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Best Rebuildable Tank Atomizers (RTA) Of 2018

In 2015 and 2016, we saw sub-ohm tanks reach their peak. This year, we are expecting that RTAs (rebuildable tank atomizers) will steal the show. Don’t get me wrong. RTAs have been on the market for quite a while, but they seem to have come of age now. So, you need to know what RTAs are and what are the best RTAs you can buy.

The Best RTAs

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What are RTAs?

They are pretty much like a sub-ohm tank but usually have RBA decks. RTAs don’t come with built-in coils, and thus offer a lot more options for customizing your vaping experience. They have everything from build decks to wicking materials, to coil configuration. You can flirt with so many different things and their combinations, that even the sky isn’t the limit.

Let’s move to the next question, which one is the very best RTA available on the market? Well, there are no silver bullets. One of the RTAs might be ideal for one vaper, but might be a total disaster for another. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the very best RTAs, one of them will fit your bill.

RTA Ideal for Capacity Price
Smok TFV8 Big Plumes of vapor 6ml $38.95
Steam Crave Aromamizer Supreme Rich, intense flavor 7ml $54.99


Augvape Merlin Mouth-to-lung vaping 4ml $29.99
Vaporesso Gemini New vapers/ex-smokers 3.5ml $29.99
Kanger Toptank Mini Use with temp control mods 4ml $29.95
GeekVape Avocado Customizable experience 5ml $29.95
Smoktech TF-RTA Affordable vaping 4.5ml $24.99

Best RTAs Reviewed


Smok TFV8The vaping market has been introduced to the Smok TFV8 which is a flagship product line from SMOKTech. They had a previous, considerably famous prequel, the TFV4 tank. It has now been upgraded using the initial design of the prequel to create a new and better version. It retained most of the key features that made the prequel great.

The Smok TFV8 embraces the positive features of the prequel product. It upgraded the airflow, coil system, tank filling, and tank capacity superseding the original in all facets. The TFV8 also features large dual cyclops adjustable airflow. This allows the user to fine tune the induced air until the sweet spot is found.

They made the diameter in the center chimney wider for a better airflow through the tank. The swivel top fill feature remains the same even though the fill port size has slightly increased. This is for easier filling and comfort purposes.

There is only one downside to this product. When you are building it, you have to make sure you carefully push the pins aside and down correctly. This is to avoid the possibility of juice bleeding out of the air holes faster than it is filling up. You should do the building process with care. Therefore, as long as that is so, the tank will work as efficient as ever.

It is also good to keep in mind that this is a tank with a pretty decent size. In fact, it’s one of the biggest tanks out there. It can accommodate a maximum of 6.0mL of juice depending on which coil they installed on the unit. Smok’s famous TF sub-ohm series is back at it again with top-notch quality level performance and innovative designs. These make it one of the most sought after sub ohm tanks currently in the vaping market.

Steam Crave Aromamizer Supreme

Steam Crave Aromamizer SupremeThe Steam Crave Aromamizer Supreme RDTA takes the Aromamizer platform to a whole new level. They do it by directly catering itself towards box mod centric outputs. The combination of a full dripper flavor and tank convenience make it the top-of-the-line product that it truly is.

This quality product utilizes some of the best features in a tank and dripper currently out on the market. They also maintain an easy top-fill design for a very convenient filling action. You do it through the top cap of the unit. It comes with a full capacity of a 7ml.

The only downside to this product is its grub screws. You should try to buy extras to have either as an immediate replacement or for future replacement. Try to keep this in mind but other than that this Aromamizer is as solid as ever.

The Aromamizer supreme has also implemented an optimum juice control. They have adjusted it towards efficient wicking while preventing any dry hits. The vape contains air holes that align with the coils. This makes it possible for the air to flow towards the heating element directly instead of indirectly. This creates bigger clouds of vapor for the user while not losing the hint of the great dripper-like flavor.

Augvape Merlin

Augvape MerlinThe Merlin RTA by Augvape is a vaping system which focuses purely on flavor. It utilizes a dual post Velocity-style deck with a single side. They mainly design it for single or stacked dual coil configurations. A 3.5mm airflow hole resides exactly underneath the coil this guarantees maximum flavor output. These RTAs also allow for a reduction to a 2.4mm airflow hole. If the users want, they can do this by utilizing the included Stainless Steel insert.

The only downside we noticed about these RTAs is the at times the top cap may need a little more closure. This is to avoid having to unscrew the glass section of the tank when going through the refilling process. Other than that, the ease of build is excellent, and the flavor is wonderful.

