Kanger Protank Review – A Good and Affordable Vape Tank

Kanger Protank Speed Review

We know not everybody has time to read our full reviews. So here is a quick category by category breakdown of the Kanger Protank followed by a quick synopsis.

  • Vapor Production – 70%
  • Build Quality – 67%
  • Price – 86%
  • Overall Rating – 67%

The Kanger Protank clearomizer is a direct competitor to the market leader – the Aspire Nautilus.  The Nautilus a pretty much a perfect clearomizer, so how does Kanger’s product hold up against it?

Read on to find out what we thought about and to see how far the Protank has come since its earlier incarnations.

What You Get out of the Box

kanger colors protankThe Protank 3 is the latest edition from Kanger. It has all their latest features and design specifications. So if you bought one of the previous models (the Protank 1 or 2), you might be in for a little bit of surprise when you open the box. The new tank looks different, mostly because it is a little longer than past iterations.

So here’s what you get from the package- the 510 threading base, the top and bottom caps, and the Pyrex tank.

The Pyrex tank is a glass holding tank. That’s where you’re going to put whatever it is you are vaporizing- usually an e-liquid. You’ll have to be a bit more careful about dropping it than you would with a plastic or metal tank, but you won’t have to worry about it superheating or melting when it heats up like you would with other materials. It is pretty sturdy, and it’s going to hold up well if you take care of it.

The tank comes in a few different colors, which makes it stand out a bit from all the boring clear or gray ones you normally see. It comes in purple, gray, blue, red or clear. And the tank holds a lot of liquid but never gives any trouble in letting you vaporizer all of it. You should never have to pour any back out just because you couldn’t get it to vaporize.

Using the Clearomizer

kanger protank kitThe Kanger Protank, being one of the more popular clearomizers on the market, is often recommended to new users looking for a decent but affordable clearomizer. So a lot of people who pick this up have never used a clearomizer before. But even if you have, it works a little differently from a lot of its competitors. So it’s worth knowing how to use it so you don’t end up with a mess or cause your clearomizer to malfunction.

You’ll start by turning the device upside down, so the mouthpiece is facing downward. Then you unscrew the bottom of the clearomizer (the part facing you) from the rest of it. You will want to hold the tank at a slight angle as you prepare to pour the e-liquid inside it.

You can pour your liquid inside the tank then, but be sure not to let it drip into the central part of the tank. This goes to the mouthpiece, and you don’t want to send your oil there. When you fill the tank, don’t fill it all the way. Once you’ve put enough oil in it, you can screw the top back on.

Before you turn it on, it is a good idea to clean up any spilled or leftover oils. If any of them are stuck to the outside of the tank or the outside of the clearomizer, you will want to clean them up as well. As the tanks heats up, the residue left behind can become thick and sticky, and it will be much easier to clean it up before that happens. Also, the clearomizer isn’t designed to deal with oil on the outside. You can gunk up important parts and cause a malfunction if you let oil get where it is not supposed to be.

The oil can get into a lot of places, especially if this is your first time using the Kanger Protank. You should wipe down the bottom cavity of the tank and all around the threads, battery and connectors. Once you are sure that the oil is only where it is supposed to be, you can activate your clearomizer and start using it. Simply put your mouth to the mouthpiece and inhale.

When you first receive your clearomizer, you will want to charge the battery. It will likely be completely dead, and you will probably have to charge if for a few hours. Subsequent charges should not take as long.

How It Compares to Past Iterations

Kanger Protank 1 and 2 are still out there, being sold and floating around the clearomizer market. It is worth noting what changes have been made to the third iteration and whether it is worth springing for the newer, more expensive one or if the old ones will work just as well.

The 510 drip tip is one of the better improvements. This makes it easier to use and allows for less dripping of oil. It also means the tank is easier to clean and that it leaves less of a mess. Consumers were asking for this drip tip in previous models, and Kanger finally took their complaints to heart and made what everyone was asking for.

The dual coil atomizer heads are also a change from the single coil heads used before. These make for thicker vapor and an overall better experience. But because these heads are longer than the previous ones, they are not interchangeable. You can’t just attach a Protank 3 head onto a Protank 1 or 2. In fact, the new atomizer head is only compatible with the Protank 3 or the Aerotank.

The Protank 3 comes with some extra atomizer heads, but don’t count on using them on any other clearomizers. It’s a good idea to hold into them anyhow, since the head are the first part of the clearomizer to break down and need replacing. And the heads will not be covered by the product’s warranty.

The tank and the cover are new as well. These have been upgraded to be sleeker, more durable and overall of better quality than what was used before.

Is It Worth Your Money?

[rating2qsc itemreviewed=”Kanger Protank” rating=”67″ best=”100″ datepublished=”2015-11-05″][/rating2qsc]
This is a very cheap clearomizer that usually runs for less than $20. You can’t go wrong at that price, especially with such a quality product. The Protank just keeps getting better, and we don’t see a lot of room for improvement. It really is on par with the best of the best for clearomizers.

When we tested the product though, we did find that it didn’t always screw together like it should have every time. Sometimes we had to take it apart and fiddle with it a little bit before it came together like it should. Now this didn’t actually cause us any problems, but we could see how it could.

We have heard reports that some people experienced some leaking from their clearomizer when it didn’t screw back tightly enough. This can make for quite a mess, and it can be a pain to clean up.

But overall, our experience was very pleasant, and we have little to complain about. The value is incredible, and we couldn’t not be much happier with the way this product has transformed with each new iteration.


  • Improved design over past iterations
  • Dual coil creates a wonderful vapor
  • Quality workmanship
  • Can vape the entire tank without problem
  • Threading is now industry standard


  • Some people report leaking problems
  • There is some difficulty in putting the parts back together tightly enough at time.

This is a great clearomizer for people who want something easy to use to start vaping with or for people who have been vaping a while and need something of a high quality to get their hits.

Published: October 17, 2017


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