The Best Dry Herb Tanks – A big and in-Depth Guide

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Dry Herb Tanks, a new technology that is making its way into the market. It’s main target audience being users of medicinal Marijuana or simply Marijuana where legal. The biggest selling point for this dry herb tank being the ability to vape without using tobacco or other products that cause side effects and issues through combustion.

Although dry herb tanks have no combustion at all, sometimes, under the wrong amount of heat it can burn or char your choice of herb; this is BAD! Understanding how to use Dry Herb Tanks correctly, and the best mods to use in combination with them will ultimately improve your experience.

In this in-depth review, we’ll be covering what you should be looking for in a Dry Herb Tank, giving you the three best options to get yourself into the world of dry herb vaping.

What you need to know about Dry Herb Tanks

So, before we get into the fun stuff, there’s a little you’re going to have to know about dry herb vaping and what you can find in a Dry Herb Tank. Just to help you understand some of the terminologies better and know what you’re buying.

Here are the most important things you’ll need to know about dry herb vaping:

The Coil

This is simply the components that will be burning your dry herb. Inside every tank, you’ll find a coil, at the base of the tank you’ll find a connector (510) this connects to the mod (battery) which passes the power through to the coil to heat up your herb.

510 Connector

This is the small screw looking thing at the bottom of your tank, it connects to the mod (battery) and allows power to pass through the tank. The most common 510 connectors are gold plated, to allow for the most efficient transfer of power.

The Mod

Although we won’t be covering much about this, the mod is pretty much the power for your tank, the tanks we’re covering in this review will not have mods included. You’ll want to take into consideration the Wattage (W) and Voltage (V) mentioned for each of the tanks; these are the requirements your mod will have to reach. Once you have your desired Dry Herb Tank, you’ll know the best Wattage and Voltage the tank needs, therefore giving you the information you need to find the best mod.

The Chamber

This is where you pack your dry herb, you can locate it above the ceramic heating plate commonly located on top of the coil. All the heating of the herb is done in the chamber, and this will normally be a ceramic material.

What you should be looking for

So, now you know a little about the components within a dry herb tank, here’s some of the aspects you should be looking for in a tank and what makes them stand out and perform better than others:

The quality of the Build

This has to be one of the most important things about a tank. You need to ensure the build quality of the tank is great, the material they use should be strong and light. The best tanks are usually made out of stainless steel, with a Pyrex Glass tank and tip.

DO NOT purchase plastic tanks, this is not safe and under certain temperatures will begin to melt or break.

Chamber Size and Quality

You need to make sure the Chamber size is adequate for the amount you’re going to use the device. In a perfect world, the less you can repack the chamber the better your experience will be, nobody likes repacking a chamber and cleaning it every time.

The bigger the Chamber, the more herb you can pack and the longer you can vape for.

Ease of Access (Cleaning, Repairing)

One of the keys to keeping your tank in full working order is fully understanding and being able to repair and clean it. Ensuring the tank you’re purchasing has good access to the chamber and over components will help you maintain and keep the device running correctly.

It’s worth looking into the kit contents of tanks, some of the higher end tanks will provide you with equipment to clean the tank, such as; swabs, cloths and spare meshes.


Coils – Some of the more modern tanks offer the ability to house either a single or dual coil design. Although this is intimidating to some and can be quite confusing, it’s nothing to be worried about. Dual coils will simply create more vapor and a stronger hit, burning the dry herb much quicker, whereas, the more traditional single coil is slightly slower. It’s your choice which one you go for.

Now you know the basics, let’s get to the good stuff. Here’s a list of the top 3 dry herb vape tanks currently on the market. This list will not be in a particular order, and each tank is as good as each other.

MigVapor Black Sub-Herb

Known for its stealthy and compact design the Black Sub-Herb Vaporizer Tank is a great option if you’re looking for a reliable and high-performance Dry Herb Atomizer. Having the ability to connect it straight onto any mod you desire (providing it has a 510 connector), you’ll be able to use this tank on any mods that fire within the 20W – 30W Range.

