Here’s How Easy It Is To Buy Flavored Vape In California And Other Cities With Longtime Bans


by Vaping Daily Team

Updated: February 6, 2023

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Vaping became a worldwide trend a few years ago. But it has become a controversial topic worldwide. The biggest issue with vaping is its legality. Many regions have failed to warm up to the idea of flavored vapes. Despite their best efforts, citizens have found a way to use these products.

California is one of the cities with this problem. It’s supposed to be impossible to buy flavored vapes in California. But the cities in this jurisdiction have failed to stop sellers. This piece will shed more light on the ongoing situation in California.

California Cities Have Introduced Laws To Crack Down On The Sale of Flavored Vapes

The United States of America has several open-minded laws and policies. But vaping isn’t one of them. This region still needs to come to terms with the sale of flavored vapes. That’s why many new laws control these products’ consumption. The nature of these laws varies from one state to another.

The prohibition of non-flavored vape has spread in California. In several states, you’ll find bans against vape products. Pasadena, Ventura, Carson, El Monte and Hollywood are leaders in prohibiting illegal vape.

The Problem of Illegal Sales of Vape Products

Californian have set vape ban regulations in their cities. But sellers still need to follow these laws. Many retail outlets sell banned items. Others are only putting in minimal effort to feign compliance. The open defiance of these state laws has been shocking.

Enforcement of this new law is relatively weak because local authorities handle it. It could be a stronger deterrent if handled by the state attorney general. Also, the punishment is weak. $250 is the fine for violation of the law. But there’s no increased punishment for repeat violators. There’s no law to suspend the license of retail outlets that violate this regulation.

What has been the General Reaction to this Open Defiance?

Everyone is aware of California’s new laws against vape products. But the open defiance has been left untreated. STAT compiled a full report detailing the non-compliance in the state.

Jerry Hill, a supporter of the state ban and Democrat, expressed his shock at STAT’s reports. Yet, he acknowledged the law’s weakness. The regulations need strengthening to give the state more power. He mentioned the need for a stronger penalty.

California’s choice to ban flavored vapes is a decision others will copy. It’s the fifth largest state and a model to others around it. California’s inability to handle illegal vape products indicates what’s to come. It has set an important precedent. Other states must focus on regulation enforcement to maintain control of the market.


California follows the trend of other jurisdictions to ban flavored vape. There was plenty of hype about this vape ban and its implications. The new law has been in place for many weeks now. But sellers have found a way to breach these laws. This piece highlights the problems that California faces with its new vaping regulations. You’d learn something interesting from these details. Tell us what you feel about the ongoing situation in California.

Published: February 6, 2023

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