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Years of Living Dangerously: Indonesians Are Smoking More and More

In most of the Western world, smoking a cigarette, anywhere, has become a risky proposition. Not only does a smoker have to contend with the graphic, unsettling images on their pack depicting the dire, physical consequences of cigarette smoking, they are also, literally, forced outside. But, no one weeps for how bad smokers have it. Smoking kills, it says so right on the pack. Only, we have come a long way from cigarettes, and smoking culture, in general, being held in high regard as something not only normal but healthy and good for you to the very bane of [...]

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2017: The Year E-Cigs Silenced Their Critics

With 2017 now behind us, if we took even the most cursory look at the important vaping milestones of the past year, we’d conclude that 2017 was an outstanding year for vaping.   Not only has it been a good year for vaping financially, with new companies sprouting up every month and the industry forecasted to take in nearly $10 billion in profits year-ending 2017, but also in the realm of scientific validation. A slew of studies came out in 2017 that offered further evidence to bolster claims that using e-cigarettes is significantly much safer than smoking regular combustible [...]

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The Nicotine Buzz: High and Its Effects on Your Body

The Nicotine Buzz: What is it? lineartestpilot/Shutterstock The feelings, both physical and psychological, that are associated with nicotine entering your system is better known as the nicotine buzz. Nicotine is what addicts you to cigarettes and it does not do that by magic. There is a lot going on in your brain and in your body when it gets a hit of nicotine. Some of the immediate effects of the nicotine buzz are: Calmness Pleasurable sensations Feeling relaxed and euphoric More focus and energy New smokers feel the nicotine buzz the most. People who have quit smoking [...]

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