V-Stick All-in-One Vape Kit Review: All the Products Honey-Stick has to Offer


by Jeffrey Buckley

Updated: July 29, 2021

V-Stick All-in-One Vape Kit Review

Review Score: 81/100

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  • Each product performs very well
  • Great value for high-quality products


  • E-liquid tank is average

The V-Stick vape kit contains most of the products from Honey-Stick’s line of tanks and vaporizers. It comes with four separate devices. There is one for e-liquids, one for dry herbs, and two for concentrates/oil.

The kit also includes different coils and atomizers for each of the different atomizers. There are five sub-ohm coils for the Maverick e-liquid tank. There is a replacement coil for the Sport sub-ohm for oils.

There is also a bevy of spare parts, tools, cleaning and loading accessories in the package. There are add-ons like Pyrex glass parts, a USB charging cable, and a powerful, 2200mAh battery. To carry all these items, Honey Stick includes a free, hard-shell, waterproof carrying case.

V-Stick Vape Pen: the Only Vape for Anything

The V-Stick vape pen may look like a lot it (it is), but looking inside the package, it does not seem so intimidating. The whole package is one battery, the V-Stick that supports each of the four devices in the case.

V-Stick All-in-One Vape Kit Review

So it is like having one device, but with four attachments that allow users to vape e-liquids, herbs, and concentrates. That is pretty much it, in case anyone felt like the whole thing was too much.

Unpacking the V-Stick All-in-One Vape Kit

  • One V-Stick sub-ohm battery
  • One Maverick e-liquid vape tank
  • One Sport sub-ohm vape for oils
  • One Highbrid vape for waxes and concentrates
  • One Oz sub-ohm for dry herbs
  • Five Maverick 0.5ohm coils (rated for 15-50W)
  • One spare Sport sub-ohm coil
  • One additional Highbrid heater
  • One extra Pyrex glass section
  • One stainless steel dab tool/pick
  • One USB charging cable
  • One set of spare o-rings

The V-Stick Battery and Tank

The main star of the V-Stick kit is the V-Stick itself, which powers all the atomizers. The device is a standard tube-style battery that has a single button for its operation. It features a universal 510-thread at the top, which takes all the tanks’ 510 connections. There is also the USB port for charging the 2200mAh battery.

As for output, the cell rates at 10A of power, which means it can output 30W of power to the coils. Each of the coils that come with the Maverick can take anywhere between 15-50W of power. The resistance range of the battery is between 0.5 and 3ohms, so it has many options.

The V-Stick is not a proprietary HoneyStick device, so it has a different design scheme to it. It is all-stainless steel in color, while the tank is also stainless steel in appearance. The battery takes between two and three hours to charge.

VD Maverick Vape Tank

The cell, holding it the hand, has a sturdy heft to it without being too heavy. It takes only five clicks to turn on, and a long hold to fire-up the heating element. The tank can hold 4ml of e-juice, and it is a bottom-fill. Users need to unscrew it from the base to fill it and to change the coils.

The base contains the adjustable airflow control, with two slots on either side. The drip tip of the tank is stainless steel, and the glass section is Pyrex. Vapers can, of course, switch between the different atomizers for other materials. The Maverick tank is only for e-liquids and does not take oils.

Sport Sub-ohm Tank for Oils

For essential oil vapers, the kit includes both the Sport sub-ohm for oils and the HighBrid sub-ohm for oils and dabs. Both fit onto the V-Stick battery. The Sport is exclusively for vaping oil, but it has sub-ohm coils and can hold 1.5ml of liquid.

VD Honeystick Top Shelf Sport Tank

The construction of the Sport consists of a metal shield that covers a glass section. It has 510-threading and is top-fill, with top adjustable airflow as well. The drip tip that comes with the Sport is removable and replaceable. It is a hard, plastic material.

The coils for the Sport screw into the mouthpiece and absorb any hard oil when users put the assembly back. Despite being sub-ohm, the coils and tank are not for use with e-liquids, dabs or any other hard concentrate. There are some fill lines on the outside of the tank to guide vapers when they are filling it.

