Kimsun Smart 4R Kit Review

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Kimsun Smart 4R Kit Review: A Mobile Vaping System

What is the Kimsun Smart 4R exactly? Is it a pod mod? But there is no “pod,” only a built-in 4 ml capacity cartridge underneath the mouthpiece that is an open system cartridge, so it’s refillable.

It’s not a box mod, since there are no real adjustable features or OLED screen readouts, plus it doesn’t have a box shape. It’s not a tube mod, since, well, it doesn’t look like a tube. The Kimsun Smart 4R can best be categorized as a starter kit since it comes with everything needed to start vaping.

Kimsun Smart 4R Kit Review

I wouldn’t call it a vape pen either, again because of the shape. The Kimsun Smart 4R does resemble an old-school mobile phone, but it doesn’t necessarily strive to look like that. It’s shape and design is more a result of what it wants to achieve overall, and not just because it wants to look like a mobile phone.

Have we finally landed on a product that escapes classification? Even the Smart 4R’s self-appointed title as a “vape kit” does not hold water since unlike with most kits there is no separate, attachable tank or coils that come inside the package.

What we do know about the Smart 4R is that you can vape with it, and that’s pretty much it. But going beyond that, the Kimsun Smart 4R is an open system vape pod? I guess you could call it that because it does have a pod-like shape.

But we also know that the Kimsun Smart 4R kit features an internal 1100 mAh battery, a stainless steel 0.5ohm coil, and a removable top cap that has a built-in 4 ml refillable plastic tank underneath.

Box Contents

When you receive your Smart 4R kit from Kimsun, here’s what you’ll get inside:

  • One Kimsun Smart 4R
  • One instruction manual
  • One USB charging cable

First Impressions

The Smart 4R from Kimsun is one of the more innovative-looking vaping devices I’ve ever seen. The entire device consists of only two removable parts: the outer door or cover that can be slipped off (even though taking the lid off doesn’t allow you access to anything in particular), the removable top cap/mouthpiece/tank and that’s it.

The side of the device is where you’ll find the power/firing button, and underneath you’ll see a row of indicator lights that act as your battery level indicators, and at the very bottom is the USB charging port. There’s not much more to say.

This is also the first time I’m hearing of Kimsun, which, according to their website has been in the vaping and e-cig game since 2006. The Smart 4R is beautifully simple. The shell is made from a durable plastic that feels sturdy, and yet the entire device weighs in at a little over 60g.

The battery is built-in, so you can’t remove it. The Smart 4R is adhering to a style that’s catching fire right now with so-called “kits” that are a mix between AIO’s and pod mods, of which the Joyetech ATOPACK Penguin is the most popular.

The Kimsun Smart 4R is a more budget-friendly version (although there are cheaper ones, like the Eleaf iCare at only $10) since it is about half the size of the Penguin and has a much lower battery capacity at 1100mAh compared to the Penguin’s 2000mAh battery. The Smart 4R is also cheaper, only slightly, at $15, compared to the Penguin’s price tag of $20.

A device this cheap (in price) automatically invites suspicion regarding how well it can ultimately perform and whether it’ll last you more than a day before it conks out on you. For such a compact, fine-looking, hand-held portable device it almost seems too good to be true.

Using the Device

Charging time on the Smart 4R is a little long for such a small capacity battery. I found it took me a little over two hours for the battery to fully charge, and for the battery indicator lights to be all lit up.

Once the battery is charged, using the Smart 4R is almost second-nature. After using so many complicated devices with their separate tanks and button combinations, I felt I could’ve put the Smart 4R together blindfolded.

You take off the back cover to access the mouthpiece/tank attachment that is held in place by a magnetic connection. The tank is made of plastic, and it’s a bottom fill tank, so you turn the part over to access it’s one fill hole.

There’s a plastic stopper you need to take out to get all your e-juice inside the tank. Once you’ve filled the tank, you reinstall the stopper and then slip it into place atop the battery. You close up the device by replacing the plastic cover, and you click the power button five times.

Vaping Experience

There’s a lot of juice in the Kimsun Smart 4R kit, literally and figuratively. The 4ml capacity is on par with most modern tanks, and although the 1100 mAh battery capacity is in the mid-range level, it can still guarantee at least a day’s worth of vaping, at least, that’s what I found.

The recommended e-juice ratio for the Smart 4R is 40/60 PG: VG, so I took out an e-juice with that same balance, and I found that the almost equal mix between the cloud producing PG and the flavor enhancing VG made for a satisfying vape.

There’s no adjustable airflow or any other customizable features on the Smart 4R, so it’s straightforward device. The mouthpiece is somewhat small, but it still allowed for both direct-lung and mouth-to-lung hits.

Comparing the Kimsun Smart 4R Kit

Since I haven’t yet had the chance to review any other similar vape kit devices like the Joyetech ATOPACK Penguin or the Eleaf iCare, I thought the most appropriate comparison would be to a pod mod system. And wouldn’t you know it, I just got through reviewing the KandyPens Rubi.

I know it’s not such a clear-cut comparison, I thought that since both of these products are aimed at a particular customer (ex-smokers, beginners) and feature simple, easy-to-use open systems that the comparison could be made.

They both have open systems (aka refillable cartridges) although the Smart 4R kit does have both a larger e-juice and battery capacity compared to the meager 1 ml and 280 mAh battery of the Rubi. So for those specs alone, I should be giving this to the Smart 4R kit, but I’m not going to, and the reason is simple.

I just don’t trust a device that’s this cheap and promises so much. I’ve only been using the Smart 4R for a couple of days, and it works well enough, but I’m not sure how long it will last. The KandyPens Rubi has a lifetime warranty, and it comes from a reputable company, and so that is a guarantee of both quality and durability.

The Smart 4R is cheap and has bigger everything, but at the same time, for a device that comes in at $15, having it die on you wouldn’t exactly break the bank either. So, yes, I think that for the novelty of trying something new, I would take the Smart 4R as a throw-away kit.

What I Liked


For a device that has a sizable e-liquid and battery capacity to have only two removable parts, one power button, and no other adjustable features (not that that is a detriment) the straightforwardness of the Smart 4R is something to be appreciated.


The look and shape of the Kimsun 4R are not meant to act as a disguise; I think it’s more of a coincidence; what other modern device has a comparable size and is capable of doing so much other than a cellular phone? So, it’s no wonder that the design team were inspired by that particular shape and look, and the result is well-executed.


If you think about it, $15 is not much of an investment. I’m not saying that the Smart 4R won’t last you (again, I’ve only had it for a couple of days) but even still, you can still get a quality vape from a sleek-looking, easy-to-use device and not become bankrupt if it goes south on you.

What I Didn’t Like

You know, I tried to find something I didn’t like. I even found something I didn’t like about the KandyPens Rubi, and I loved that thing.

But the complaints I had about the Rubi, which were the tank size and battery capacity are non-existent on the Smart 4R.


The Smart 4R from Kimsun is easy to use; it falls somewhere in the middle between a device like the Rubi and a more advanced box mod.

It’s not the most beautiful device, but it’s interesting-looking, unlike the designed-by-four-year-olds Fuchi Glo, which just didn’t have any design philosophy behind it.

And it’s cheap. So even if it lets you down in the long-run, graduating to a better quality device or also just getting another one is not out of the question. It’s incredibly portable and is easily concealable.

I saw on the Kimsun website that they also have some starter kits and box mods so, based on the Smart 4R’s exceptional performance and look, I’m looking forward to reviewing another product from Kimsun.

I give the Kimsun Smart 4R kit a respectable 8/10.


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Published: December 7, 2017 Updated: July 21, 2021



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