A Look at the Internationally Recognized Cannabis Vape Brand Now Legal in California


by Vaping Daily Team

Updated: March 22, 2023

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DANK Vapes, the popular cannabis vape brand, is now legally licensed in the state of California. This news has been long-awaited by CBD enthusiasts, who have been enjoying their quality products for years. But what makes DANK Vapes so special, and what can we expect from this now-legal brand? Let’s take a deeper look.

Dank Vapes Under New Ownership: Now a Licensed California Cannabis Brand

Dank Vapes, the renowned cannabis brand, has changed ownership and is now a licensed California CBD brand. This license ensures that Dank Vapes undergoes rigorous testing and meets California’s strict regulations. Additionally, they have implemented a 2-factor authentication system on every package, eliminating the risk of counterfeit products under their brand name.

Moving Forward with Premium Products, Philanthropy, and Solutions

The brand faced controversy in the past when counterfeiters sold unsafe products under their labels. To combat this, the company pulled their products from the shelves and has now relaunched with a commitment to clean, high-quality vaping experiences. They offer 20 unique flavor profiles made with plant-derived terpenes and triple-distilled CBD oil.

In 2023, the company plans to launch four lines of disposable vapes, including hash rosin and live resin. Additionally, the company has established “Dank Gives Back,” an organization dedicated to charitable work and community involvement. They recently partnered with law enforcement for a Christmas Toy Drive and will host a “Feeding the Needy” event this month.

“DANK Vapes is taking a solution-based approach to avoid past issues and come back better than ever,” said a representative. “Our mission is to lead by example and have a direct, positive impact on our communities.”

The Journey to Legality: DANK Vapes’ Commitment to Transparency and Compliance

DANK Vapes has gained international recognition for their high-quality, flavorful products. Their signature THC oil is derived from pure, organically grown marijuana, which is then carefully extracted to preserve the plant’s natural terpenes and flavors.

However, the path to legality has not been easy for the brand. The brand has faced criticism and controversy in the past, with some accusing them of selling black market products or using unsafe additives. But with their new legal status in California, the brand has taken steps to ensure full transparency and compliance with state regulations.

This includes obtaining a license from the California Bureau of Cannabis Control and implementing strict testing and labeling protocols to ensure the safety and quality of their products. The brand has also partnered with licensed dispensaries across the state, ensuring that their products are sold only through legal channels.

According to the California Department of Cannabis Control, recreational cannabis use has been legal since 2016 for those 21 years old and over, and buying cannabis without a current physician’s recommendation or a county-issued medical marijuana identification card became legal for adults 21 or older in January 2018. Additionally, the new law clarifies that physicians cannot be punished for treating patients who use cannabis, notwithstanding its illicit status under federal law.

Buyers of cannabis or cannabis products in California will be subject to a 15% excise tax on their gross receipts.

In addition to the rules mentioned above, other regulations govern the use of cannabis in California. For example, individuals are prohibited from smoking or consuming CBD in public places or while driving, and employers can still enforce drug-free workplace policies.

Final Thoughs

In conclusion, the legalization of DANK Vapes in California is a testament to their commitment to quality, transparency, and compliance with state regulations. With their new license, the brand is poised to continue providing top-notch products to CBD lovers worldwide while positively impacting their communities through philanthropic efforts.

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, DANKs’ journey serves as a reminder of the importance of staying true to one’s values and continuously striving for excellence.

Published: March 22, 2023

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