//Plumbers and Smoking – Dangers of Smoking and Benefits of Quitting
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Plumbers and Smoking – Dangers of Smoking and Benefits of Quitting

Helping to put an end to smoking on jobsites will assist in overcoming medical adversities attributed to smoking, as well as increasing productivity and decreasing sick days.

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Plumbers are the driving force behind maintaining and installing systems for drinking and bathing water, drainage, and sewage. From new construction builds and installation, to upgrading and maintenance on current systems, plumbers are specialty tradesmen who ensure places of dwelling are equipped to support the basic needs and amenities that support our standard of living.

With the long hours these professional put into each day, along with the rigors of working outside in adverse weather conditions, being subjected to the additional dangers of smoking should be avoided as much as possible. Smoking directly or being exposed to second and third-hand smoke can lead to adverse medical conditions, and negatively affect work. This is why it is imperative that all plumbing tradesmen come together to support smoking cessation both, on the job and off.

The Dangers of Smoking

Among all of the illnesses and diseases caused by smoking, respiratory disease can prove to be one of the hardest to cope with – especially in the case of plumbers. According to the CDC, smoking is one of the primary factors leading to emphysema, COPD, and chronic bronchitis. These lung deficiencies can severely limit the amount of oxygen you can intake, leading to decreased oxygen in the blood.

These lung diseases can limit your productivity potential by limiting your ability to breathe deeply or regularly. Shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, and even asthma can result from prolonged smoking, or being exposed to second or third-hand smoke for extended periods of time. When blood oxygen levels are low, your muscles are not receiving nourishment. Your body needs oxygen in order to function at its best. When muscles, your heart, and even your brain does not receive adequate levels of oxygen, your stamina breaks down and fatigue sets in.

Being around smokers, or smoking directly, puts yourself and others at risk. Everyone in the vicinity is at an increased risk. The risk in new construction builds, is that third-hand smoke settles on all porous surfaces – even hair and clothing. In new homes, this residue lays dormant until the air is disturbed. It is then reemitted into the air, lowering air quality and landing on new surfaces. This is compounded each time an individual smokes and enters the area, even if the smoking is done outdoors.

The Benefits of Quitting

There are numerous advantages to quitting. In fact, the effects of quitting smoking begin within minutes, and the benefits are numerous. According to the CDC, within 20 minutes, your heart rate and blood pressure will drop down to normal levels. After 12 hours, your blood oxygen levels will return to normal. After only 24 hours, your risk for heart attack decreases. Your circulation, and lung capacity/performance will begin to regenerate and improve within two to three weeks after quitting. This will allow you to perform intense work and personal activities that rely on endurance and stamina.


We are asking that all plumbing tradesmen come together to help end smoking on the field. This will assist in overcoming the adversity faced by second and third-hand smoke exposure. It will also help to alleviate the risk of exposure of all those who work near us. Quitting now and supporting a smoke-free job site will also increase work productivity, and decrease sick days and time off. It will also increase stamina and promote focus, leading to less injuries on the field.

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