The Oz-Ohm Dry Herb Tank

The Oz-Ohm for dry herbs can also vape concentrates. It uses a ceramic heating bowl, inside of a domed-glass tank and a silicone mouthpiece, as well as a metal one. The Oz-ohm uses 510-threading and attaches to any similarly-threaded 510 mod, like the V-Stick.

Honey Stick Oz Ohm Ground Material Tank

The optimal vaping range is between 15-28W. By itself, the Oz-Ohm can also vape concentrates with the aid of special wicks included in the kit. Since there are two other dedicated concentrates and oil vaporizers in this kit, there are no concentrates wicks included with the Oz-Ohm.

The HighBrid Wax/Dab Vape Tank

The HighBrid takes both solid waxes and dabs in its ceramic bowl heater. The entire heating assembly includes two vertical quartz rods heaters, inside the bowl. The tank has a glass section, but it is not for use with liquids or oils.

HoneyStick Mamba dab-wax vape tank

The HighBrid also has a high-resistance wire in its heating oven. The coil can take almost 23W of power. Any higher would impact the vape’s performance, as well as cause damage to the glass section. This tank also has 510-threading and is compatible with any similar-style mod.

Vaping Experience

Despite each of the tanks in the kit working with different materials, they are not so difficult to work with or operate. Like with all vapes, vapers should be careful with the handling of the glass sections, especially when it comes to power.

The tanks work with all variable wattage mods, but the V-Stick does not have adjustable settings. It can reliably output 30W, which is enough to use with the HighBrid, Oz-Ohm, Sport and Maverick, without causing damage to either the tank or coils.

The Maverick

The Maverick is for e-liquids and is a bottom-fill, with bottom vertical coils (BVC). Users need only unscrew the base section to access the interior of the glass.

V Stick with Maverick Tank

The base section is also the tank’s airflow control with two adjustable slots on either side. The 0.5ohm coils can take anywhere between 7-25W, so it falls in the range of the mod’s output.

The Sport

The Sport sub-ohm works with essential oils only. It also works with any 510-threaded mod and has an all-metal build that surrounds a glass piece. The coil design is such that when users install them into the Sport, the oil enters through the bottom-base wicking holes for faster, more thorough absorption.

Users can easily remove the plastic mouthpiece to use their own. Right under the mouthpiece are the airflow ventilation holes that can increase or decrease cloud production. Filling the tank with any oil is easy thanks to the wide fill ports. The juice line on the outside of the metal part, as well with the glass viewing window also make filling simple.

The Oz-Ohm

The Oz-Ohm has a ceramic bowl, surrounded by a glass dome-piece. The mouthpiece is stainless steel, but again, users can replace it with their own. Vapers need only remove the top piece to detach it from the bottom section to fill the tank.

The dome might be a little snug, but users need only wiggle it around to dislodge it from the rubber gaskets keeping it in place. The herb consistency does not have to be super fine, as the bowl is wide-open and easy-to-fill.

The heat-up time with the bowl material might take a while, as it is not instantaneous. Users should fire the mod for a few seconds to let the heating oven warm-up, and then fire it again to get a full-flavored hit.

The HighBrid

The dual-use atomizer for waxes and oils is the final piece in the collection. The High-Brid has a glass and metal construction. There is a blend of ceramic, titanium, and quartz throughout the heating section. Dual-quartz rods sit in a ceramic bowl with titanium coils built into the oven.

The entire assembly sits under a heater cap that users need to remove to fill the bowl with a material. When the contents are in place, vapers need to replace the lid, screw the top cap back onto the base, and attach it to any 510-mod.

Taking It All In

Each product in the V-Stick AIO kit performs up to par for the material it vapes. The Maverick tank and mod are pretty standard sub-ohm vaping gear. They produce nice clouds. The power flow of the battery is consistent; battery life as well is adequate.

The atomizer at least has adjustable airflow, which makes a difference in the vape. There are no variable wattage or temperature control options on the tube-style mod, so there is not much to do with either of them. For a mid-range e-liquid device, the Maverick duo performs well, but they are nothing new or innovative.

