VAMP Rig Mod Review


by James Bickford

Updated: July 23, 2021

VAMP Rig Mod desktop

Review Score: 85/100

Price Range:
Titan Scale, Plasma Shock, Gold
Battery Capacity:
Single 18650
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Classy design
  • All-copper construction


  • Expensive compared to some mechanical mods

The VAMP Rig mech mod is a high-quality, mechanical mod for the classiest of vapers. It’s just over ¾ of an inch in diameter and supports 18650 batteries exclusively.

When it comes to mechanical mods, your performance is going to depend largely on the battery that you use. Details such as the wattage and amperage will vary, but the apparent and abundant quality is unwavering.

This Rig mod does everything that a mechanical mod should. Its high-quality materials make its acclaimed quick-firing possible, and its high-quality construction makes it look and feel great.

Rig Mod Review

It is a good-looking mechanical mod that utilizes only the best materials and construction available. The fine details that make this mech mod so intricate are immediately evident upon first glance, from its high-quality craftsmanship to its precise engineering.

VAMP Rig Mod desktop

The high-quality, copper construction makes this mechanical mod look and feels great, and its dual, spring-loaded connection ensures a stable connection every time.

This mech mod uses a special hybrid connection to deliver power from the battery to your atomizer. This connection type is one of the fastest available, and it makes the VAMP Rig’s near-instant firing possible.

The Rig Mod Kit

The kit comes with a handful of extras that vapers will surely appreciate.

VAMP Rig Mod with box

  • The kit includes one mechanical mod;
  • One hard shell carrying case in the color of your choice;
  • One pair of JBOI coils;
  • Cotton to get you started.

Internal Building Quality and Design

The inside of this mech mod is just as impressive as the outside. This mechanical mod’s hybrid, dual spring-loaded connection ensures that this mechanical mod keeps a solid connection with your battery.

VAMP Rig Mod

It’s a foolproof design that will serve vapers well hit after hit.


The Rig V2 utilizes 18650 batteries, which are more or less the standard battery type for mechanical mods. The are higher-capacity batteries out there, and a lot of mods are beginning to use them.

Still, 18650 batteries are by no means antiquated just yet.

How to Use the Rig Mod

Using this mech mod is quite simple. The battery is installed directly beneath the atomizer, and that battery is going to be in direct contact with the tank. That means that sub-ohm tanks are not compatible.

Once the battery is installed, the atomizer can be installed. Doing so is as easy as screwing it in directly above the battery. Once the atomizer’s coils and cotton have been installed, this mech mod is ready to vape.

VAMP Rig Mod

Using this mechanical mod couldn’t be easier. If the prior steps have been followed, it should work without issue.
The firing button is easy to miss as it’s located on the bottom of the device.

Giving it a press should automatically send power to the atomizer being used. If it doesn’t work, go through the prior steps again. Additionally, make sure you’re using the right kind of atomizer as well as the proper coils.

The Competitors

Slam Piece Mech Mod

Both mods are very similarly priced, so it makes sense that they’re direct competitors. While both are great options, the Slam Piece Mech mod doesn’t exude the same level of class as the VAMP Rig Mod.

Purge Slam Piece Mech Mod img

The Rig’s all-copper design puts it above the rest in terms of class, but the actual build-quality between the two are neck and neck. Both feature hybrid 510 connections, so from a functional standpoint, they’re very similar.

However, the Slam Piece Mech Mod features extra battery support — it accepts 18650 batteries as well as 20650s, 20700s, and 21700s.

The Acrohm Fush Mech Mod

Both vapes couldn’t be more different in terms of aesthetics. The Acrohm Fush Mech mod has a glowing, cyberpunk design.

Fush Mech Mod img

Both look awesome, but the user’s choice will come down to their personal taste. The Acrohm Fush Mech Mod doesn’t have a hybrid connection like the Rig Mod, but it does offer a chipset with several features that make using it a little safer.

VAMP Rig Mod Specifications

VAMP Rig Mod
Diameter: ¾ inches
Thread: 510
Copper: High-grade
Connection: Hybrid
Battery: Single 18650
Battery Connection: Dual Spring-Loaded

Pros & Cons

The Positives

  • Classy design
  • All-copper construction
  • Dual spring-loaded battery
  • Hybrid connection
  • Detailed engineering

The Negatives

  • Expensive compared to some mechanical mods
  • Doesn’t come with an atomizer
  • Doesn’t come with an 18650 battery

Summing Up

The VAMP Rig Mod is a high-end mechanical mod for the sophisticated vaper. Everything about it exudes class and quality, from its intricate, all-metal construction to its robust, dual spring-loaded battery design. Most vapers will likely use this mod for direct-to-lung vaping.

It has an all-copper design with a lot of intricate details that give it a very classy look.

The dual spring-loaded battery design ensures a solid connection every time, and the hybrid connection type provides unsurpassed versatility. Every high-quality VAMP Rig is constructed in America.

Published: April 3, 2020Updated: July 23, 2021

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