MiniMax Key FOB Battery Review: A Tiny Mod for 510-Threaded Tanks


by Thanush Poulsen

Updated: December 8, 2020

MiniMax Key FOB Battery desktop

Review Score: 92/100

Price Range:
Battery Capacity:
500 mAh
Output Level:
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Powerful battery
  • Battery output 4V


  • Cartridges are not included

Starting Price: $ 24

The MiniMax FOB battery from Honey Stick is a compact mod for 510-threaded tanks. It resembles a car key fob, and it uses an internal chip to read the tank’s correct voltage. The device uses a central firing/power button.

The battery has a 500mAh capacity and can output a max of 4V. The 510-thread sits on top of the device, and there is a loop to attach it to any keyring. Honey Stick designed the mod to be compact, concealable and intelligent.

The MiniMax FOB battery is similar in appearance to a key-fob but much smaller in size. It stands 2.5 inches tall and less than 0.5 inches wide. The device has one slanted edge at the top, leading to the 510-thread, so it is comfortable to hold.

MiniMax Key FOB Battery desktop

There is a single, square power/firing button on the device’s front. An LED battery indicator light sits above the firing button and lights up when the device is charging. The MiniMax uses USB charging, and the port lies in the slanted edge of the mod’s side.

VD MiniMax Key FOB

The MiniMax is very lightweight, but its outer housing is sturdy. There is a small keychain loop built into the device’s bottom so users can attach the cell to a key-ring. Inside, the battery has a smart chip capable of reading tanks to determine the correct current. This feature makes the device compatible with many different tanks, both pre-filled and blanks.

Getting To Know The MiniMax

The MiniMax has only one-button on its exterior. Users need only to click the button fives times to activate or deactivate the mod. The battery is not draw-activated, and vapers need to press the button to start the atomizer.

VD MiniMax Key FOB Starter Lit

When a user does turn on the device, the chip inside sends a slight current through the atomizer. This current acts as the preheat function of the unit.

If there is any built-up oil or particles in the coil, the preheat function melts it away to ensure proper vapor production. The MiniMax uses USB charging, and the kit includes a cable. Honey Stick recommends using a wall outlet to charge the device, instead of using another USB charger. With a wall outlet, the device receives the proper charge.

Using the MiniMax FOB

When users first get the device, they should give it a full charge, before using it. The battery does not come charged. Charging time is not long, as the device has only a 500mAh capacity. When charging, the LED light under the firing button will turn red. It will turn green when the vape is ready.

VD MiniMax Key FOB battery

The 510-threaded tank supports most, if not all, similarly threaded cartridges. Users can attach whatever 510-tank they want that has any oil inside. The 4.0V power output along with the smart chip inside makes sure any coil receives the right current. There are no other power levels, and users cannot increase or decrease power.

Vaping with the MiniMax

The MiniMax can take various, 510-threaded tanks, with thin, or thick essential oils inside. After charging, users need only screw a tank onto the threads and activate the device with the power button.

VD MiniMax Key FOB Battery

When the device turns on, users will hear a slight crackling sound, as the unit reads the cartridge and starts the preheat function. The preheat time is only a few seconds, and when a user presses to take a vape the battery’s full output. There are no adjustable settings on the device.

The vapor production is very good for the device. The four-volt output keeps the clouds coming but does not take too much power out of the battery. Holding the firing button for longer can increase vapor production. The quality of the vapor stays the same, in terms of taste and flavor.

The Competition

The MiniMax FOB vs. the C-Box

The C-Box is a vape battery for 510-threaded pre-filled cartridges. It supports both e-liquids and essential oils. The mod conceals the tanks within its build, so only the mouthpiece is visible.

VD Kandypens C-Box Pink

The C-Box has a 390mAh battery, which is smaller in capacity than the MiniMax. It also costs much more.

The MiniMax FOB vs. Mig Vapor OVP

The OVP (oil vape pen) battery from Mig Vapor has three different power settings. It takes 510-threaded tanks and uses a magnetic connector to keep tanks in place.

VD Mig Vapor OVP

Users also insert tanks into the mod to conceal it from view. It can take cartridges as wide as 0.4 inches in diameter, but the Mini Max can take any size tank, because of its top-510 connection.

MiniMax Key FOB Battery Specifications

Battery Capacity: 500 mAh
Output Level: 4V
Charger: Micro USB
Extra Accessory: Key Ring
Colors: Black

Positives and Negatives

The Positives

  • Powerful battery
  • Battery output 4V
  • Different warranty options included (90days, 1.2 years)

The Negatives

  • Cartridges are not included

The Final Word on the MiniMax

The Honey Stick MiniMax FOB battery is a compact, and discreet way to vape essential oils. The size of the vape allows users to take it with them everywhere. Hiding the tank inside the machine would increase its stealthiness, but its small size does not make it difficult to hide.

The device conceals so quickly, a vaper can forget they even have it. The four-volt output is ideal for this kind of device, neither too strong nor too weak. The battery capacity is higher than for other pen-style vape oil batteries, so the battery life is excellent. The unit has fantastic portability, it is easy to use, and performs very well for such a small device.

Published: March 11, 2020Updated: December 8, 2020

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