//Kanger Topbox Mini Kit Review – Upgraded in Functionality and Style
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Kanger Topbox Mini Kit Review – Upgraded in Functionality and Style

The Kanger Topbox Mini Starter Kit is reminiscent to the company’s SUBOX tank and mod. However, this one has improvements and upgrades.

Kanger Topbox Mini Kit Review

They include the exterior, functionality, and coils. The kit is available in 4 fashionable color combinations. Read on to find out more.

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Best for Juices- Price: $51

The Kanger Topbox Mini Kit contains items that are brand new and work better than ever. This includes the new top filling Toptank and the outstanding coils for the Toptank. In addition, you get the advanced Kanger Kbox mini TC 75W, a remarkable box mod. As their kits from the past, this latest addition comes in various colors. Its contents cover everything that you can possibly need to start vaping.


The Kanger Topbox Mini kit really gives the consumer bang for his buck. We say this because the versatility of this kit is enough to justify the price. First, they made the coils from stainless steel. Furthermore, the Clapton give amazing vapor that has great texture and is full of flavor. The third coil, the RBA coil, is one of the easiest to use and build upon.

How did They Change the Design of the Kanger TopBox Mini Kit?

Kanger Topbox Mini KitThese are my first impressions of the Kanger TopBox Mini Starter Kit. This kit is extremely attractive and eye-catching with its color coordinated items that match each other well. The overall look complete and not randomly thrown together. Luckily, we got to try the Black version of this kit. It has a black mod and tank, and there are red accents throughout the product. As a result, it will definitely draw the attention of the onlookers. It is a product that starts apart from the rest. Therefore, it will be one that you are more likely going to gravitate towards.

The Kbox Mini Mod has a black body with bright red plastic buttons on it. They branded the company’s name on the surface on one end. The other side has the 510 connectors with a spring loaded center pin.

The device is simple in appearance. First, it has a huge bright red button for firing, with the OLED screen directly underneath it. Then, further below it, are the other two red buttons that function as settings adjustments and a micro USB port. A magnetic door with the brand name on it covers the battery. Lastly, there are air holes for ventilation on both sides.

Wattage Control

This is probably the best feature of the Kanger Topbox. Setting the wattage and controlling it precisely to the way that you desire is extremely nifty. First, select between the range of 7 to 75 watts and have unlimited vaping options. You get this by pressing the big red button. That’s the main power button to activate the wattage mode. Then, you simply use the additional buttons underneath the screen to increase or decrease the power as you want. The screen shows the current settings along with other details.

Temperature Control

You use the same steps to set the temperature control. You can use the main power button to set the TC mode. Then, adjust the settings by increasing or decreasing using the plus and minus buttons. The maximum temperature that you can have is 600 degrees Fahrenheit. After, you install the tank with the coil inside.

The Kanger TOPBOX 75W TC is compatible with Nickel, Titanium, Kanthal and NiCr. However, only the first two can work with temperature control. Therefore, this mode is perfect for when you want to experiment with some really higher-end juices. They can be expensive and you only use them on special occasions. Don’t worry, this mod is definitely going to take good care of your stock.

Atomizer and Coils

This kit comes with the Kanger TOPTANK Mini Sub ohm atomizer tank. It has the capacity to hold up to 4-ml of liquid. You can fill it from the top. As a result, the task isn’t problematic and doesn’t create any mess when you need to refill the content.

The TopTank Atomizer tank comes with a stainless steel 0.5 ohms cotton coils, a 0.5 ohms Clapton coil. It also includeds a 0.15 ohm Ni200, an RBA Mini Plus along with some accessories. All these items help the user create a unique coil with the desirable resistance and material of choice. This feature, in particular, is what makes this kit so versatile. Furthermore, it will provide an endless possibilities for vaping.

How do you Charge the Battery of the Kanger TopBox Mini Kit?

There are two ways by which you can charge the battery. First, you can use the standard way. This is connecting a USB cable to a power source such as a laptop and the mod’s USB port. Second, is to recharge the battery with a standard charger by taking the battery out. Unfortunately, a drawback of this kit is that it doesn’t include a battery. Therefore, you need to buy it individually.

This does seem like an odd move on the company’s part. It’s because a kit usually has all the essentials you need. This way, you can at least use the mod and atomizer. You can simply buy the battery from the vendor where you got the kit from. However, you need to buy the two separately. Unfortunately, they will not give them to you in one package. On the bright side, the battery cover slides out and back in with ease. As a result, it isn’t hard or finicky in any way.


In all honesty, the Kanger Topbox Mini Kit is a great kit. It has excellent coils and features, it will definitely not get boring for quite some time. Do doubt, the exterior is pleasing to look at and the construction is durable and sturdy. The vapor production will be exactly the way you want it. This is thanks to the temperature control mode and wattage mode. However, the only drawbacks that are worth mentioning are that not all coils work with the temperature control mode. Of course, the fact that they didn’t include a battery in the kit.

Kanger Topbox Mini Kit
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