Everything You Need To Know About The First UK City To Ban Disposable Vapes


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Updated: March 3, 2023

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Vaping is a popular trend among young people. Since this activity was introduced to different parts of the world, its popularity has grown exponentially. But this popularity may have reached a point where vaping has become a problem too. How? The use of vape products has spread more than was ever anticipated.

There have been many regulations to control activities around vaping. But they haven’t been as effective as lawmakers would like. In a last-ditch effort to curb vaping activities, a UK city has banned disposable vapes. What are the events leading up to this ban? Keep reading to learn more about this development.

Nicola Sturgeon is Urged to Ban the Sale of Disposable Vapes in Dundee

Scotland’s Dundee City is the first UK region to prohibit shops from selling disposables. This ban was executed after the work of a climate activity gained plenty of local support. Nicola Sturgeon was convinced of the ill effects of vaping after a campaign found dozens of these products on the floor within an hour. 63 vapes were found in a one-hour litter pick by environmentalists.

The action to prohibit the sale of vapes has gained the approval of many people and retail shop owners. This would be the first stage of the prohibition before pushing for a nationwide response.

The Scottish Government’s Recent Ban On Single-Use Plastics

The Scottish government recently banned single-use plastics but omitted e-cigarettes from this legislation. Finally, it seems like the government is ready to compensate for its mistake. They are reviewing the environmental impact of disposable vapes and how these devices can be managed effectively. Perhaps, the government is also concerned about the effects of disposables on the young population. With so many kid-friendly products available, a few could get into the wrong hands.

Ph.D. student Inspired Ban After Finding Numerous Disposable Vapes on the Street

Environmental scientist and Ph.D. student Laura Young kicked off actions on the ban of disposable e-cigarettes. She discovered that these products were now a severe problem. According to her, 1.3 million disposables were disposed of every week.

Other campaigners noted the popularity of e-cigarettes among young people. Social media is filled with many young people flaunting their vape skills. They are also keenly interested in flavors such as mango, pink lemonade, etc.

Public Reaction — Shop Owner Backs the Ban

Many people may already be fed up with the nuisance caused by vapes. A vape shop owner expresses his support for the ban. However, he wishes that the ban is operated fairly. The shop owner was concerned that specialist shops might face harsher treatment than newsagents in upholding this new law. This would force people to travel far distances to buy bulk disposable e-cigarettes.

Everyone has to stick to it to make it work. The shop owner also requested that the government give them enough time to clear their stocks.

Dundee is a Hot Spot for the Dumping of Disposable Vapes

Dundee currently experiences a massive influx of disposables. It’s almost as if the region has become a dumping ground for manufacturers. The increased presence of disposables presents a health risk to residents. These products will also damage the environment. As a result, many experts feel the state should expedite efforts to enforce this ban.


And that’s all on the ensuing development in Dundee. Disposable vapes have become a problem. They litter the environment causing damage to it. There’s also potential harm it could cause to youngsters. While the prohibition of vapes is under review in Dundee, further action may follow suit.

Published: March 4, 2023

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