Contra Costa County To Allow The Sales Of Non-Flavoured Cannabis Vape Products


by Vaping Daily Team

Updated: February 9, 2023

Contra costa county map in the state of California

The world of flavored vape products has come a long way. But the world is still warming up to vaping. The introduction of marijuana vaping products makes things more complicated. These vape products border the line between legal and illegal substances.

Many jurisdictions struggle with regulations around them. And many have opened up their borders to these items. Contra Costa County is the latest jurisdiction to do so. This piece details Contra Costa County’s new approach to cannabis vape products.

Contra Costa Board of Supervisors Decides to Allow Sale of Non-flavored Cannabis Products

Before now, there was no sale of any form of cannabis products in the county. On June 10, 2023, the Contra Costa Board of Supervisors returned to its ban. Now, business outlets are free to sell and deliver these items. Cannabis retailers in unincorporated areas are also allowed to enjoy this new law.

More people have appreciated the Board’s thoughtfulness and ability to look forward. They consider this decision a step in the right direction. It shouldn’t be mistaken as the freedom to buy flavored vape products. Simple online research will teach you the distinction between both.

What’s the Motive Behind Contra Costa’s New Law?

Let’s consider the motive behind the law. This law may come as good news to a large group of people. But the reason behind it is quite technical.

Contra Costa will use this law to ensure that older people have access to medical cannabis. Adult citizens use marijuana to treat various conditions. These symptoms may include chronic pain, nausea, sleeping difficulties, etc.

Seniors who rely on cannabis can buy non-flavored cannabis vape products. Supervisor Diane Burgis proposed this new law. But he had support from Supervisors.

Who Voted Contra Costa County’s New Non-Flavoured Vape Law?

The law passed with a 3-2 overall vote. Two supervisors voted against the law to allow people to buy non flavored vapes. They were Candace Anderson and Federal Glover. The pair said this new law would betray the interest of Contra Costa youths. The youths requested for this ban in 2019. It was difficult to determine that vaping caused no harm to individuals.

Diane Burgis had earlier spoken up about how the van hurt seniors and adult citizens. The effect was harshest on seniors residing in “unincorporated zones.” The ban on vaping products affected those reliant on it. The ban created a black market. Such illicit activities made seniors vulnerable.

Who are Those to Benefit From This Law?

Seniors and adult citizens reliant on medical cannabis will benefit most. They won’t have to use illicit means to get their dose of cannabis.

A representative from Walnut Creek said the people there prefer vaping. This region was an unincorporated zone. The citizens in the region would be happy about this new legislation.

What’s the Public Reaction to the Cannabis Non-Flavored Vape?

Generally, the public reaction to the Contra Costa Vape law is good. There have been several new reports about it. News outlets also posted the news on their social media profiles. This move was a big step forward for the global adoption of vape products.

Contra Costa Health Services will create awareness to stop youth cannabis vaping. This awareness program was essential to passing the new law.


Contra Costa County has recently reviewed their stance on vape products. This new law didn’t come without some opposition. But there was more support than opposition. Now, seniors and adult citizens can abandon black market purchases. In the future, we may witness more of these types of regulatory changes.

Published: February 11, 2023

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