Top 18650 Vape Battery Chargers To Keep You Going

The unique design and size, of 18650 vape batteries require specialized chargers to charge them and keep them in top shape. However, so much power packed in such tiny packages can be hazardous, especially if you try to use a low quality or incompatible charger. In fact, you might have heard news stories leading to physical injuries and property damages, and in most of these cases, a bad or incompatible charger was the culprit.

Best 18650 Vape Battery Chargers - Top Chargers for Your Vape Batteries

However, with such an abundance of 18650 vape battery chargers out there on the market, choosing the best charger can be a pain in the neck if you do not have much experience with these little powerhouses. To make life easy, we have compiled a list of the most reputable, tried and true battery chargers, which will not only give you the best bang for your buck but also ensure speedy and efficient charging of your batteries, without impacting their performance.

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Top 6 18650 Vape Battery Chargers


Xtar VC4

XTAR VC4 is one of the modern battery chargers based on the cutting-edge technology to ensure speedy and safe charging of up to four 18650 vape batteries. It is extremely powerful and capable of charging up to 20 different sizes of batteries including AAAA, AAA, A, SC, 10440, 14500, 18700, and even the massive 26650. It can detect the voltage of the batteries automatically and adjust charge rate accordingly to suit various situations – this not only expedites the process but also makes it safer and more efficient.

Apart from faster and efficient charging abilities, it comes with an LCD screen that works in real-time. The dials on the LCD screenshot a ton of valuable info such as active channels, current amperage, and voltage. Zero activation function which can revive a dead battery. A soft start function ensures the batteries do not get a sudden jolt. The charging currents are optimal, i.e., 0.5 A (the two inner, smaller slots) and 1.0 A (the two outer slots). Also, it can identify bad batteries and has overcharging, reverse polarity as well as short circuit protection.

As it uses a USB cable, you can use it on the go and charge even with the help of your laptop – though it can take longer than the wall adapter. They packed it with safety features making it even more popular among professionals.

The only issue is that the inner slots are the dominant slots. In other words, if you are charging a small battery in the inner slot and a bigger in the outer, both will charge at 0.5 A, which can slow charging for the big battery. Another minor issue is that this is pretty big but not very fast, but that prolong the life of your batteries. All in all, no other charger comes close to this versatile, powerful, and innovative charger regarding performance, and to sweeten the deal, it is very affordable costing just $25.32.

  • Price: $25.32
  • Charging- Channels: 4
  • Key Features: Detailed LCD status display screen, LED indicators, a three-stage charging algorithm, 0 V activation, made of durable ABS plastic body, under-voltage lock and self-start functions
  • Cut-off Voltage: 4.20V
  • Temperature: it operates: 0-40° C
  • 0.5A CC Current: 500 or 50mA
  • 1.0A CC Current: 1000 or 80mA


Xtar Rocket SV2

Well, XTAR Rocket is one of its kind of Lithium-ion and Ni-MH battery charger that has a commendable charging speed and efficiency. It takes under 90 minutes to fully charge a completely depleted 18650 battery. It provides a small charge of current or 0.25 A for batteries that require the small capacity of charge. It can maximize the battery life and efficiency. Powered with LCD screen and easy to fit in all slots, will allow you to charge in all sorts of batteries from A4 sizes to D sizes batteries. The packages include a charger, wall adapter plug and another for the car, a user manual, and 2-year warranty card.

An impressive feature of the XTAR is that it can charge up to 2A in both slots, which means it can charge even the biggest batteries in no time. For smaller batteries, you can lower the amperage, so they do not get damaged. Moreover, the charger can accommodate virtually all batteries. In fact, it can fit all the big batteries and most of the small batteries, excluding the very small ones. The beautiful screen displays the info (such as amperage, percentage charge, etc.) simply. In many chargers, the metallic bases which accommodate different batteries seem fragile and become loose over time, but XTAR seems to have the best design out there.

One thing we strongly recommend is reading the user manual. It will help you charge the batteries at safe amperage and will ensure safe functioning. The manual also has several valuable tips, for example using the revive feature (charging at 0.25A) for completely drained batteries that won’t come charge. All in all, it is an ideally sized charger and has great build quality, we especially liked the quality of spring-loaded bases.

  • Price: $32.00
  • Charging- Channels: 4
  • Key Features: First two-bay Li-ion and Ni-MH charger, compatible with a variety of models, 0V activation mode to avoid damage to batteries, safest charger certified by CE, reverse polarity, and short circuit protection.
  • Cut-off Voltage: 4.20V
  • Temperature: it operates: 0-40° C
  • 0.5A CC Current: 500 or 50mA
  • 1.0A CC Current: 1000 or 80mA


Efest LUC V4

EFEST LUC V4 can charge up to four batteries fast at the same time and yet offers all sorts of protections such as short-circuit, overcharge, over-discharge, over-voltage, and reverse polarity. However, the two key selling points of the charger are a USB output for charging phones and tablets and the ability to turn into a power bank and charge batteries on the go.

It also has a handy car adapter in addition to the wall charger. You can see the charging levels, current amperage, voltage, and other details on the cool dark orange LED screen. We loved the convenient size of the charger, and yet it can hold four 1850 batteries at the same time and can fully charge them in three hours. Despite boasting such amazing features and great build quality, it is very reasonably priced which makes it an ideal choice for vapers who do not want to invest big bucks in a charger.

