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Eco­-Cigs Electronic Cigarettes

Selection: 25%
Vapor Quality: 50%
Battery Life: 50%
Value for Money: 50%

Our Verdict: Eco-Cigs offers only one rechargeable cig-a-like model and one disposable model. They do have accessories and cartridges, but these are only for the two products. Having just a couple of products would be okay if they perform perfectly, but this is not the case with Eco-Cigs. A couple of mediocre products will not take the company far.

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Eco-Cigs’ Best Products:

Eco-Cigs Disposable

BeginnersPrice: $6.97

The Eco-Cigs Disposable is similar to other disposables in both looks and performance. The device looks like a traditional cigarette, which is how most disposables look like, and it performs just as one would expect – mediocre vapor production and dull taste.

For new vapers, they probably won’t notice the mediocrity of the product, but for those who have tried other e-cigs, the difference is palpable. Vapor is weak, and one would have to take multiple primer puffs to get a decent cloud, and the taste of the e-liquid is flat and dull.
There are two flavors available, menthol and tobacco, and users can buy these in packs of five or ten at $32.97 and $59.97 respectively.

Eco-Cigs Starter Kit

BeginnersPrice: $44.97

The rechargeable version of the company’s disposable e-cigs, this starter kit includes one tip-recharging battery, one USB charger, one wall adapter, and six cartomizers. Users can choose one of two flavors – menthol and tobacco – as well as the nicotine strength, which are available at 24mg, 18mg, 11mg, and 0mg.

Eco-Cig markets this product as the only “tip charging” battery on the market. Where other cig-a-likes require one to remove the atomizer to charge, the Eco-Cig version does not. Aside from this, everything about it feels the same as other rechargeable cig-a-likes.

Vapor production is decent, though not great. Taste is decent as well, not necessarily bad, but not exceptional. It is a great device for first-time vapers, though, unlike the disposable model, this one is priced a bit higher than other similar devices. If you are willing to pay a few more bucks for the tip recharging feature, then this is a good buy. Otherwise, best look elsewhere.

Additional Details

It is a wonder how Eco-Cigs has survived the cutthroat vaping business with just two devices to offer customers. Some brands offer a limited number of products, but they make up for it with superior performance and quality. In the case of Eco-Cigs, other brands offer similar or better devices.

If you are looking for a cig-a-like, whether disposable to rechargeable, other brands offer better devices for your money. However, if you want to save a few dollars and need the tip recharging feature, then Eco-Cigs might just work for you.[contentblock id=1]

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Eco-Cigs Electronic Cigarettes
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