August Vape Queen of the Month: Vote for your Favorite!

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Sorry boys! It is not about you; it is all about the girls. Even though every vaper is important to us, we want you to see the side of vaping that girls bring.

Vaping is expanding, and girls are a big part of that, so we want to showcase 5 girls that we thought were interesting inside the world of vaping. Without further ado, we want you to pick which girl you think symbolizes vaping the most.


Misaliaa knows how to vape and wants you to know that she knows. Vaping for her is a way of expression, and from her picture, you can feel the passion she oozes on just how awesome the world of vaping can be.


Misssierralynae is a no frills vaper with no worries. Vaping for her is a way to enjoy a moment of relaxation. From her photo, she wants you to know that nothing else matters except you, your mod and the flavor you experience from of your favorite e-liquid.


Ohmmywattsup shows us the pinnacle of what we should strive for in vaping. From her picture, you can also get a sense that her thoughts and mind are clear, and that with an exhale of vapor everything for a moment will be all right.


Oksannnn is sassy, and she does not care who sees her vape. She is also not afraid to let you know just what she thinks. From her picture, vaping is a way for her to get her point across and let you know just what vaping is all about.  


Valerie_vfriends is the idea of vaping, and she knows what it means to be a vaper. Nobody comes closer to what vaping is than her, and she would be kind enough to let you know by blowing the biggest clouds you have ever seen. From her picture, you can see the idea behind who and what vapers are.

Now it is up to you; we need you to vote on which girl you thought represented vaping the best or that you just liked the most.

Also, If you are interested in nominating yourself or someone else to be featured in this segment, then you are in the right place! To get featured, tag or DM your pics to us! @vapingdaily_official on Instagram.

Help us choose our Vape Queen of the month voting below:

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