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Does Your Vape Make Crackling and Popping Sounds?

If you're new to vaping, some sounds like crackling and popping coming from your vape might seem strange or annoying for you. But don't worry, because in most cases vape popping is a normal thing. However, even the most experienced vapers should pay attention to sudden changes in a vape sound, that can be really frustrating and can cause some major problems. Here are some tips about good and ugly vape noises. What causes vape popping A light crackling pop noise is a completely predictable and usual process. This is an e-juice being heated by the coil and vaporizing, [...]

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5 Best Documentaries About Vaping

Documentary films about vaping is not a topic covered all that well. Did you even know that vaping related movies or documentaries existed? As vaping is expanding, so is the culture, such as vape tricks and vaping events - which has evolved some people into what you can consider vaping celebs. With not a lot known about the effects of vaping and the industry, many filmmakers have taken to the subject to document, offer facts and shine provide relative information into this “hot topic.” Without further ado, we have compiled 5 of the best documentary films about vaping for [...]

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Vaping Celebrities – Johnny Depp – The Inside Scoop

Vaping in itself is more popular than ever, and we can thank in a way many celebrities for promoting vaporizers and e-liquids. Pictures and endorsements from celebrities have thrown vaping into the spotlight and provide an advertisement to people who may have never heard of vaping before. Vaping is expanding, and celebrities are always pushing new trends, this is why we want to shine the light on a specific vaping celebrity and talk about who they are, their favorite vaporizers and what kind of vaper they are. John Christopher Depp II Who is Johnny Depp You can probably agree [...]

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The Vape Queen of October

Those are vaping girls, October nominees. Take a look and help us pick The One. Thanks in advance for taking the time to enter and vote. Stay tuned and feel free to share and comment. Vaping is expanding and bringing us new, incredible, sometimes unreal things, and girls are a big part of it, as usual, we featured five of them, we thought were interesting inside the world of vaping. Without further ado, we want you to pick which girl you think is a definition of vaping this month. wannatashaa  Post udostępniony przez Wan Natasha Atiqah (@wannatashaa) 2 Maj, 2017 [...]

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