GeekBar Says Fake Vapes Could Be on the Market


by Vaping Daily Team

Updated: May 2, 2023

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The makers of the GeekBar, the disposable vape made by famed company GeekVape, have said that they recently discovered that GeekBar is being counterfeited in the Philippines. The company said they caught wind of a counterfeiting operation making unsafe, unregulated GeekBars that may cause harm to the public.

The company has over twelve different models and makes of the GeekBar, so many of its products could be turned into fakes. GeekVape is one of the most reputable and highly-praised vape companies in the world. Its brand represents quality, craftsmanship, and innovation, which is why these allegations are so troubling.

What are the Allegations?

The company sent a press release a few weeks ago saying that it had been notified of “unscrupulous companies” profiting from counterfeit vapes. The fake vapes were from the Aegis line, which features high-quality build materials such as silicone, aluminum alloy, and stainless steel while manufactured with precision lasering and other proprietary techniques.

This type of manufacturing quality starkly contrasts the dangerous, unsanitary, and low-quality materials used in manufacturing fake vapes. The company named Manilla and other cities in the Philippines the main locations of the counterfeiting operation. There is no word on whether the authorities in the Philippines or China were involved in investigating the ring, but the legal department of GeekBar has issued cease and desist orders.

Why Counterfeit Vapes are Dangerous

GeekBar CEO Allen Yang is quoted in the press release as saying counterfeit vapes have “severe negative effects on consumer health and safety.” He is right. Counterfeit, unregulated vapes pose a threat to public health and safety, as demonstrated by the EVALI outbreak in late 2020. That crisis was caused by criminals counterfeiting THC cartridges who used a cutting agent – Vitamin E Acetate – to save on expenses and make more profit, which is what the counterfeiting gangs in the Philippines are doing with GeekBar.

In both cases, the counterfeiters are using low-quality, hazardous, and dangerous materials and assembling their products in dirty, unsafe conditions with no oversight or quality control of the real GeekBar brand. There is no telling what could happen to the public if fake GeekBars were allowed to remain on the market and available to unwitting consumers. That’s why the brand decided to go public with the news, so the public knows the danger.

What GeekBar is Doing to Protect Vapers

Another reason the company put out a press release was to assure consumers and vapers worldwide that it is doing everything it can to restore confidence in the brand. Yang pointed out all the essential distinguishing features of real GeekBar devices and revealed a new plan to verify authentic GeekBar products. The CEO urged anyone who thinks they bought a counterfeit GeekBar to contact the company directly and let them know the details of your purchase.

These anti-counterfeit measures are usually found on larger, more sophisticated GeekVape devices, which come with a unique QR code on every box that vapers can use to verify the product’s authenticity. The company has not yet announced whether it will do the same with GeekBars, but it is an option. The other way that vapers can ensure they are buying authentic GeekBars is to buy them from authorized retailers, not street vendors or markets.

Closing Thoughts

Counterfeit vaping products, or counterfeit products, are a profitable business, albeit unethical and illegal. Like all illicit businesses, counterfeiting carries significant risks for consumers, especially vapers, since there can be severe consequences from inhaling dangerous or toxic chemicals from a fake vape. The fact that GeekBar was able to discover this ring does not mean no more counterfeit vapes are making it to market, which is why vapers should always buy from trusted sites and retailers and check the code of authenticity for any new purchases.

Published: May 4, 2023

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