Introducing Ooze’s New Vaporizer Line with C-Core Technology


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Updated: March 17, 2023

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Ooze, renowned for producing the nation’s best-selling vape battery, recently launched a new vaporizer line incorporating patented C-Core technology. The C-Core product range features four vaporizers, including three extract devices, the Booster, Electro Barrel, and Beacon, and one dry herb vaporizer, the Verge.

The C-Core technology utilises proprietary ceramic formulas, allowing faster heating, better flavors, and a more intelligent vaping experience. Ooze’s President, Danny Hannawa, expressed excitement about the release of these products, stating that they represent the future of vaping and a significant step forward in innovation within the vaporizer industry.

Ooze’s C-Core New Vaporizers Release

Ooze’s C-Core product line features a range of four vaporizers, including the Booster, Electro Barrel, and Beacon extract devices, as well as the Verge dry herb vaporizer. The C-Core technology is based on proprietary ceramic formulas that provide a smarter vape, faster heating, and superior flavors. The smart ceramic used in the C-Core ensures that both dry herb and concentrates are 100% heavy metal-free.

The Ooze director Tristan Blackett said, “The Ooze C-Core line is our biggest release in years,”

All three extract devices are sub-ohm vaporizers, heating faster and creating more vapor for a better experience. The Onyx Atomizer, with its Azul ceramic core dish, vaporizes all extracts efficiently, requiring no preheating, and leaving minimal residue for simple maintenance.

What is Ooze Ceramic C-Core?

This collection includes four vaporizers: the Evoke, Duplex, Comet, and Drought. Each device is designed to meet the unique needs of cannabis users, with features such as adjustable temperature settings, flexible charging options, and versatile compatibility with both dry herbs and concentrates.

The Evoke is a compact and discreet vape with a powerful 1100mAh battery and a single-button control for easy use. The Duplex is a versatile vaporizer that can be used with either cartridges or concentrates, with a dual battery design for extended use.

The Comet is a powerful and stylish vaporizer with an adjustable airflow system and a unique ceramic heating chamber. The Drought is a premium dry herb vaporizer that features a convection heating system for smooth and flavorful vapor production.

Overall, the Ceramic C-Core Collection from Ooze is an excellent option for those looking for high-quality, innovative vaporizers that utilize advanced technology and provide a superior vaping experience. With their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Ooze has established itself as a leader in the cannabis accessory industry, and this new collection is a testament to their dedication to innovation and excellence.

What Brand is Ooze?

Founded in 2015, Ooze is a prominent cannabis accessory brand based in Michigan that has been committed to delivering high-quality and innovative products to enhance the cannabis experience. They have earned a reputation as a leading brand in the industry by focusing on designing cutting-edge accessories that cater to the evolving needs of the cannabis community while providing exceptional customer service.

Ooze’s product line includes batteries, chargers, vaporizers, and other accessories that are specifically designed using only the highest-quality materials and advanced technology for optimal functionality and stylish design. The brand’s dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has made them a leader in the rapidly growing cannabis industry.

Final Thoughts: Are New Ooze Pens Worth It?

Although the new Ooze vaporizer line may come with a higher price tag than some of its competitors, its advanced technology and attention to detail make it a valuable investment for those who prioritize quality and innovation. The C-Core technology, in particular, is a significant advancement that gives these vaporizers an edge over others on the market, delivering a superior vaping experience with minimal residue for easy maintenance.

Overall, if you’re searching for a high-quality, innovative vaporizer with advanced technology and exceptional customer service, the new Ooze vaporizer line is undoubtedly worth considering. Ooze’s commitment to customer satisfaction and their dedication to innovation and excellence have made them a leading brand in the cannabis accessory industry. This new line of vaporizers is a testament to their continued pursuit of quality and innovation.

Published: March 17, 2023

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