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Illinois Anti-Smoking Bill Conflates Tobacco with E-Liquid

Santyaga/Shutterstock Two bills in the Illinois state legislature want to raise the legal age limit to buy tobacco from 18 to 21 making Illinois the sixth state to do so in the past year. Only the bill classifies e-liquids - even non-nicotine versions - as “tobacco products” and would, therefore, put all manner of e-juices out of reach for some younger vapers. The parallels being drawn between tobacco and e-liquids have left some vapers worried about their access to e-juices being restricted because of a false equivalency. Vape shop owners are also wondering whether their businesses will [...]

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British E-Juice Maker Lauded by Local Business Community

Started in 2016, Vape Dinner Lady, a British e-juice manufacturer based in Blackburn, has fast become a leading force in the e-liquid market. Known for their reworkings of classic British pudding recipes, Vape Dinner Lady saw almost 12 million pounds in profit since they became a publicly traded company last year. But, apart from its success in the business world, Vape Dinner Lady was recently nominated in four categories for the Red Rose Awards, which are awards given out to businesses in the Lancashire community that highlight, “the great work being done here in Lancashire every day of the [...]

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Will Phillip Morris Give Up Smoking?

The famous non-combustible IQOS e-cig by Philip Morris that heats up ground tobacco instead of burning it is now available in 25 countries. Previously tested in Japan, this product has led nearly 72% of Japanese smokers to quit smoking entirely in favor of the IQOS. That’s against nearly 7% of ex-smokers turning to vaping electronic cigarettes with nicotine e-liquids. Notably, at the recent Consumer Analyst Conference Group of New York, Andre Calantzopoulos, CEO of Philip Morris International, stated the intention of PMI to convince all adult smokers switching to reduced-risk products (RRP) ASAP. The electronic heating of tobacco conception [...]

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Public Health England Says Vapes Should be Sold In Hospitals

Out of Time/Shutterstock Following on the heels of their landmark and definitive report on the effects of e-cigarettes, Public Health England has called for the widespread use and sale of vapes, even in hospital gift shops. The public health authority based their audacious recommendation on the overwhelming evidence showing that e-cigarettes are 95% safer than smoking cigarettes, which was a statistic gleaned from PHE’s 2015 report on the state of e-cigarettes in Britain. Each of the reports that PHE has released on e-cigarettes has cautiously sided with the relative safety of e-cigarettes compared to the dangers of [...]

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Here is the Truth Concerning FDA’s Regulations on E-juice Flavors

Speaking of e-juices, the question whether FDA will regulate e-juice flavors or not have formed a wave of puzzlement. The primary concern is regulations hindering the use of vaping products by young folks – below 18 years. However, the agency does have needs of the public at heart. The FDA Center for Tobacco Products will request both the vaping and non-vaping community to make comments regarding the flavored vape juices. Undoubtedly, FDA does employ the tobacco control strategy. The strategy delineates that some e-liquid flavors do attract many teenagers. Also, the agency asserts that the vape juices do contain [...]

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