RedCig E-Cig Review

Selection: 70%
Vapor Quality: 70%
Battery Life: 65%
Value for Money: 75%

Our Verdict: The only thing going for RedCig’s products is its mimicry to real cigarettes. The look and feel may make some users think they are holding a traditional cigarette, and the price is very reasonable too. However, the overall performance is lacking, and only those who like the look should purchase it. Otherwise, there are better options out there.

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RedCig’s Best Products:

RED Disposable

BeginnersPrice: $10.67

RedCig Disposable

Designed to look and feel like a traditional cigarette, the RED Disposable is available in 6mg and 11mg nicotine strengths. Users can also choose between tobacco or menthol flavors.

The disposable comes in a sturdy plastic box, and the labels on it are clean and tastefully done. The overall packaging looks like one is getting a quality product. Since it is a disposable e-cig, not much is included save for the battery. Each unit is about the equivalent of 50 cigarettes, which makes it a great value.

Overall performance is not great, however, with weak vapor and mediocre flavors. Throat hit is not significant as well. It is reasonably priced, though, and it may work in a pinch if there are no alternatives around.

RED Starter Kit

BeginnersPrice: $30.51

RedCig Starter Kit

Similar in appearance to the RED Disposable, the starter kit from RedCig is a rechargeable unit that comes with two cartridges (one in 6mg and the other in 11mg nicotine strengths). A card case and USB charger are also included.

The device lights up when in use and it even emits a nicotine smell. This helps in giving ex-smokers feel comfortable vaping the first time. Battery life is typical for cig-a-likes, lasting about two hours a charge. However, this can depend on how one vapes.

Vapor production is mild, and the throat hit is feeble. This can be a problem for ex-smokers who are used to the harsh hits of real cigarettes. Five flavors are available – menthol, light tobacco, regular tobacco, cherry, and apple – and while all these taste decent, they are not exceptional.

If the vape is good enough for you, and you’d like to invest in a more substantial kit, you can purchase other packages that come with more inclusions. One is the RedCig Deluxe Kit ($68.66), and it includes two batteries, two USB chargers, one wall charger, a card case, and five additional cartridges in addition to the two already included.

The other is the RedCig Ultimate Kit ($99.19) that includes three batteries, three USB chargers, one card case, two wall chargers, along with ten cartridges. 

Additional Details

RedCig focuses on cig-a-like disposables and starter kits, and while they get the look and feel down pat, the performance leaves something to be desired. Weak vapor production and throat hit place its products on the low end, and while the prices are reasonable, it might not be worth it based on performance alone.

Product selection is very poor as well, and users will find this disappointing after being spoilt for choice by other brands. The mediocre flavors do not help RedCig’s cause as well.

If you are looking for an e-cig starter kit that resembles the feel and look of traditional cigarettes, there are other, more established brands out there offering a much more superior product. [contentblock id=1]

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RedCig Electronic Cigarettes
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