight to vaping. I set the Smart mode as the output mode and let the Omni chipset decide the perfect wattage for me. Since I was using the stock coils, it automatically went to the recommended wattage for the coil that started at 40W.

The device fired instantaneously, but I decided to find a more abundant type of flavor, so I pushed the device a little higher to 50W. And I was not disappointed. The taste was deep and smooth, and I could not get enough of my Cinnamon Roll e-juice from Mt. Baker.

Comparing the Vaporesso Revenger Mini

It’s so hard to match a Vaporesso product against anything; it’s similar to trying to compare a Ferrari to a shopping cart. Well, not really, but you get me.

I decided to go with a device from the pretender to the vaping throne, SMOKTech, who has impressed me as of late, both with their mods and their tanks and coils. I settled on a similar low-wattage device, the SMOK AL85, which has about the same dimensions and power output as the Vaporesso Revenger Mini.

And, I found that there’s not much else to separate the two. They both come with sub-ohm tanks, and both their coils work wonderfully. And as two low-wattage devices, their flavor production qualities were both excellent.

So, this contest was something that ultimately was going to come down to the small, superficial details. And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the Vaporesso was a much better-looking device, why? Ahem, because of the LED lights. All previous devices that incorporated LED lights into their mod had done so poorly and without taste.

Vaporesso so flawlessly integrated lights into the back panel, you can’t even tell they’re there until you fire the device. And it’s not just lighting, it’s a specific design (of which you can choose four others), and so, that’s how LED lights should be done.

What I Liked


I know I was saddled with the Special Christmas Edition of the Vaporesso Revenger Mini kit (thanks, Anastasia), and although it was quite fetching, the other models and designs were so much more beautiful. Each version had a different back panel LED light design, and they are all stunning.


Another chipset that has been making waves in the vaping world, the YiHi, features an incredibly complicated and challenging navigation system, while the Omni chipset, which enables so many great features, is as easy to use as any basic cellphone menu.


With the Omni chipset taking most of the guesswork out of vaping, which you may appreciate or you may not, it would be more difficult to not have a great vaping experience with the Vaporesso Revenger Mini.

What I Didn’t Like

You try to be objective in this job, and you also try to temper your reviews with both positives and negatives. And although I’ve found things I didn’t like about other Vaporesso products, I honestly can’t say there was anything about the Vaporesso Revenger Mini that I didn’t like.

I’ve heard some other reviewers complain about how the locking mechanism doesn’t really “lock” the device, meaning you can still fire it in locked mode, but that didn’t bother me so much. Are we headed for a perfect rating?


Vaporesso never fails to impress. I think in my last review of a Vaporesso device I pondered on whether I might get bored with their consistent perfection. But reviewing the Vaporesso Revenger Mini was not dull.

I thoroughly appreciated the mod’s design, yes, especially the LED lights, precisely because they were done with that unique Vaporesso touch. Vaporesso always explores new facets of vaping and new ways of improving their devices with an ideal mixture of innovation and thoughtfulness.

I give the Vaporesso Revenger Mini Kit a perfect 10/10.

Vaporesso Revenger Mini Kit
Vape Rating: 99/100 by


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