Cigarettes and Coffee – Bad Combination For The Heart

While coffee has many health benefits, combining with cigarettes leads to heart and arterial complications when done over time. Quitting smoking can have lasting health benefits for coffee enthusiasts. cup of coffee and cigarette It is very common in the United States to see people enjoying the combination of coffee and a cigarette. Many say the combination is “relaxing” or “enjoyable”. However popular the combination may be, the damaging long-term and immediate effects may not be so enjoyable. In fact, according to American College of Cardiology in a study by Dr. Vlachopoulus, it was confirmed that the results of combining cigarettes and coffee would negatively affect the heart and increase arterial stiffness.

Coffee Effects

Coffee is a stimulant which enhances awareness, and gives the feeling of being energized. According to the National Coffee Association approximately 83% of all American adults drink coffee almost every day. In a conducted survey, they learned that most adults drink about three cups of coffee a day, leading to an increasingly large amount of coffee being consumed each year. This number reaches a massive 587 million cups of coffee. Coffee has many positive effects, however, including the possible reduction of health risks such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, oral cancers, and stroke. Though not all effects are for the better, such as possible dehydration, bone loss, and insomnia.

Cigarette Effects

According to the American Lung Association, there are at least 600 ingredients found in a cigarette. When a cigarette is lit, it produces over 7000 chemicals, with no less than 69 of them being cancer causing.  When cigarette smoke is inhaled into your lungs, you are exposed to carbon monoxide. The effects on your central nervous system acts as a stimulant. The nicotine in cigarettes is known to be a highly addictive substance. This is because of the brief euphoric feeling, relaxation, and stress relief. The problem is that this does not last long. In order to get that feeling back, many will smoke a cigarette every few hours for years on end in an attempt to recapture this feeling.

The Effects of Combining Cigarettes and Coffee

Coffee and cigarettes are stimulants, but one is increasing your blood flow (coffee) and one is restricting your arteries (cigarettes), which is a bad combination. Because of the counter effect each of these are causing, it is a constant struggle on the heart. This may also lead to additional long-term effects such as depression. It is fine to have a cup of coffee in the morning by itself, but remember, too much of a good thing may not be so good in the long run. However, it is never a healthy choice to have a cigarette, even without coffee.

Breaking the Habit to Smoke While Drinking Coffee

If coffee is a trigger for your cigarettes, there are many great ways to avoid smoking while drinking coffee. One of which is to substitute a cigarette with a crunchy vegetable or something salty or go a little more high-tech and try a vaporizer. Special goods on the market allows replacing nicotine without losing favorite flavors. The best vapes act as a substitute for all the things that cigarettes do, still in a tasty way. Another simple strategy would be to substitute your coffee with green tea, even if it is only temporarily. Just long enough to break the trigger. According to Authority Nutrition green tea is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients, promotes brain function, and much more. Try having your coffee or tea at a non-smoking section when you are at a restaurant or cafe, to take the choice of smoking away altogether. You can also try a nicotine replacement such as a nicotine patch or nicotine gum.

Published: May 28, 2015 Updated: February 11, 2022



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