Another key feature to note is that the product also contains a 3mm juice flow hole. They placed this conveniently on both sides of the deck for efficient wicking. It is also important to note that it’s adjustable. This is to prevent with the goal of preventing oversaturation of the user experience making it just right.

Vaporesso Gemini

Vaporesso GeminiThe Gemini RTA by Vaporesso is elevating itself to vaping stardom due its superior quality build and design. It has been carefully constructed with a high grade of Stainless Steel while also packing a 2 Post Velocity-style deck. It’s 16mm in diameter with 2mm post holes in between. These RTAs allow the user to use both, the bottom and top airflow independently or simultaneously. That way, you can generate a unique and desirable vaping experience.

Some people have reported that there have been leaks if they didn’t construct the build properly. We have never noticed any of it, but still, it’s always better safe than sorry. In some instances, the top filing silicon ring can seem loose and to not fit properly as it’s big in size. While keeping these notations in mind, the rest makes more that up for that creating an amazing and reliable tank atomizer.

You should also note that there are four airflow holes on the bottom and top airflow rings. You can throttle them up or down depending on how precise you want it to be. Also, the build deck features a center airflow post with two airflow holes that they stack vertically for auxiliary airflow. The Gemini has a top-fill design which you can simply twist off the top cap and fill the 3.5ml tank. This RTA is one of a kind and a great buy. It has tons of super desirable features for any vaper.

Kanger Toptank Mini

Kanger Toptank MiniDon’t let the name “Mini,” fool you. This little monster packs a real punch and is equally ideal for both the beginners and advanced vapers.

Kanger has taken careful precautions to revise their already-popular Subtank Mini and proceeded to provide us the new Toptank Mini. This new version now features a top-fill design along with compatibility with the company’s specific new SSOCC coils. This design features a threaded top along with a wide filling area. This allows the user to have a more pleasant and cleaner filling. You can compare it to the obsolete bottom filling design.

The only possible glitch could be in the leaks through the vents. Also some users report the removal process of some of the screws can be too tight in certain sections. Other than that, simply no complaints about these RTAs.

GeekVape Avocado

GeekVape AvocadoGeek Vape took to themselves the responsibility of resurrecting the classic genesis style atomizer. They did it with their evolutionary rebuildable tank, by what they denominate to be, the Avocado Genesis. It comes with a 24mm diameter for a vastly larger tank with more build space available now more than ever.

The only downside that this product is that the washers and screws on the center post are really small. When building it up the can get lost if not careful. Another thing to keep in mind is that the wicking holes can feel too small at times. However, all-in-all the product boasts all the positive qualities that you’re looking for in a classic Genesis-style atomizer.

It’s also important to note that the atomizer still contains the accustomed Velocity-style archetype. At the same time, it still provides the selection of building either single or dual coil depending on user preference. You’ll find the ceramic baffle board that closes off one side of the build deck is still on the Avocado. This provides versatility and flexibility with many additional options, especially for mature users.

The baffle board not only acts as a single coil adapter, but it also provides a pure taste experience. It forces the air from the inlet straight through the baffle board and directly through and to the coil. When it comes to classics styles, there’s simply no better RTAs currently on the market today. Most RTAs are nowhere near what the Geek Vape Avocado offers on a rather consistent basis.

Smoktech TF-RTA

Smoktech TF-RTAThe Smoktech TF-RTA differentiates itself from other RTAs on the market by packing a large 16mm diameter. It builds a deck that offers plenty of space for builders to play. It also enhances the user’s building experience as well.

Two different build deck styles are currently now available for the TF-RTA. They are the G4 decks and G2 build decks. The G4 decks permit users to efficiently build a quad coil setup. It also comes pre-built with a 0.14Ω quad coil right out of the box. The G2 build decks utilize the famous two-post Velocity-style build deck. This is for efficient building that also comes pre-built with a 0.45Ω dual coil build as well.

The only downside that this vape could have is potential leaking. This can happen if you don’t build it up correctly. In some cases, it can also consume more juice than you would want. Therefore, you should try to do the build-up in an efficient manner and monitor the consumption of juice. Apart from that, this tank atomizer is definitely worth the investment.

We can’t leave out the fact that this atomizer has a top-of-the-line fully integrated e-juice flow control system. It also comes with hidden sealing rings permitting the user to have full access to controlling juice flow without interruption. It does this while obtaining the ability to prevent any leakage.

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