//Can you use LSD to Stop Smoking – Trading one Evil for Another
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Can you use LSD to Stop Smoking – Trading one Evil for Another

There are lots of different methods people use to try and quit smoking. They may use a nicotine patch, quit cold turkey, surround themselves with friends or even cut back on their cigarette use slowly until they finally wean off it. Probably one of the most bizarre ways people have tried to quit smoking is by using a different drug entirely.

Tricking your Brain

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LSD is a psycho-hallucinogenic drug, which is a technical way of saying it makes you see things that aren’t really there. It can cause you to break down into an almost comatose or dreamlike state. While that may be pleasant for you at the moment, it makes you absolutely useless to anyone around you. If you think that this is as bad as the drug gets, then you are wrong, as it creates irreversible nerve damage that essentially drives you crazy.

Those old anti-drug commercials that show an egg frying to mimic what drugs do to your brain were directly referencing drugs like LSD. That is because this substance fries your brain and makes it completely useless to you over time. Also, it only takes one time to cause irreversible damage.

However, can it be used to help you quit smoking? Cigarettes are something of a gateway drug. Not many people think of them that way, but if someone is willing to try them, then he or she is more likely to try something even harder, such as LSD.

The problem is that giving up one addiction for a worse one is no solution at all. Yes, it is possible to stop craving cigarettes when you switch to LSD, but that is only because your nicotine addiction is going to be taken over by something much worse and much stronger. Your body won’t crave its old drug when it has a vastly more powerful new one.

Trading one Addiction for Another

In other words, trying to quit smoking by turning to LSD is a terrible, terrible idea. You should consider why you are trying to quit smoking. Is it because you do not like what it is doing to you? Is it because of the way it makes you feel or how it makes you appear toward other people?

LSD does all the same stuff but on a much more intense level. It will harm your body, and lower your life expectancy. It will do all that at a much faster rate than cigarettes ever could. There are plenty of ways to quit smoking, and turning to LSD is not a method anyone should even consider.

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Christina Matthews

I love the written word, and in my career as a journalist, I strive to provide the facts about everything I write about. There are too many false and alarmist stories out there about life and vaping mainly. My mission is to make e-cigarettes less scary to people with informative articles and extensive research on not only the possible evils of cigarettes and Big Tobacco, but the objective side of e-cigs.

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    August 3, 2018 at 12:37 pm Reply

    LSD is not addictive.
    LSD also does only have a theoretical Lethal dose because so far there is not a single confirmed case of someone dying from clean LSD alone.
    The only hypothesized dangers are of psychological nature.
    This article is so disgustingly uninformed you guys should seriously reconsider giving out any sort of “information” on health related topics.
    Even if it would be dangerous you are seriously retarded to claim it causes the same damage as cigarettes but worse which are inhaled particles that attack the lung heavily whereas LSD doesn’t even come into play within the lung at all.

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