Kimsun Slim 2R Kit Review: A Lightweight, DL Pod Device

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Kimsun Slim 2R Starter Kit

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The Kimsun Slim 2R starter kit consists of a lightweight, zinc-alloy battery section with a 1100mAh capacity, and a 2ml DTL coil. The Slim 2R pods come separate and click into the mod with two, spring-loaded battery contacts. The unit has a single power button, and it has a direct output, which translates into roughly 40W of power.

There is a LED array that shows both battery life and whether the device is working mode. The coil inside the Slim 2R cartridge uses a titanium wire that can fie as low as 0.25ohms. There is a USB charging port right under the circular power button, and the Slim 2R pods use a magnet to connect to the battery section.

The Kimsun Slim 2R Pod Mod Review: The First Look

The Kimsun Slim 2R, despite having “slim” in its name, is not that slim. For a small AIO device, it has a rather odd configuration. The battery section is wide and stubby, around 21.2mm (or 0.83 inches) but it offers a good, solid grip when holding it. The texture of the device is soft as well, as the unit has a zinc alloy build and smooth, rubber knob at its base.

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The whole unit is also very lightweight, with the entire configuration weighing in at just over 84g (2.9 ounces). Without the pod installed, the battery unit has a small back part that rises up to support the pod when it is installed.

This little lip section, on the reverse side, at least, is also where is located the large, round power button, the LED battery indicator lights, as well as the USB port for charging.

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There are two gold-plated contacts on the battery that make the connection with the contacts on the cartridge. The pods themselves are somewhat unusual in that they are larger than other “pods” that are much slimmer and smaller. The pod is fully-integrated, as there is a sloped mouthpiece built into its design, which also has a wide-bore escape vent.

Kimsun Slim 2R kit usb mouthpiece

The other interesting thing about the atpmizer is the also-rather-wide airflow vent on the opposite side. You would not be wrong in believing that this is the fill port (the fill port is on the bottom, and stopped by a rubber grommet) but it is indeed the airflow port.

Kimsun promises that the air intake hole prevents the build-up of condensation, but there was plenty of condensation after only one day of moderate use. With such a large airflow vent, it will be curious to see just how big the clouds will get, especially with the sub-ohm, titanium coil, in the cartridge.

What’s Inside the Box

The Kimsun Slim 2R Kit comes with the following accessories:

Kimsun Slim 2R kit image

  • One Kimsun Slim 2R mod
  • One Kimsun Slim 2R pod
  • One Micro USB charging cable
  • One user manual

Build Design and Quality

The Kimsun Slim 2R pods are large, but they hold only 2ml of e-liquid. Kimsun slapped an unsightly sticker onto the side detailing that very information.

Kimsun Slim 2R kit pods image

It is unfortunate that users can’t remove it as it makes the device look like a prototype or a sample, rather than a retail product. (update: after much effort, and annoyance, frankly, at having to look at this stupid sticker, I was able to remove it, which also had the added benefit of actually being able to see the e-juice levels. Good job, me.)

Regardless, the shape and feel of the device when it is assembled is quite comfortable. It has the perfect, ergonomic shape to fit into a hand, and the power button, as well as the LED array, are correctly positioned.

Kimsun Slim 2R colors image

A vaper can hold, activate and vape from the pod, while also quickly checking their battery level. Despite being made from food-grade plastic, Kimsun did not make the exterior transparent, well, at least transparent enough to be able to see the e-juice level.

With the view from outside, obstructed or just darkened, you don’t know how much e-juice have left, although, the device does not fire when it detects the tank is empty, so I suppose that is its way of telling to fill her up.

There are also several protections loaded onto the battery. The cell will not fire on a coil lower than 0.1ohms; it will shut down if the battery level is too low (below 3.4V) and it also has a 10-second cutoff time.

The cutoff is there because the Slim 2R is not a draw-activated device. It has temperature control (hence the titanium coil) and applies close to 40W of direct output. The four LED lights turn, alternatively, blue (to show remaining battery life) and red (to show … not sure exactly), maybe that the device is working.

According to the manual, the three red LED lights also indicate whether there is a pod connected or not. The battery also has a locking mechanism (press the button three times fast) that keeps the cell from misfiring.

The Vape

The Kimsun Slim 4R has very little versatility. It is a temperature control device, as it has a titanium, sub-ohm coil in its pod, and can output a lot of power, so if expecting a mellow, easy-going vape, think again.

With that said, the Slim 4R is not a bad device, it produces quality vapor, but don’t fall for the diminutiveness of the device, as it can pump out a lot of clouds. The huge-capacity battery also guarantees a long vaping time.

As the coil can reach temperatures of close to 530F, the vapor is both warm and quite delectable. But it would be better to use a low concentration e-juice or nicotine salts e-juice, as anything above 30mg or even 25mg, might give an instant headache.

The airflow, as suspected, was massive, and the draw resistance was light. There’s no real way to regulate the airflow, unfortunately. Maybe by using a finger to cover up a portion of the intake, might be able to get a tighter draw, but notwithstanding that hack, the thing vapes like a sub-ohm box mod and tank.

The Competitors: the Kimsun Slim 2R vs. the Suorin Air vs. the Joyetech Penguin

The Suorin Air

The Suorin Air is a pod device that uses a 2ml pod with a 1.0ohm coil inside. The device attaches to a battery that has a capacity of 400mAh.

Suorin air img

The pods for the Air are bottom-fill, just like with the Kimsun 2R. The Air is one of the slimmest, most compact of the pod mods, as it weighs only 36g, and measures 8mm wide (or 0.3 inches). The unit is draw-activated, although it does have a small on/off switch to activate the battery.

The Joyetech Penguin

The Joyetech Penguin is a pod system that pairs two different capacity pods (2ml and 8.8ml) with a powerful, 2000mAh battery. The pods use replaceable coils that can fire either at 0.6ohm or 0.25ohms.

joyetech penguin image

The coils are ceramic and use a unique horizontal design to maximize airflow and juice saturation to provide a better vape. The Penguin is manual, as it has a fire/power button and it is not draw-activated. It does, however, take USB charging and features quick 2A charging.

Closing Thoughts on the Kimsun Slim 2R Kit

The Kimsun Slim 2R is more than what it looks like. The Joyetech Penguin is about as large as the Slim, but it has a ramped-down power output, several coil options, and two different capacity tanks. Most importantly, the Penguin also has an e-juice level viewing window. The Slim 2R, however, has the power output, and handling of a low-wattage box mod.

The coil is titanium, which is strange for a small device. But the 40W output, along with the full air intake vent makes for a powerful vape, especially if you are using an e-juice with high nicotine content. With that said, the Slim performs well, but a little too well for a handheld, portable vape.

If you are looking for a more easy-going, and less forceful vape, then the Slim is not for you. But if you are looking for the power, simplicity and cloud-making capabilities of a temperature control, sub-ohm device, in a small, pocket-friendly package, you might like the Slim.

Have you ever used a Kimsun mod before? Were you a fan of the Kimsun 4R, one of the first pod or AIO kits ever to come out? Let us know your thoughts on the Kimsun 2R or pod mods in general by using the space below.

Kimsun Slim 2R Specifications

Kimsun Slim 2R
Charging Time 2.5H
Battery Built-in 1100mAh battery
Dimensions 32 x 21.2 x 93mm
Color Black, Pink, Silver, White
Coil Resistance 0.25ohm
E-Juice Capacity 2mL
Temperature Setting 530℉

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Well-made build and exterior
  • Very easy-to-use
  • Long battery and pod life
  • Temperature control vaping on a pod mod
  • Vapor can be harsh sometimes
  • A few leaking problems

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