Lotus Vaporizer Review: Simplicity at its Best

The Lotus Vaporizer is a state of the art Vaporizer with a durable, sleek and elegant design. It looks pretty basic, but is actually skillfully created keeping different conceptions in mind. The product is capable of vaporizing herbs manually, without the risk of inhaling toxic fumes and without using any batteries. It accomplishes all this for an astonishingly low price of $150! This is a significantly less price than most of the portable vaporizers that produce a similar quality of vapor.

Lotus vaporizer review

A unique feature of the Lotus vaporizer is that it is not powered by any battery at all. This may seem kind of primitive considering we live in a digital world, but trust us, the final product is purer than any digital vaporizer. The Lotus generates heat by a butane torch lighter. This is indeed a true vaporizer as the flame doesn’t touch the material you are using. Also, it is interesting and fun to operate this item.
This is the perfect vape for taking along with you for camping or on long journeys where electricity is scarce, and you want to rough it.

Heating Efficiency and Vapor Path

The Lotus Vaporizer produces the vapor of outstanding quality. Convection is the main process through which heat is generated, giving a smooth and consistent stream of vapor with high flavor and potency.

The tricky part about using the Lotus is that there is a certain technique that needs to be mastered to get the maximum vape experience. This is where a lot of people fail and label the product as incompetent. Firstly, we suggest that you finely grind your herbs. The chamber also needs to be heated for more or less 5 seconds before you start vaping. Gradually, start drawing from it until you get large clouds of vapor.

There is no way to monitor the temperature as there is no battery or mechanical heating system. It is all manual. The heat will be determined by how high the flame is and how long you draw out of it.

To further detail on the heating dynamics, the Lotus Vaporizer consists of a wooden exterior with a metal plate secured on top and a secondary chamber which is in a pipe form. The metal cap is heated using a butane jet lighter. The air that passes is heated and it enters the herb chamber.

Be mindful about the fact that the air intake system is situated at the bottom of the wooden shell, ensuring that you are inhaling fresh air and not just toxin-filled fumes. This is undoubtedly a healthier and smarter way to medicate and get your dosages.

Size and Portability

The Lotus Vaporizer itself is compact and can pretty much go undetected. However, because it is operated using a lighter, it may be a giveaway in certain situations. It is impossible to mistake the vaporizer for a standard electronic cigarette. Also, even though the product is portable, take extreme measures to prevent any accidental burns. 


We have already established the fact that the Lotus vaporizer isn’t the most discreet vaporizer because it requires manual operation. It is not at all noisy and there are no flashy lights or sounds so that is definitely a plus.

Accessories and Applications

With the purchase of the Lotus Vaporizer kit, you will get: a vapor cap, an aluminum stem, a protective pouch for carrying, a torch lighter, and a three-year warranty. This is quite a lot of stuff for just $150. Additionally, you may want to purchase the water pipe adapter by Lotus and transform the water pipe to a vaporizer by simply adding the adapter to any water pipe stem.

The 90-day warranty is definitely a letdown and a very short duration for an item like a portable vaporizer.

Keep Up

Many vapers get frustrated at the prospect of regularly maintaining and cleaning their vape tools. If you are one of them, then let out a sigh of relief. Cleaning and maintaining the Lotus Vaporizer is ridiculously simple. It doesn’t have a ton of components, and there is no battery to keep safe from water so you can really, just clean it however way you like.


The Lotus Vaporizer is undoubtedly one of the best vaporizers options available for those who don’t like the expensive price tags of digital vaporizers and still want to experience great quality vapor. We do think that it is more suitable for really advanced vapers as there is a certain technique that needs to be mastered while using the Lotus.

There is a possibility that even experienced users may burn or waste their dry material the first few times. It takes some time to get used to this vaporizer. It is also excellent for people who enjoy outdoor activities or just are partial towards using a manual vaporizer instead of a digital or technical one.

Lotus Vaporizer
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