Kanger Tanks Review – The Best for Beginners and Expert Vapers

Kanger is a very diverse brand that has put out countless different products. They range from mods to batteries to clearomizers. But it’s the Kanger tanks that stand out. Today we’ll talk about their very best offerings. The good thing is that they have made a tank for each vaper’s specific needs. Therefore, one of these will be ideal for you.

The 5 Best Kanger Tanks Every Vaper Should Consider

Kanger Vape Tank Ideal for Capacity Price
TopTank Mini Cloud Chasing 4ml $29.95
CL Tank Vaping on a budget 4ml $17.95
EMOW Use with vape pens 1.8ml $19.95
Kanger ProTank 4 Mouth to lung vaping 5ml $24.99
Toptank Nano Portability 3.2ml $21.95

TopTank Mini- Tank Engine with a Mini Cooper Body

The TopTank Mini by Kanger is a very surprising vaporizer. Despite the small body, it manages to be one of the highest vapor producers in the market today. It costs only $29.95. Are you looking for something that will put a dragon to shame? This tank might be your best bet.

TopTank MiniThe hardware inside the TopTank Mini is quite impressive. The unit boasts a Pyrex glass tube just like many of its predecessors. The 304 Stainless steel also adds to its nice, industrial look. The tank can also fit 4ml of juice which will eliminate the need to refill multiple times a day. This is something you have to do with most tanks at this price point.

The coils on TopTank Mini allow you to reach resistances as low as .1 ohm. The tank works best with Kanger’s vertical OCC heads and SSOCC atomizers that they use in the subtank. It is also compatible with nickel, titanium coils as well as more. They made the Kangertech atomizer head with 100% Japanese organic cotton wicks. It’s a standard for Kanger tanks with all of their products.

Overall, I would recommend this tank to anyone who is into cloud chasing. Its versatile atomizer, as well as decent tank capacity. No doubt, it will allow you to blow big clouds without refilling multiple times a day. You have to do that with most tanks. Its three airflow settings also allow for you to customize how harsh you want the vapor. You’ll see how big your clouds can get.

CL Tank – Is Price = Quality?

You get what you pay for. But CL seems to defy that rule. It costs only $17.95. Therefore, you’re bound to be skeptical of this tank. It’s because we usually think the price translates into quality. I can safely say that this is not the case when it comes to the CL Tank by Kanger. CL TankTrue, that it costs less than the food at the movie theater. However, you’re going to get your money’s worth, and more!

The CL features a 2-ml tank which is very small. That is possibly my only gripe with this tank looking at it. It is one of the few tanks that come with a child lock. A lot more tanks need to come with a child lock because cleaning oil off of a child isn’t fun. This is also one of the Kanger tanks that feature the leak free design. After using it for three weeks, and leaving it on its side, I can confidently say that it’s leak-free.

It also allows for you to change the airflow. If you prefer a tighter airflow to get a more mouth to lung feel you have that with the CL. The top-fill design is also a godsend that the CL offers. I enjoy not having to unscrew my tank every time I need to add more liquid. This is often due to the small tank. This tank is a good choice for anyone who needs a cheaper tank that also functions very well. This probably won’t be your daily driver for a long time. However, it will last for a while. In short, if you want to have a decent vaping experience on a budget, this is the way to go.

EMOW- Writing its Ticket to Success

The EMOW by Kanger is a Pyrex tank that only has a 1.8 ml tank capacity. That’s probably one of the smallest tanks I’ve seen. However, for $19.95, I can’t fault them on that. This tank isn’t made for heavy vaping or cloud chasing. It will provide heavy vapor when needed.The 5 Best Kanger-Tanks Every Vaper Should Consider Device They mainly built it for performance instead of show.

The Pyrex glass allows for it to be durable. Furthermore, it also allows you to look inside the tank and have a nice visual aid when filling it up. This takes the guesswork out of the equation and ensures you refill the tank before the juice runs out. That means there will be no dry hits. Moreover, it comes with an airflow adjuster which is always nice.

The flavor is surprisingly great. I didn’t expect much because I don’t usually like vape pens or the tanks made for them. However, this one caught me off guard. The favor production is also pretty good. I suggest not going too heavy on the clouds because you’ll run out of liquid fairly quick. Maybe you don’t mind refilling the pens often. Then, I would recommend this to someone who is looking for a cheap, affordable vape pen tank.

Kanger ProTank 4 – Feel the Power in Your Lungs

Often they recommend mouth to lung vaping to people who used to smoke. It’s because they mimics how cigarette smoke usually goes through your system. There are plenty of MTL tanks on the market. Not all of them are affordable or offer a decent enough performance. This is where the Kanger ProTanks 4 comes in. Kanger ProTank 4Costing at a modest $24.99, the ProTank 4 is a mouth to lung tank that won’t break the bank. It will give you that feeling that you’re craving for.

The tank looks very sleek and nice with its shiny metal finish. It features Pyrex glass to offer an elegant design without compromising on durability. The unit also features both top and side filling which is very convenient. As a result, makes filling the tank way less of a hassle. The tank has a 5ml capacity which is just about perfect for a tank of this price. The ProTank 4 also features a child lock which once again is nice. The adjustable airflow drip tip is a nice touch. You can make it harsh if you tweak the settings.

They made the ProTank 4 to appeal to mouth to lung vapers. It’s also for people who enjoy sub ohm vaping. Have you recently quit smoking? Are you looking for affordable Kanger tanks that will give you a sensation similar to smoking? The ProTank is worth a look.

TopTank Nano – A Tiny Powerhouse

The TopTank Nano is the follow up to the TopTank Mini. Somehow, it manages to get even smaller this time. It has a 3.2ml capacity and costs $21.95, just below the Mini. The Nano comes in a variety of colors. Its Pyrex glass tank allows for it to look nice while also being durable.Toptank Nano

The replaceable Pyrex tank is virtually crack-proof. Therefore, it is a nice feature on a tank only slightly above $20. The tank features both top and bottom-filling. You get the best of both worlds – the convenience of top-filling and safety of bottom-filling. The base control valve features the adjustable airflow. They made drip tip from stainless steel which will last for years to come.

The TopTank Nano follows the tradition of Kanger tanks in putting out great products that fill the users’ needs. The Nano lets you get the power of much bigger Kanger tanks without the size and price. I’d recommend this to anyone that enjoys Kanger tanks. You’ll get an affordable, smaller version of their top tanks.

Published: February 28, 2017 Updated: November 19, 2020



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