It is possible that HoneyStick threw in the Maverick to appeal to e-liquid vapers, as they are a company that produces mostly oil, wax and herb vaporizers. From vaping the other tanks in the kit, there is no doubt as they are the real stars in this kit.

The herb and oil tanks, all three of them, perform beyond expectation. They are very well-made with quality parts, and they deliver incredible quality, in terms of vapor production. The two oil/concentrates vaporizers are well-built, especially the HighBrid.

The Oz-Ohm is a quality device as well. Its heat-up time is slow, but the flavor quality, in the end, is worth it. It is easy to clean, and the coil stands up to repeated, heavy use. The stainless steel mouthpiece gives an excellent draw, and attaching the silicone mouthpiece gives a tighter, thinner inhale.

As for the two concentrates devices, their performance is exceptional. They are both very fragile though, and vapers should take care not to force the pieces loose, or, most important of all, drop them.

The HighBrid benefits from having two (or three) heating elements for added vapor production. The three parts are the dual quartz rods, coupled with the titanium wire in the ceramic bowl. The entire oven is also covered by a metal cap that pressurizes the vapor, making the inhale effortless. This metal cap also makes cleaning the inside much more comfortable, as it keeps the contents in the bowl instead of getting them all over the interior.

The V-Stick All-in-One vs. the 4-in-1 Multi-Vape Kit

This jam-packed vape kit caters to e-liquid, herb, wax and oil vapers. The main mod has a 1100mAh capacity and is 510-threaded. It is an EVOD pen-style battery that can output close to 4.8V.

4-in-1 Multi Vape Kit

There are four tanks in total: two for oils and e-liquid; two for dry herbs and concentrates. It is a much more portable kit than the V-Stick, but the V-Stick has more power, better performance, and higher material capacities.

The V-Stick All-in-One vs. the Mamba 3-in-1 kit

The Mamba kit is another all-inclusive package from HoneyStick that uses a variable wattage mod. It has three tanks, one for e-liquids, one for herbs, and one for concentrates. The mod has an OLED screen for adjustments and can reach a maximum output of 30W.

HoneyStick Mamba 3 in 1 kit

The mod also features temperature control, which the V-Stick does not have. The V-Stick does have four tanks though instead of three.

V-Stick All-In-One Vape Kit Specifications

Battery Capacity: 2200 mAh
Amperage Output: 10 A
Maverick Tank Capacity: 4 mL of e-liquid
Maverick Replacement Coils Resistance: 0.5 ohm
Colors: Black

Positives and Negatives

The Positives

  • All quality-made products
  • Each product performs very well
  • Great value for high-quality products
  • Kit is well-stocked with spare parts
  • Carrying case is an excellent and free gift

The Negatives

  • E-liquid tank is average

Everything A Vaper Needs in One Case

Is there another all-in-one kit that beats this one? Can you think of only a single product from this collection that you’d want to try? Or do you want all of them? Post a comment in the comments section if you have an answer to any of these questions.

The V-Stick All-in-One vape kit from HoneyStick covers all the bases. The package not only caters to every type of vaping material, and therefore, every kind of vaper, but it does so with quality products. The kit is also a testament to why having universal 510-threading is the best.

Having a mod, and four tanks that all have 510-threads means endless compatibility. Even though the mod plays an important role, in the end, vapers will get the most from each of the tanks. Their versatility and performance can transfer to any similar device.

The HighBrid is especially unique. It has an impressive amount of firepower. Not only does material get blasted by the ceramic bowl, but the rods finish the job to produce some very hard hits. The only downside to the package is that while the pieces are well-made from quality materials, they are delicate, and vapers need to handle them with care.

HoneyStick does include spare parts, but buying more can be expensive, and best to try not to break what is already there. Something like the new PAX costs as much as this entire kit, which has four products. The PAX is dual-use, but it does not vape e-liquids. For the same price as something as luxurious as the PAX, a vaper could also get this four-piece kit that can do even more.

Published: March 8, 2020Updated: July 29, 2021

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