Faith and Smoking Addiction – Can Faith Help You Quit?

Faith is the cornerstone of culture and society, and has been since the dawn of humankind. Through faith billions have been healed throughout history, as faith can overcome all things – even addiction.

Faith and Smoking Addiction

The subject of faith usually tends to bring about the question of religion. This in turn brings about the questions of which religion, or whose belief?  Faith does not need to be linked directly to one specific religion, or one specific belief. Faith is a universal right for all, and can be exercised in any way one deems fit.

Faith belongs to billions. It belongs to every religion and every belief. It connects us and binds us together in ways that many simply cannot see, or cannot describe. It is not about what we believe as the surrounding circumstance that explains our Higher Power, it is that we believe that a power greater than ourselves exists.

Faith can be used as one of the greatest tools imaginable. It can provide us with the strength we need, when we need to defy the odds. It can elevate our understanding when we feel lost or confused. It can help us to overcome obstacles and lift us up, rising above that which may otherwise hold us down.

What is Addiction?

Addiction is categorized into two primary classes: mental addiction, and physical addiction. Both are equally significant, and both are equally strong. The addiction to smoking is one of the strongest forms of addiction in the world. According to the CDC, cigarettes are as addictive as heroin or cocaine.

Addiction is a state where the compulsive behavior exhibited is recurring, and is repeated in the presence of negative or adverse consequences. Some rely on medications in order to combat the symptoms of addiction. However, overcoming the addiction to cigarettes transcends physical need, and rests on the emotional battle which soon is to follow.

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How is Faith Stronger than Addiction?

Calling upon a strength that is beyond our own is an act of faith. It is the belief that God can and will provide us with the strength we need in order to overcome. It is faith that has healed billions throughout history, and it is faith that can provide us with the strength we need to become healed from addiction.

By allowing ourselves to submit to the commandments and the will of our Higher Power, we are accepting that they solely have control over the events of our lives. We must also embrace that we alone cannot achieve all things. The strength of humankind can falter, and it can begin to weaken. However, the Power of the Almighty is unwavering. It cannot falter, and it can never fail. The Lord’s strength is unending, and infinite.

Answering the Call of Faith

It is with faith that we ask for this strength, and the Lord will deliver us from addiction. It is by faith, and only with true faith can we expect to be granted the strength we need to endure. There is no room for doubt, for faith is without doubt. Faith is trust – an unyielding trust and devotion to our Higher Power.

True faith has been the cornerstone of culture and society since the dawn of humankind. No matter the changes humanity has begun to cycle through over the last century, true faith has endured for thousands of years. It will continue to endure until the end of times. By asking for strength, we will receive it. If we have faith that our Higher Power can heal us of our addiction, it will be made so. It is all simply a matter of true faith.

Published: June 14, 2015 Updated: February 28, 2019



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