One Cigarette a Day – Is That Okay?

One Cigarette a Day – Is That Okay?

Not everyone can quit smoking cold turkey. Others give up entirely on the idea of smoking and decide that they will cut back their habit to a single cigarette a day. Is this a good idea or is there still some serious danger to consider? Let’s take a look.


Before you decide to cut back on cigarettes instead of abandoning them entirely, you need to consider what your reasons are for wanting to reduce your habit. Are you looking out for your health? Are you concerned about the long-term implications of smoking- perhaps contracting cancer or other serious diseases? Are you worried that your habit is affecting the health of others around you or your relationships with them?

You should keep in mind that even if you greatly reduce your habit, you are still going to have the same impact on all these factors. You may not affect them as severely, but they will still be affected. Your health will still deteriorate. You will still be at great risk for various kinds of cancer. And you will still cause harm through second hand smoke to the people you spend the most time with. If your loved one is hurt or bothered by your cigarette use, they will still be affected even if you are cutting back to a single cigarette a day.

You may be holding off your cancer a little longer or giving yourself a little more time on the clock, but you are still hurting your body. The only way to greatly reduce your risk of cancer, greatly alleviate the symptoms of smoking and get your health back on track is to stop smoking entirely. Every cigarette you smoke is harming you. There is no safe amount. Every cigarette builds up tar inside your lungs and brings you that much closer to cancer, emphysema and other serious medical conditions.

If you want to put a stop to that, then you have to put a stop to your smoking. It is that simple. If you need help quitting, then there are many ways to get that help. You can start with those around you who want to see you quit and who care about your health. Build a support group there and seek out further help if it is needed.

You can find help through various quit smoking organizations. Every state has its own dedicated quit smoking network you can use for help. On top of that, there are national agencies as well as support groups near to you.

You can also employ quitting aids, such as nicotine patches, chewing gum and much more. You do not have to quit alone, but you should definitely quit. Cutting back is not the answer to the problems that smoking is causing you. Only quitting can really help.  If you are serious about changing your life and making an impact on your health and your future, then you need to quit, not just cut back.

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