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Nicorette: Chewing to Defeat a Habit

Nicorette is a familiar name and trusted brand, and may help by curbing the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. However, it must be used with caution, as it is possible to misuse and result in accidental overdose.

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Nicotine gum is a non-prescription type of medicinal chewing gum. The gum contains a varying level of nicotine content, usually between 2mg and 4mg, such as Nicorette. The Nicotine is released by chewing the gum until a slight tingling sensation is felt, at which point the user places the gum between their gums and cheek. At this point, a steady stream of nicotine is released which is then ingested orally.

What You Need to Know About Nicorette Nicotine Gum

Nicorette is one of the most recognizable names in nicotine replacement therapy. It is a trusted brand, despite its downfalls. One of the downsides to using any nicotine gum is most often the taste. However, Nicorette offers their product in several flavors, such as Cinnamon Surge, Fruit Chill, and White Ice Mint. These flavor offerings help cover the medicinal taste.

For many, quitting smoking is one of the most difficult processes they will ever face. It is a personal journey that one must take in order to find freedom from the harmful lifestyle smoking causes. There are numerous reasons to quit smoking, however, many find taking the first step the most difficult to take. Nicorette provides a moderately safe way to take that first step. As long as it is used as directed, those looking to quit smoking have a better overall chance of remaining smoke-free. This is true for at least the duration in which they would normally face symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. It is during this time that quitting is most difficult.

Nicorette: Strength and Usage

The strength of nicotine gum, such as Nicorette, is 2mg to 4mg. It is recommended to be a part of a limited quit smoking program. It is not recommended to use long-term. The user places the gum in his/her mouth. Begin chewing until a slight tingling sensation is noticeable, at which point, the gum should be placed between the cheek and gum until the tingling sensation has ceased. The gum can then be chewed, and the process repeated.

Success Rates

The success rates for using nicotine gum is dependent on the study, which are mixed. However, according to The Chart, “The perception of the public using the product is that these are good forever – that these will result in you not smoking in three, five, 10 years. Well, they were never designed to do that. They were designed to treat withdrawal, which is a symptom that occurs from stopping to probably six months, and then it usually ends.”

While nicotine gum is not a long-term solution to quitting smoking, it does curb the initial symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. This will provide an edge for those looking to quit smoking, especially in the initial stages. The symptoms of nicotine withdrawal poses the greatest risk to success during the early stages of quitting smoking.

Possible Side Effects & Warnings

There are several warnings that are present when using products containing nicotine, especially products that carry the possibility of overuse. According to, symptoms that indicate overdose may include abdominal pain; excessive sweating; delirium or confusion; mild to moderate seizures; distorted hearing; blurred vision; fatigue; and/or irregular heartbeat.

Other possible side effects include severe, moderate or mild anxiety; back pain; extreme fatigue; the sensation of burning or tightness, feelings of drug dependency; ocular distortion; muscle pain including jaw and neck pain; depression; teeth issues; issues associated with sleep. Some of these symptoms may subside, but if you are concerned, consult your doctor and discontinue use.

Taking the First Step

Taking the first step is the most intimidating. Fear of the unknown is daunting, however, fear of what we can or cannot accomplish is sometimes the greatest fear. Is Nicorette worth trying? With the known dangers of smoking cigarettes, the use of nicotine replacement aids are valid and constructive. Smoking cessation products are plentiful, and products like Nicorette can assist by curbing the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. This edge may be what is needed in order to successfully take that first step.

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