Temp Control Mods Review – The Best for Ones for All Levels

Vape manufacturers have grown from the conventional tube mods to highly customizable temp control box mod. The high-performance temp control mods featuring cutting-edge chips have hit the vaping market. As a result, they’re giving users a wide range of options. They promise to offer more customization, eliminate dry hits, and improve on both flavor and vapor quantity. The new technology is much more effective and accurate in vapor production.

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The Best Temp Control Mods

The ever-growing cutthroat competition has not only introduced better products into the market. However, the prices have also plummeted over time. This also caused one little problem. The overwhelming options can be bewildering when choosing your best temp control mods. If this rings a bell, we have compiled a list of the very best temp control mods for you.

Temp Control Mod Ideal for Maximum Wattage Price
Eleaf iStick Beginners and new vapers 60W $53.95
VaporShark DNA 200 Intense vaping experience 200W $199.95
IPV D2 Vaping on a budget 75W $34.95
SMOK Koopor Plus 200W High power vaping 200W $49.99
Sigelei T150 Ease of use 150W $59.95


SMOK KOOPOR PLUS 200WGet ready to buck and boost your vapor with the 200 watts Koopor. As an evolution of its mini predecessor, it is one the most powerful temp control mods. It packs a whopping 200-watt output. They made the Koopor out of stainless steel and zinc alloy. Therefore, the SMOK KOOPOR PLUS 200W is quite heavy but compact to fit into almost all sizes of hands.

The device features smooth curves to increase comfort and ensure it easily fits in your hands. Smok products are hugely popular with vaping enthusiasts. Additionally, this Koopor brand offshoot has managed to produce some fantastic mods as well as vape tan you can ever imagine.

Dual Driver System

They equipped the Kooper with a powerful, temp control box mod that features a proprietary vaping technology. With the introduction of the ‘Dual Driver System,’ you can now buck and boost your voltage for better accuracy. This ensures that you get the most of the 2 x 18650 batteries.

The Magnetized Sliding Battery Cover

They powered this device with two 18650 batteries. You can replace these batteries quickly and easily with the help of the sliding magnetic battery cover. The magnets are four in number, and every corner has one to ensure a solid fit with no visible clutter.

IPV D2 TC 75W Mod

IPV D2 TC 75W ModThe IPV D2 TC 75W Mod is the latest innovation of the famous IPV temp control mods. It’s a prototype from the IPV Min V2. This unit promises to create a revolution in the vaping industry. The good thing about this unit is that it has been integrated with temperature control, power, and resistance features.

The famous IVP series is unique in modeling quality products. For instance, they redesigned the IPV D2 TC 75W Mod. It features a higher variable wattage (74W), a minimum resistance of about 0.2ohm, and TC of 0. 05ohm. The device also uses a high tech chip. It is capable of providing up to 50J for a precise airflow control.

They designed it using super materials. As a result, this unit is simply top class. It features an extra sliding-ball locking system to make the battery accessible. This also encases a rechargeable IMR battery. They also accessorized the device with a springy connector, which can power the most recent RDA, RBA, plus Sub-Ohm Tank. Compact but powerful; this unit is the newest box mod in the market today!


  • It comes with an IMR single battery(18650)
  • The device is equipped with the latest chipset
  • Output Joule range is between 5-50J
  • Min VW and TC atomizer resistance is 0.2 and 0.05 ohms respectively
  • The device’s temperature range is between 200-850F
  • They also outfitted the device with an intuitive LED Display

Eleaf iStick TC60W Starter Kit

Eleaf iStick TC60W Starter KitThe iStick 60W TC Starter Kit features two winning E-leaf’s technologies. They just want to give you a superior vaping device. This kit is a blend of the iStick 60W Temperature Mod and a better Melo two Sub-Ohm Tank.

The design includes three different coil heads to enhance performance. It also features a Preinstalled plus a one EC 0.3-ohm coil to take care of variable wattage mode. They also included an EC TC-Ni 0.15 and EC TC-Ti 0.5 ohms coils for purposes of temperature control.

This is the latest addition to the popular iStick Line of temp control mods. The temperature control chipset can support nickel plus titanium wire. A replaceable 18650 battery powers this unit. Furthermore, the device fires atomizers at 0.05 ohms. You can also adjust it from 200 to 600F and 0.15 ohm (1-60w) in TC and VW mods respectively.

The body of this device features a curved magnetic case. They are two magnetic panels for battery accessibility purposes. This reduces fatigue via the more soothing ergonomics. The magnetic case has a diversity of colors. The two Sub-Ohm Vape Tank is easy to use and has a 4.5ml capacity.

They have equipped it with an adjustable airflow control system. As a result, it is the best when it comes to providing a wide range of airflow options. This maximizes on vapor production without compromising on flavor. The device is of great value, user-friendly, and high performing, making it a perfect starter kit for all.

Eleaf iStick TC60W Starter Kit salient features

  • Battery: Single 18650
  • Temperature control can work with nickel or titanium coils
  • Variable wattage
  • It has a power capacity of 60 Watts
  • The unit features a spring-loaded brass Connector
  • Comes with a digital battery level indicator
  • Made from stainless steel material
  • The unit is accessorized with a magnetic battery cover

That’s the list of the best temp control mods. But if you are a beginner and want to know more about them, keep reading.

What are Temp Control Mods?

Just as the name suggests, temp control mods come with a feature that allows you to pre-set a temperature level. They allow both oF and oC. This is the highest level your coil will hit and will not exceed.

How A Temperature Control Mod Works?

Temp control mods work just like the cruise control on your car. You set speed, and the car stays at that, even when going uphill or downhill until you change it.

The circuitry in the mod uses the value you set as a limit. Therefore, it’ll either adjust or cut-off the power to the coil. As a result, the temperature will be equal to or less than the value. In short, no matter what your other settings are, the mod will ensure to work at a certain temperature level.

Temp Control for First Timers

It’s easier than you might think. First of all, choose the right type of coil (either Nickel or Titanium). Then, you need to switch your mod into TC mode. Now slap the tank on the mod, and lock the base resistance before you heat up the coil. Let me repeat, lock the resistance at room temperature. Otherwise, the base resistance will be off, and you’ll get inaccurate readings. After that, you can select the temperature you want to vape at.

One Last Tip

Most vape mods allow a range of 300oF to 480oF. Depending on the medium, the coil, and your preferences, your ideal range will be different from mine. Therefore, I can’t preach you on that. But for better vaping experience, the only thing you need to keep in mind is to start at a low level. Then, gradually move your way up.

Final Verdict

Temp control mods are hot these days (no pun intended). If you want to try one, make sure you consider your vaping style and preferences before choosing one. This is due to the fact that most of them usually cost a decent amount of money. However, there is one thing that I can’t stress enough. It’s go for a mod that offers better performance and has a good build quality instead of a cheaper one. Trust me, you’ll be saving a lot in the long run.

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