What to know about the Wismec Reuleaux RX Machina

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reuleaux rx machine review
Review Score: 75/100 - 75
Price Range: $29.00 – $66.00
Colors: Black, White, Blue, Yellow
Battery: 20700 (included, 3000mAh) / 18650 cell
Size: 82 x 28 mm
This ingenious little mechanical mod puts all of the functions inside the 510 area of the device. This makes it one of the most compact mechanical mods on the market. Its design is not only to make it as small as possible but also it is very ergonomic and easy to vape.

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Designed by famed mod designer JayBo, these mods make a statement while providing an exceptional vape session.

Though a mech mod is never recommended for a beginner, this is a great model to introduce experienced vapers to the world of unregulated mechanical mods. The engineering of it makes it easier to rebuild than most mods and with proper care, can be quite safe.

Features of the Wismec Reuleaux RX Machina

reuleaux rx machine all colors mech mods

The Reuleaux comes with a Guillotine RDA, which has a removable lower sleeve giving a wide open space to rebuild. It is all stainless steel and features a Delrin mouthpiece. Rather than a thread connection, it is threadless for easier reassembly.

The battery cap has a gold plated connection cap, and a spring-loaded insulator making for a softer engagement of the fire button.

The fire button itself is also a stabilizing cap for the battery, which saves a lot of space helping to make this the smallest mechanical mod on the market. Under that, six venting slots keep the battery cool.

Using a resin sleeve to cover the body, this is where the design comes in. They can be changed to suit any taste.

How does it vape?

The mod can be used with either 18650, or 20700 batteries. The 18650 needs a sleeve to be inserted, making for a tight fit. The 20700 is a much better fit and Wismec indicates that the Clapton coils are optimized for this battery, too.

With either battery expect a hard-hitting vape. Airflow is slightly restricted, but not too much. Loads of flavor comes through and some thick, milky clouds that can fill a room. The drip plate in the RDA allows for excess juice to not pool up and drip which makes this an easy to vape unregulated mod.

Who is the Reuleaux RX Machina for?

reuleaux rx machine box review

Inexperienced vapers should not even think about using any mechanical mod, even though this model is very easy to use.

This is a good model for an experienced vaper to transition into the unregulated mod world, but only after studying up first. An understanding of batteries and Ohm’s law is required to safely start vaping with a mech mod.

Experienced mechanical mod vapers may not be satisfied with the simplistic nature of the Reuleaux, even though it looks very cool.

Those looking for a no-nonsense, easy to use mechanical mod will love the performance regardless of where they fall on the experience scale.

The Wismec Reuleaux RX Machina vs. the Competition

Sleeve Mod by Limitless Mods – The quality of the build is lacking with this device. Poorly bored threads and rattly batteries, for instance.

MCR 101 by MCR Mods – This mod tends to run hot, which is at a minimum uncomfortable, but can also be dangerous.

Is the Wismec Reuleaux RX Machina a good mech mod?

For people looking for an easy to use mechanical mod, this should be at the top of the list. It is so simple to rebuild the coils thanks to the design of the RDA. It is a perfect way for somebody new to rebuilding to get their feet wet. A high-quality vape, with thick flavorful vapor that hits hard without being harsh makes it ideal for people to experience the intense mechanical mod vaping experience.

Review Score: 75/100 - 75
  • Easy to use
  • Very stylish design
  • Uses 18650 or 20700 batteries
  • Easy to rebuild
  • Very compact
  • 18650 battery fits tightly
  • Too simplistic for experienced vapers


Wismec Reuleaux RX Machina
Brand: Wismec
Colors: Black, While, Yellow, Blue
Battery: 20700 (included, 3000mAh) / 18650 cell
Size: 28 x 82 mm
Price Range: $29.00 – $66.00

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