Smoking Weed While Pregnant

can pregnant smoke weed

Smoking weed while pregnant is a hot topic that draws discussions. What are the effects smoking marijuana while pregnant may have on you or baby? There are lots of beliefs and misconceptions about weed and pregnancy, owing largely to the various reports from different researchers in understanding the overall implications of smoking on pregnant women and their babies.

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  1. Safe spot or Danger zone: Smoking weed during pregnancy
  2. Chain reaction: What happens if you smoke weed while pregnant
  3. May Day: Effects of smoking weed during pregnancy
  4. Thumbs Up: Benefits of smoking weed while pregnant
  5. The Apocalypse: Side effects of smoking weed while pregnant
  6. Begs the Question: Is smoking weed during pregnancy bad?
  7. Knockout: Effects of Marijuana on your fetus
  8. Final Verdict
  9. Anything Else: FAQs

Smoking weed during pregnancy: Safe spot or Danger zone?

There is a reason why marijuana is one of the most illegal drugs consumed all over the world. According to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), marijuana is the most commonly consumed drug in the United States with 37.6 million users in 2016 but this is not a question of the legal implications of smoking marijuana while pregnant; even though 1 in 20 women are reported to be smoking pot while pregnant. This is a critical analysis of how marijuana use during pregnancy can affect you and your baby. While some studies have downplayed the effects of the use of marijuana while pregnant, attributing the dangers more to tobacco, other doctors would advise to avoid it altogether just so to ensure the woman’s safety and the safety of a baby as well.

Chain reaction: What happens if you smoke weed while pregnant

Before concluding whether it is ideal to smoke marijuana while pregnant because only tobacco is deemed dangerous, ask yourself, does smoking weed affect pregnancy? It is a bit difficult to determine the exact impact marijuana has on the body while pregnant. However, medically, marijuana is rarely prescribed to pregnant women to cure nausea, pain and muscle cramps but no controls or regulations for this kind of solution so this option might be discussed as an alternative with a doctor. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the substance most responsible for the psychoactive effects, has been shown to cross the placenta, transports to the brain of the fetus

May Day: Effects of smoking weed during pregnancy

The effects of smoking weed during pregnancy spans through the pregnancy phase, breastfeeding phase and developmental phase of a baby. Smoking weed while pregnant will cause a significant reduction in oxygen supplied to the fetus and the effects can range from low birth weight to stillbirth. Another major downside of combining pot and pregnancy is the penetrative power of THC which can cause permanent damage in the brain of the child. Studies have shown that children exposed to prenatal smoking can have their executive function affected which may cause defects in concentration, attention, impulse control and problem-solving skills. Furthermore, because of the addictive nature of smoking pot, it is highly probable to get issues with caring for the baby when it is born.

Thumbs Up: Benefits of smoking weed while pregnant

Smoking weed during pregnancy may seem to be all bad but there are some good too. Studies suggested that taking orally-ingested cannabis in the late stage of pregnancy can help with some discomforts like pain, nausea and if you are a very lucky pot-smoking pregnant woman, can ease the pains of contractions during delivery. The main thing to keep in mind it that anyone should, however, do this only with the approval and supervision of medical professionals.

The Apocalypse: Side effects of smoking weed while pregnant

There are several side effects associated with smoking weed during pregnancy which occurs in the mother and also the fetus.

Apart from being prone to addiction, there are resin residues left on the lungs which in the long run can cause significant damages like bronchitis, mucus production, and emphysema. It also mixed with the bloodstream and can eventually cause various respiratory problems. There are several other effects of smoking marijuana to learn about.
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Begs the Question: Is smoking weed during pregnancy bad?

Medical research has not been able to prove for sure why pregnant women should not smoke marijuana as most of the research work are either speculative or not exclusive to marijuana effects only. However, there are several patterns that show that smoking week during pregnancy can cause more harm than good to a woman and her baby.

Medical experts, even in the small localities where medical marijuana is legal, are more likely to prescribe alternatives to smoking pot or vaporizing. This is because marijuana is more likely to have the same effect as tobacco and alcohol in pregnant women and there is a higher chance to indulge the three altogether. Also, it cannot be ascertained which stage of pregnancy is more affected by smoking weed.

Knockout: Effects of Marijuana on fetus

The effect of smoking weed during pregnancy is more fatal for a baby. There is a higher influx of carbon monoxide, ammonia and hydrogen cyanide which will also be transferred to the fetus. The damage could be more severe as the chemicals could easily cross the placenta, may impact the development of a baby. Some of the effects which smoking pot during pregnancy can cause are:

  • Low birth weight
  • High risk of miscarriage
  • Higher chance of premature birth
  • Placenta removal which could cause severe bleeding for woman and the baby
  • Brain defects which may cause trouble with retention, attention, and impulse control
  • Orofacial defects
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

Final Verdict to smoking weed while pregnant

An active smoker that is planning to get pregnant (or already is), is advised to speak with a medical expert for more advice and guidance. More side effects, benefits, and implications of smoking weed during pregnancy will be exposed, so one can decide whether it is bad or not. Doctors also guide women through each pregnancy stage monitoring when it’s better to continue or discontinue smoking weed. In the end, the choice is optionable to make in the best interest of a woman and a baby.


1.Does weed affect pregnancy?

Is it okay to smoke weed while pregnant’ is one of the unanswered questions resounding in the mind. Reports from studies done so far suggest that smoking weed may hinder a woman from getting pregnant and also suggests some possible effects on pregnancy. Facts indicate that about 2% to 5% of women smoke weed while pregnant. And Street drugs can cause the baby to be born dependent on them. (Path to Parenthood.p.38) There is no data to indicate the ratio of women who smoke weed during pregnancy with those who are affected by it.

2.What are the effects of marijuana use during pregnancy?

Some possible effects of weed on pregnancy are a reduction in oxygen due to increased Carbon monoxide in the bloodstream, reduced pain during delivery, a remedy for nausea and excessive vomiting.

3.When to stop smoking weed while pregnant

It is not certain whether to stop smoking weed while pregnant in the first trimester or second or third. It is best to seek advice from medical professionals who will observe your progress and recommend the best action to take for you and the baby.

4.Does marijuana cause birth defects?

Some possible birth defects that have been attributed to smoking weed during pregnancy are cleft lip and cleft palate, collective called Orofacial Clefts. It occurs when the lip or mouth of a baby loses its form during pregnancy.

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Smoking Weed While Pregnant
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