Vapage E-Cigs Review


Selection: 80%
Vapor Quality: 80%
Battery Life: 75%
Value for Money: 90%

Our Verdict: A company that works hard to be considered a high-end brand, Vapage has their own line of products that are quality-made and good performers, but are they true contenders?

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Vapage Cigs’ Best Products:

Titan Solo 650mAh Kit

titan-solo-650mah-kitBeginnerPrice: $34.99

A basic starter kit from Vapage, the Titan Solo 650mAh Kit comes with good battery life. The battery lasts a long time compared to others in its price range. Build quality is superb and when handling it, users can feel that quality materials have been used in its construction. Vapor production is good also, besting others in its class. The colors available are in brushed stainless steel, blue, red, white gloss, and purple.

The Titan Solo 650mAh Kit is a great beginner’s package, containing everything one would need to start vaping. The price is a bit on the high side, but for a 650mAh battery with an impressive build quality, the extra cost can be justified.

Other Titan battery sizes include 1000mAh and 400mAh variants. The 1000mAh version is longer, but offers nearly double the battery life of the 650mAh version. While the 400mAh is shorter, it is better suited for discreet vaping.

Included in every box of the Titan Solo 650mAh Kits is one Titan battery, one crystal cartridge, one 5ml/18mg classic tobacco e-liquid, one USB charger, one user manual, and a warranty card.

UTURN 650mAh Solo Kit

uturn-650mah-solo-kit-in-blueBeginners and Advanced VapersPrice: $24.99

A vape pen with variable voltage capabilities, the UTURN is great for beginners looking to explore the world of variable devices. It’s also perfect for advanced users who need a portable backup for their bigger, more advanced mods. It can put out power from 3.3 volts to 4.8 volts and can be adjusted using a voltage wheel with easy-to-read markings. One cannot adjust voltage precisely and the wheel only marks approximate outputs at 3.3v, 3.8v, 4.3v, and 4.8v. This means users would have to rely on the quality of the vape to find their preferred setting.

The UTURN is made well and is built to last. It is engineered and designed specifically to outperform and outlast its competition. There is also a 1300mAh version that is slightly longer, but provides more battery power. Colors available are blue, black stainless steel, red, and white.

Users who purchase the UTURN 650mAh Solo Kit will get one battery, one crystal cartridge, one USB charger, one user manual, and one warranty card. Take note that e-liquid is not included, so beginners who plan to purchase the UTURN Kit should plan on getting a bottle of e-liquid.

VMOD 2.0 Premium Kit

vmod-2-0-premium-kit-ea1Intermediate to AdvancedPrice: $99.99

A mechanical mod for advanced users, the VMOD 2.0 is made out of 7000 series aluminum, making it a tough device that is able to withstand abuse. It is a bottom feeder, meaning e-liquid is stored inside a 4ml bottle inside the device. Users can refill their atomizers simply by “squonking” the bottle. This makes the VMOD 2.0 extremely portable, because users do not have to bring a bottle of e-liquid along when they are travelling. It is a convenient and effective way to refill cartomizers and atomizers without dripping, fiddling with covers, or removing mouthpieces.

The kit itself is reasonably priced. It contains mostly everything one needs to start vaping, including extra batteries. The only thing missing is the e-liquid. Colors available are black, gun metal anodized, and silver.

The Vapage VMOD 2.0 Premium kit includes one VMOD 2.0, one Silo 2.2 ohm cartomizer, one Hybrid 2.0 ohm cartomizer, two empty 4ml e-liquid bottles, two drip tips (one long and one short), two Li-ion 14500 3.7v 900mAh batteries, one battery charger, one wall charger, one user guide, and a warranty registration card.

It’s important to note that since the VMOD 2.0 is a mechanical mod, only users who are experienced should handle these mods. An advanced knowledge in resistances and batteries is a must.

Mekanik – Mechanical Tube Mod

mekanik-mechanical-tube-mod-b0cAdvancedPrice: $59.99

The Mekanik is Vapage’s own mechanical tube mod that’s made from premium grade 303 stainless steel. Built solid and able to take a ton of abuse, users can expect a lifetime of service from this mod. The tube is telescopic, or adjustable, so it can accept different battery sizes. This makes it versatile enough to use at full length with high capacity batteries for maximum vaping times; or with smaller mAh batteries for discreet vaping. It is also equipped with silver plated pins for efficient conductivity and is adjustable, so different tanks and atomizers can get a good and flush connection. The firing button is magnetic for smooth and reliable operation, as well.

The Mekanik also has a button lock to prevent accidental firing while the mod is in a pocket or bag. To use, simply rotate the knurled ring at the bottom of the device to either lock or unlock; a simple, yet effective way to avoid accidental burns and overheating.

The price listed above, however, is for the Mekanik Mod only. This is because the mod is designed for advanced users who most likely already own the batteries, tanks/atomizers, and e-juice needed for it. For first-time mod users, consider the added cost of these accessories before purchasing.

Since the Mekanik Mod is a mechanical mod, only users with knowledge of battery types, ohms, and amp pulls should consider buying this unit.

DUO – Variable Wattage Mod

AdvancedPrice: $59


Vapage gets in on the variable wattage act with its own DUO Mod. As with the Mekanik, the DUO is constructed with premium grade 303 stainless steel. It is not as “abusable” as the Mekanik, because there are electronic components within the DUO. Though the electronics inside are protected, it’s best to exercise proper care. Nevertheless, it is still a solid device capable of daily rough handling without diminishing its performance.

The wattage range of the DUO is from 3 watts to 35 watts, which is enough to satisfy both flavor seekers and cloud chasers. Unlike other variable wattage devices, the DUO can only accept atomizers with resistances ranging from 1.5 ohms to 4 ohms. This means popular sub-ohm tanks won’t work. The device is also telescopic, which means different battery sizes can be used.

Like the Mekanik, the price listed is for the DUO mod only, so users should consider the extra cost for batteries, tanks/atomizers, charger, and other accessories before purchasing.

The DUO mod is a regulated variable wattage device, so despite being designed for advanced users, beginners can also take advantage of its features. Since it is regulated, the mod has built-in safety features that prevent any accidents. Beginners who want to try variable voltage vaping can safely operate the DUO mod, even without knowing anything about resistances, battery types, or other technical info.

Additional Details

Vapage has been around for several years now and while the brand itself hasn’t taken off, there are still fans. This is especially true since the first VMOD was released, being the company’s most successful and popular product.

Users who try Vapage products will be pleasantly surprised at the quality of its devices. While the company seems to copy other product designs, it improves on them with some minor design tweaks and the use of superior materials.

Vapage has its own line of e-liquid, though the selection is not as strong as other e-liquid brands. Basic flavors are there, but the selection of exotic or unique blends is not as robust. Also, prices are a bit on the high side for e-liquid.

Another downside of Vapage products is the price. If shipping was free, this would be ok, but since users have to pay shipping fees on top of the product prices, it can be too expensive for some. For users who feel that the extra price for superior build and materials is worth it, they should go for it.

All in all, Vapage provides high quality products with superior build quality over its competitors. While product design isn’t on the original side, the brand does try to provide what vapers of all levels need and want. The DUO mod is a disappointment, though, wasting the ability to reach 35 watts by not allowing atomizers less than 1.5 ohms.

Vaping Daily Rating: 75/100 by