  • Price: $26.92
  • Key Features: LCD offering handy info for the four charging channels, USB output, can act as a power bank, detects battery power status automatically and selects perfect voltage, auto stop mode to avoid over-charging, reverse polarity protection, and 3-year manufacturer warranty
  • Cut-off Voltage:  4.23V ± 0.05V
  • Temperature: it operates: 0-40° C
  • 0.5A CC Current: 500 or 50mA
  • 1.0A CC Current: 1000 or 80mA


Nitecore SC2

If you are looking for a safe and efficient charger, means all in one, then this is one of the best vape battery chargers. NITECORE SC2 is a mighty and powerful charger, yet it is compact and stylish, very intelligent, and speedy – making it one of the most-wanted chargers in the market. The charger can fully charge a 3000mAh battery in as little as 1.5 hours. It comes with flexible charging options, broad battery compatibility, and can be the only charger you would require to charge your batteries. The only issue with the charger is that it only has two channels, which can be a nuisance for those who like to vape in groups.

  • Price: $39.95.00
  • Charging- Channels: 2
  • Key Features: 3A charging, up to 2A high-speed charging through USB port, auto detection of non-chargeable batteries, reverse polarity, and short circuit protection feature, over time charging safety, automatic current selection on battery capacity, integrated USB port, temperature monitoring
  • Cut-off Voltage:  4.23V
  • Temperature: it operates: 0-40° C
  • 0.5A CC Current: 500 or 50mA
  • 1.0A CC Current: 1000 or 80mA


Xtar VC2 Plus

If you are looking for something safe, durable, and efficient, XTAR VC2 PLUS is worth a look. It is a powerful, universal charger open for all kinds and sizes of Li-ion batteries. It comes with the optimal charging of 0.5A, 1.0A, and automatically adjusts the current according to the battery’s power. It has the LCD screen that allows you to see the real-time battery information. It comes with the auto-stop mode and auto recharge option as well. The soft start technology ensures that your batteries do not get a jolt – which can damage or reduce their efficiency – when charging starts. It also has reverse polarity protection, short-circuits protection, and 0V activation, which ensures safe operation.

  • Price: $22.00
  • Charging- Channels: 2
  • Key Features: Bright LCD screen display, compatible with virtually all kinds and sizes of Li-ion battery ranges, compatible with 5V USB power like wall adapters, cell phone chargers, PC, etc., overheat protection, high-temperature resistance, auto-detect mode of the suitable charging method, durable ABS material.
  • Cut-off Voltage: 4.2V ± 0.15V
  • Temperature: it operates: 0-40° C
  • 0.5A CC Current: 500 or 50mA
  • 1.0A CC Current: 1000 or 80mA


Enova Gyrfalcon All-88

One of the most intelligent Li-ion chargers in the town, which comes in a cylindrical shape. The LCD screen is highly interactive and shows the parameters and charging indicators for each channel. ENOVA GYRFALCON ALL-88 is intelligent and comes with auto-power off function that can terminate the current when the charging is solely completed. It also comes with flexible charging, safety features, and board battery compatibility. It might not be the fastest charger out there, but it is the biggest charger with eight channels. However, this also increases the price as well as the overall size of the unit. Therefore, we believe it is ideal only for groups of vapers or pros who need truckloads of battery power to keep their vapes going.

  • Price: $55.90
  • Charging- Channels: 8
  • Key Features: Compatible with virtually all kind of Ni-MH and Li-ion battery types and sizes, the slots independently display the information on the screen, auto mode and manual mode, eight slot charging option, reverse polarity and overheating protection, made of ABS material
  • Cut-off Voltage: 3.9V ± 0.15V
  • Temperature: it operates: 0-40° C
  • 0.5A CC Current: 500 or 50mA
  • 1.0A CC Current: 1000 or 80mA

What Every Vaper Needs to Know About 18650 Battery Chargers

Protected vs. Unprotected Batteries

18650 batteries come in two different forms; they can be either unprotected or protected. The unprotected ones are affordable and less prone to failure, because of their simple build. However, they are only ideal for single-cell use and ideal for simple devices such as flashlights. To avoid short circuit on any mishaps, always handle these batteries as directed.

On the flip, the protected batteries have a circuit that adds a little more volume, i.e., up to 3mm to the overall size. The circuit makes these batteries safe for use with devices such as vape mods, that necessitate high drainage. These batteries must be charged with specially designed chargers.

Three Qualities of the Best 18650 Vape Battery Charger

If you think that the most powerful charger will be the best charger, you are in for a surprise. Check out these three qualities of an ideal vape battery charger.

Safety Features

Safety always comes first. Consider a charger that offers all the necessary protections such as overcharging, short circuit, and reverse polarity. Some modern chargers feature a technology called soft start. Such chargers will start charging the battery at a lower level than the one you set and then will gradually increase the current. It does not give the battery a sudden jolt, which can be damaging.


You do not want a charger that doesn’t charge your batteries accurately around 4.2 volts – the optimal voltage for the vape batteries. Although over-charging is bad for the life of your batteries, charging them at lower or higher volts can also deteriorate or even damage the battery cells. We have seen a couple of cheap chargers that would show a different voltage on the screen that the actual voltage captured by our voltmeter.


Last but not the least is the speed of the charger. A few years back, most chargers would take up to six hours to fully charge the batteries. With extremely fast charger, this charging time has come down to two or even 1.5 hours. You do not want to stay away from your mod for six hours. The minimum acceptable level for me is 1.0A, which should be able to charge four batteries at 0.5A – although the higher, the better. However, it also depends on your batteries, charging batteries faster than their capacity can be counterproductive.


Just like buying rewrapped or cheap batteries can damage your expensive vape mod, cheap chargers can be the death of your high-quality vape batteries. Since charger is usually a long-term investment, it merits some research and deliberation. Also, as there isn’t much difference between the prices of the chargers, buying the cheapest option might not be a good approach. Rather, consider the three qualities we have mentioned above to choose your charger, and you can rest assured that you will not have the buyer’s remorse.

Published: October 2, 2017


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