Supporting Teens – Helping Our Nation’s Youth in Their Journey

Teenagers are the hope of our nation’s future, and should always be supported through tough times. They face many obstacles while growing up, and we need to be the society they need us to be in order to remain vigilant in their own lives.


Today’s teenagers are tomorrow’s leaders. This may sound like a cliché saying from a made for TV movie, but it is the absolute truth. Out of all truths, this just may be the most viable – and the most important. Teenagers are not dime-a-dozen hooligans, they are our nation’s future law enforcement officials. Teenagers are not lazy hipsters, they are our nation’s future politicians. They are our nation’s future activists, cultural leaders, state representatives, corporate heads, senators, congressmen, and some are our future presidents. This is not a possibility, it is an undeniable fact. Today’s teenagers are tomorrow’s leaders.

Understanding our Nation’s Youth

It is for these reasons that we must come together to support teenagers across the country. We must become mentors, role models, guides, and just someone they can come talk to. Teenagers face great pressure in today’s society. They are expected to either be great successes, or great failures. These expectations are placed on them by peers, adults, parents, friends, TV, magazines – and themselves. They are expected to look a certain way, act a certain way, and express themselves in a certain way. It is no surprise that so many teens rebel, resist, and act out.

We as a people must come together for the betterment of our nation’s youth; to guide them in a direction where they may map out their own destinies, have the ability to make well-informed decisions, and are able to express themselves in their own unique way. We must strive to find better ways to communicate with teens in a manner in which they can relate. We must find a way to lead them away from harmful and unproductive things such as drugs, alcohol, and smoking. We must devote our time to nurturing creativity, and demonstrating a trustworthy, productive, and healthy environment.

Avoiding Damaging Situations

Teens face potentially damaging situations every day. Whether it’s at school, home, with friends, online, etc. In cases of peer pressure, teens are more likely to turn to alcohol abuse, drug abuse, or even more addicting and deadly – tobacco use. According to the CDC, cigarettes cause about one in five deaths each year in the United States. That adds up to about 480,000 deaths a year, and this includes second-hand smoke exposure.

According to information obtained from the American Lung Association, approximately 24,000 people die from alcohol abuse each year; over 17,000 people die each year from AIDS-related illnesses; over 34,000 people die from car accidents each year; about 39,000 people die from drug abuse each year, both legal and illegal; approximately 16-17,000 people are murdered each year; and nearly 37,000 people commit suicide. As astonishing as these numbers are, they account for only about 30% of deaths in America. Smoking accounts for 1 in 5 alone.

Supporting our Nation’s Youth

We must find a way together to become the society that teenagers need us to be, so they can trust that they have the stability and hope to be the best they can be. Teenagers can never be made to feel alone. They must always be told how they come to you no matter what. Troubled teens should never be turned away, especially those who are already engaging in alcohol use, drug use, tobacco use, or other destructive behaviors – they are the ones who need us the most. Teens should never be turned away in any case, they need to be shown the light. They need to know they are not alone. Teenagers are our nation’s future saviors, but they may just need a little saving now.

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