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Years of Living Dangerously: Indonesians Are Smoking More and More

In most of the Western world, smoking a cigarette, anywhere, has become a risky proposition. Not only does a smoker have to contend with the graphic, unsettling images on their pack depicting the dire, physical consequences of cigarette smoking, they are also, literally, forced outside. But, no one weeps for how bad smokers have it. Smoking kills, it says so right on the pack. Only, we have come a long way from cigarettes, and smoking culture, in general, being held in high regard as something not only normal but healthy and good for you to the very bane of [...]

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2017: The Year E-Cigs Silenced Their Critics

With 2017 now behind us, if we took even the most cursory look at the important vaping milestones of the past year, we’d conclude that 2017 was an outstanding year for vaping.   Not only has it been a good year for vaping financially, with new companies sprouting up every month and the industry forecasted to take in nearly $10 billion in profits year-ending 2017, but also in the realm of scientific validation. A slew of studies came out in 2017 that offered further evidence to bolster claims that using e-cigarettes is significantly much safer than smoking regular combustible [...]

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Places You Can and Cannot Vape At

The majority places conventional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes under the same category. Until now many businesses and individual have not yet figured out whether vaping is allowed or not allowed on the premises. One or two enterprises have amenably accepted them, and many of them will assume you chill out with the vapers. And while it seems like vape mods are not vanishing any soon, the majority are baffled over where to vape and not to vape. Good news is, this comprehensive write up have gathered the information below about places vapers can freely take in their nicotine shots [...]

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Never Skimp, Get the Best Cotton for Vaping

Hello, vapers! Wicking materials are not the same! And that is it. If RDAs and vape mods are your shot of nicotine, you want to learn a lot from this write-up. The truth is, the wick you pick do matter a lot in the pureness of your flavors and how good the vape hits. The majority does agree that cotton is essential when vaping. However, many folks are not aware of what kind of vape wick is required. Do you know why using quality cotton in vape pens is essential? Are you aware of the best type of wicks [...]

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Top Three Powerful Mods

  Welcome to the world of hungry cloud chasers. Cloud chasers require nothing short of power-rocked vape mods to achieve the three magic words - pretty huge plumes. If that is your cup of tea, do not hesitate giving it a shot. High-power vaping does form bigger clouds of vapor, basically offering a better mouthful of flavor with every hit. Gigantic clouds coupled with astounding savor is how it all began. Reason for hooking up with a superb mod includes:    Deep Flavor – after using an atomizer with low-resistance, you cannot go back to the high-resistance clearomizers.    Warmer Vapor [...]

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