The Black Sub-Herb does all its heating inside the stainless-steel tank, on top of the ceramic heating plate; meaning no coils are exposed or visible. Baking the herb on top of the ceramic heating plate also greatly reduces the risk of burning or charring your choice of herb.

The overall construct of the device is a combination of Pyrex Glass and Stainless Steel making it one incredibly strong tank, yet still managing to maintain a beautiful and aesthetic design.

Unfortunately, the Sub-Herb tank does not offer adjustable airflow; this will make your pulls tight and contribute to a hotter running temperature on the tank. Despite this, you’ll be greatly surprised with the intensive flavor and surprisingly heavy cloud.

You can get yours from $42.95 on MigVapors Website if you’d like a more in-depth review of this tank; check out my Black Sub-Herb Tank Review.

MigVapor Dry Herb Dozer Tank

The MigVapor Dry Herb Dozer Tank isn’t as appealing visually as some of the tanks on this list; however, in regards to performance, functionality and features this is one of the best. Offering many features such as adjustable airflow, choice of the coil (for concentrate or herb vaping) and a great pull from the tank itself.

The tank can be connected to any mod with a 510 connector, which gives you the ability to chose your desired wattage and voltage. However, with the Dozer tank I would recommend the following:

  • Concentrate Vaping – 3.5-6v with 20-60W Mod.
  • Dry Herb Vaping – 4.7-6.7v with 15-30W Mod.

Experiment with the wattage listed above and find your balance, it’s quite a large range after all.

Overall, the Dozer Tank is a great choice if you’re looking for versatility and the ability to change your vaping style regularly. You can pick yours up from MigVapors Website, for around $42.95.

If you’d like any additional information on the Tank, be sure to read my Full In-Depth Dry Herb Dozer Review.

Seego Vhit Aqua Bubbler Atomizer

This Atomizer gives you a different kind of vape experience. It is one crazy looking Dry Herb Tank. The tank uses a water filtration system to cools the device and does a pretty great job as well! When first seeing this device you’ll notice it’s quite large and would be a huge pain to carry around. Therefore, it’s not an atomizer you’re going to be taking to work with you.

The atomizer is designed to give the user a fully customizable experience with your atomizer, giving you the ability to replace components that are getting old or simply play around with different setups. Having the water cooling is a pretty neat feature as well, it’s also put in measure to ensure the water is fully separate from the chamber or your concentrates.

You have the ability to connect two coils, one for concentrates and one for dry herb. It’s advised to us the tank around 3.9-5v and 15-20w on your chosen mod. It also has a 510 connector, so selecting a mod should not be an issue.

This device also offers adjustable airflow and an adjustable mouth piece, allowing you to really get connected with your pulls and use this tank to its full potential.

You can pick yours up now for $29.99 from Here. However, be sure to check the user manual for full setup instructions before using the tank.

Honorable Mention – Hunter Ceramic Donut Atomizer

This tank is known for its simplistic and clean-cut design, and it provides an average level of performance yet lacking in functionality. This Dry Herb Tank also provides a decent amount of quality in structure as well as design.

This atomizer can be used for both herb and wax, coming with coils compatible with both. Giving you the ability to swap about depending on your choice of vape.

Having 510 threading, you can connect any mod you choose, however, we would not recommend going anywhere above the range of 20-30W. Although this tank performs well, it lacks in the design and structure.

The negatives about this tank are not in the performance, they are simply due to the structure and design, as mentioned above. It can be quite a pain to refill the chamber and simply clean this device, as you can’t see the chamber or remaining dry herb so knowing when to repack is challenging.

You can pick yours up for $29.99 from HERE.


Above you will find some of the best dry herb atomizers and tanks on the market. Some providing huge amounts of functionality, others with huge amounts of features and some that simply look amazing.

The choice of a tank is all down to you, taking into consideration the points made at the start of this review you just need to identify what it is you’re looking for in a tank, and go from there!

Hopefully, this guide has helped you gather a clearer understanding of the world of dry herb vaping and what it is. If there’s anything you need to take away from this guide; Keep your tank clean, keep your tank powered correctly and give it enough time to cool down after use.

If you can follow these simple steps, you’ll be on your way to finding your first Dry Herb Tank.

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