Karma Kit Mech Mod Review

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karma kit mech mod review
Review Score: 75/100 - 75
Price Range: $29 - $49
Material: Coppery
Capacity: 2 - 5 ml
Size: 4.9 x 0.98 x 0.98 inches
After vaping for a whole and learning the ins and outs of vaping, the intermediate vaper likely looks to start vaping with a mechanical mod. The Karma Kit is the best mech mod for intermediate vapers as it is built with safety in mind and is easy to use. The performance, however, makes it an ideal mechanical mod for experts as well.

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Mechanical mod, or direct to battery, vaping now has a look as if the actual battery itself is the mod. The appearance of the Karma Kit is definitely unique with its highly polished copper skin resembling a battery with slanted grooves running along the side.

Forgetting about the appearance, this is a versatile mech mod that gives the option of either RDTA or RDA configurations. The unique engineering supports any 18650 battery in any direction.

Features of the Mechanical Mod

mech mod karma kit

Inside the body is a Delrin liner which acts as a safety measure to prevent short circuits in case the battery has any defects. The battery can be placed inside in either direction. Since overheating batteries can be an issue, there are several vent holes on the bottom of the body just about the fire button. The fire button is magnetic and makes for a very smooth switch.
To avoid a hot vape on the mouth, the mouthpiece is a wide bore, heat insulated drip tip.

In RDTA mode, the tank has a 5ml capacity and three airflow slots on the side. Rotating the tank opens and closes the slots to adjust airflow. Refilling is done by exposing holes on the side of the tank when it is in the raised position.

Changing to RDA mode is simple as it involves only unscrewing the central post under the deck and removing the glass. Replace the glass and replace the drip tip. This mode features a 2ml tank and a chuff cap drip tip.

Vaping the Karma Kit

Just as how many mechanical mods function, the Karma kit has a reliably hard hit that produces tons of thick, milky clouds. Filling a room is no problem with this mod. Controlling the airflow can be airy or give a nice, restricted hit when Direct to Lung vaping.

There no dry hits to be had and even hard draws with restricted airflow are not harsh. In addition, restricting the airflow somewhat also helps with extracting more flavor from the e-juice.

Is the Karma Kit safe to use?

mech karma kit review

Though there are many safety features to the Karma Kit, any mechanical mod does have some precautions that need to be addressed. Firstly, never use a damaged battery even if it is just a slight tear on the wrapper.

Next is when using another atomizer, to make sure the pin protrudes at least 1.0mm.

Thirdly, never try to use a sub-Ohm coil when using this, or any other, mechanical mod.

In addition to those precautions, it should also be mentioned that understanding Ohm’s law. Knowing what the battery is capable of handling after building a coil is very important.

Karma Kit vs the Competition

The Ragnarok Full Copper by VLS – This is a nice looking minimalistic mod, but it is quite heavy, smells of copper, is easily scratched and gets dirty easily.

Phantom by WOTOFO – There are no real safety features built into this device requiring quite a bit of skill for the user.

Should you buy the Karma Kit?

It is a great introduction into mechanical tube mods. The safety features give some nice peace of mind and it is easy to use. As long as the vaper has some understanding of Ohm’s law, this is a very safe and very satisfying way to start using unregulated mods.

Review Score: 75/100 - 75
  • Great price
  • Many safety features
  • Sleek look
  • RTDA/RDA changeable
  • Only available as dual coil
  • Slight rattle of battery


Karma Kit RDTA/RDA Mech Mod
Material: Coppery
Capacity: 2 – 5 ml
Size: 4.9 x 0.98 x 0.98 inches
Price Range: $29 – $49

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